Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sock Hell is not sooo bad...

I finishsed that sock yesterday with a lot of worry that is wouldn't fit. Did I stop it too soon? Did I make the foot too long?
Once Husband Man got home from work I sweetly asked him for a loan of a foot. Actually as he came in I started yapping at him with panic in my voice " Gimme yer foot! I need yer foot! I'm having a sock crisis!!" with much impatient pacing as he tried to get his coat hung up and shoes off and all those little annoying things he does before you can really say he is "home". FINALLY he sat and whipped off a sock and put on his hand knit one. It fits perfectly with enough ease to the garment that if it does hrink a we bit in the wash, it'll still be just right but slightly more foot hugging. WHEW!! Now to make the second one...
Last night at the Montreal Knits s'n'b, I strated a Lovikka mitten (3 times) with Bernat Lana 100% merino in navy blue. Its nice and soft. Then I came home and ripped it out. Husband's hat that I knit in December doesn't stop the wind when he's out skiing so I thought I would make a nice double layer toque that I saw somewhere on the net. Problem is, its a pattern from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Around which Chapters said they could NOT get for me!!!
Screams of knitterly fury and frustration resonate with much bodily thrashing and flailing on the floor in a tantrum that would make any toddler proud to call their own.
So here is what I am gonna do. Go to Walmart and get me a 16 inch 4.5 mm circular needle and start knitting a sk8boi style brimless hat that I will guesstimate the number of stitches etc for, maybe get all crazy and attempt stranded knitting to make it pritty, then when its done, pick up and knit from the cast on edge and knit another, shove the second one inside the first, fasten and call it a ski cap.
Think it will work? Maybe the inside part can be made from sock yarn since the merino is pretty thick. And knits up so nice and speedy compared to sock yarn for a nice change.

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