Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday and break is 2 sleeps away...

2 more sleeps and then we have a full 10 days off school and waking up early (for those of us whose internal clock is set for noon). YAY!!!
Plans: Well, plans are always good..Actually we DO have one. Richard must see a client in Quebec City so we are turning it into an over nighter at our fave hotel. We leave Sunday , sleep over, he does breakie early with clients , I sleep, then we pack up and head for Valcartier for a day of sledding adventure. Seriously, looking for winter fun? Hit Valcartier, its not just for kids. There are runs I cannot make myself go on for the sheer terror. Husband man did one and won't again(The Himalaya). He screamed like a girl I swear. Valcartier is awesome in the winter AND in the summer its a gi-normous water park that you honestly may need two days to get enough of . We went one day and didn't even do all the rides and really needed to go back but couldn't which totally sucked. The kids have such a great time and the parents do too which is a nice change of pace. La Ronde is great and all but I get sick on some rides so its really not much fun for me. I will never say no to Valcartier in winter or summer. So, looking for a fun winter Canadian trip for March break? Valcartier.
The paint debate continueth: its a toss up between Benjamin Moore's Citra Lime pale green and a pale peach that I forget the name of but keep coming back to. HM say "The green is fine" and then goes off to do other things while I sit there and watch the light change and see how the color looks as time goes by.
I am seriously liking that peach. Its soft and non startling. I can see the green being too much and not soothing but it is cheery and refreshing which a morning/breakfast room should do right? Hard call. Ponderings continue.
I did a few more rows on the sweater. Gosh its looking lovely and so nice to the touch. I hope I don't screw it up. That would totally suck.
Todays schedule is laundry, of course. When isn't my life about laundry? I'm either loading or unloading a machine or folding or hauling the clothes down to the laundry room almost every frakking day. Grr. Thank Gods for TV so's I can watch and fold.. Or listen to Cast On via the 'net. Thats my AFTERNOON plan since I can never get moving in such a direction in the AM. Also HM has demanded that I purchase more Air Sponge deodorisers for this downstairs because he is revolted when a cat goes poo in the boxes and the aroma drifts out of the laundry room. Maybe if I brick up the doorways with Air Sponge deodorisers his sensitive nose would be appeased. we don't all run for cover incase our flesh peels off our bones when he opens a bathroom door........

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