Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday after rearranging stuff

This is the new view from the end of the living room which is now the dining area. This is my new comfy corner in the breakfast room before we moved a chair into the other corner for HM.

Day 26 and I think I am down another pound ..according to the scale yesterday I was 204. Yes! I will break the 200 barrier by Hawaii. I will!!! Thats my goal and if I do better thats great. Just as long as I break the 200.

HM is doing so well but since we didn't weigh him in the beginning we don't know what he's lost. But upon his weighing yesterday he near passed out. Much heavier than he thought and he felt kinda bad. Friday a client commented that he looked thinner and I looked at him Saturday and the belly has definitely shrunk. He says its the karate twice a week. When he exercises he loses weight easily. He's really lovin' the karate too so thats definite plus.

I finished the socks FINALLY Saturday night. They are far from perfect but they are done and have been worn already! Yesterday at the Montreal Knits meet up I casted on the sweater. Took me two hours just to cast on 180 stitches. I was talking tooooo much. Just ask the girls.

I had the idea to move the dining room furniture into the living room. Why? Because I CAN thats why. But mostly because the dining room furniture is just too big for the room. So, the room formerly known as dining is now a breakfast /sitting room and the end of the living room that was wasted space is now the dining area. I must say we are most pleased with the effect and sitting in comfy chairs, sipping coffee in the sunshine , knitting, and listening to the morning radio show together is really nice! We need a comfy chair for the living room now and a smallish table with chairs for the breakfast aspect of the new room lay out. And maybe some paint or wallpaper. Maybe a rug.... new window treatment.... I sense a trip to Ikea in my future. My Ikea senses are tingling..and I like it.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

What happened to your round kitchen table? Isn't moving furniture fun? Need daytime pictures. And more pictures after your Ikea senses are satisfied! Wish we had Ikea here.

Suldog said...

Just a thought to ease HM's mind: When you exercise, you tend to add muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. So, you can be slimming down without losing as much weight as you might have thought.