Thursday, February 01, 2007

Its official...

I thoroughly HATE the elliptical trainer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hate it!!!!!
Will nOT be part of the daily routine at all. Hate IT.
Did the 1 mile walking workout with my Leslie Sansone dvd. I forgot how much I enjoy it. 1 mile is good for a beginning. Maybe I will do it in the evening too...eventually. Working up top the 2 mile..gimme a week or two. Its fast (15 minutes) and not totally dull. EAsy to fit into any schedule and if necessary can be done in jammies.
DAY ONE: 1 mile+, supplements (3-6-9, L-glutamine), Water intake= 2 liters
Yay Me!!

Want to try walking away the pounds?
I got my DVD 2 years ago at Blockbuster.

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Scrappytbear said...

I want that Elliptical. I want it. WANT it. NEED it.