Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yet another Sunday

And the end of my 39th September....seeems like there was more of them than that but, NOPE, only 39.
Today I attempted to do the two socks on one circular needle and it went badly. Very badly. 3 Times. We will not be doing the 2 socks on one circular because A) after 4 or 5 attemps in all, this is not a time saver technique for me so far, and B) Me no likey. Then I cast on with DPNs and thought I'd do the 5 needle thing for a little change of pace. Me no likey. Awkward and too many points to dodge. Back to 4 DPNs and very comfy with that thank you very much. The newest set of socks is again for my big sister and is being made with her skein of On Line yarn. I have a skein of this yarn in my stash from winning a contest at Effilochee and now that I am working with it I am considering giving it away. Will not buy it. Me no likey. Its very pretty but in that fine range that I really don't enjoy (like Opal and Confetti). I am thinking that after this pair and her next pair I need a serious sock vacation. Scarves are starting to look good. Something not needing DPNs.
This weekend I replaced both toilet seats with these ones that are labeled "easy clean". If I made a seat called easy clean you bet your boob job that magical cleansing gnomes would be involved. These seats mearly feature these hinges that unlock so's you can take the seat off without unscrewing the bolts and clean more thoroughly quicker. I know...its fascinatinging to me TOO! The old seats had brass hardware and were the bathroom cleaning bane of my existance what with rusting of bolts and greening of the brass. The bolts on the downstairs actually had to be CUT off to free the seat. Now there are horrible abrasions on the toilet that can't come off but by Gods I now have easy clean seats and we will never go back.
Went to Chapters and bought two books. Book 3 of a series by Mike Stackpole and Crazy Aunt Purl's "Divorced, Drunk, And Covered In Cat Hair". The Stackpole novel was a disappointment but Crazy Aunt Purl is always fun. She kinda speaks to every woman on some level with her experiences even if one has never been divorced. Its a quick read..chapters are sometimes only a page or two...but one doesn't read Laurie Perry for brain exercise. You read her for entertainment and a feeling of "Yeah I know exactly what you mean". Her journey from married to single contains a lot of what any woman has experienced in being her own person (budgetting, shoe love, self medicating, crying on the floor, cat wrangling...) and her sense of humour is just so gosh darn cute you want to have her in your pocket so's you can pet her.
Anyhoo, thats it for weekend stuffs. Gotta make up for lost time from the failed technique adventure.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Gotta start carrying cash.... that I don't leave a paper trail. Had another small "falling down" at Effiloche tonight. Why oh why oh why do Ginette and Celine stock such scrumptious stuffs??! It will be the end of me.
So, I knew I would stash enhance but was thoroughly undecided as to what. I browsed then gave up and sit and knit and chatted with the other fine folk. Then nearing time to go, I gave browsing another shot. What would I want......hmmm.....well needed a bottle of SOAK so grabbed one of them....perused the wools and alpacas...then hit upon the Mirasol Hacho again. This is a wool from Peru and is supposed to share profits with some organization in Peru for kids. I'm fuzzy on the details, no pun intended (wool...fuzzy..get it?). I have a skein from Robyn's Nest and like the feel of it.
All of a sudden I am struck dumb (as in mute not stupid...or maybe its the other way around..) by this amazingly gaudy colourway loaded with oranges, greens, mauve, and yellows and a pale blue that is I swear exactly the same shade as my winter jacket. Or close enough. Suddenly I am scooping out all the skeins (4) of this colourway(#300 or Tutti Frutti), envisioning a scarf or hat with matching fingerless mitts to go with my powder blue jacket. I love it. It make me happy just looking at it for some reason. Now imagine in the winter when everything is bleah how happy these eyesearing colours will make me!
Then I got a yarn cutter pendant because I think they're cool and I have regretted not buying one in Halifax in August when I saw one.
Standing at the cash I sing songed at Ginette to "Come take my money before the yarn fumes wear off...!"
It must have been those German chocolate marshmallow cookie thingies Danna gave me. Sugar and yarn.... financially lethal mix.


I was tinkering with my links sidebar and one thing led to another and I clicked the wrong thing and now this is what my blog looks like and my links sidebar is GONE. I am so pissed off.
Such a techno loser I am.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Its raining today which I am not complaining about after the heat this week. My gardens are all quite dry for late September and I have been neglecting them terribly, making mental notes to go buy bags of compost and soil but then not doing it. End of the month pay is coming and I will do it then. Need lots. Its what I do in the spring and fall....lay down more dirt. Will I plant more bulbs this year? Not sure. Last years were a success thats for real, so maybe I was a great spring pick me up.
The Fake Isle hat from MagKnits is wonderful to work on. The pattern is not so hard that I feel a breakdown coming on and a couple rows here and there actually give results that can be seen. Love the pattern so far and will want to do it again someday. My beef with the Noro is the way it feels, the difficulty I had casting on with it, and its thready over spun parts tangle which I find irritating. The colour graduation is lovely though and I will see how it washes up before I make the final verdict on whether I will use it again. It may be worth it in the end...?
Today i was sooo tired that I went back to bed after the kids headed for school. Stayed up too late watching TV since its premier week (FINALLY) and was tossy and twitchy thanks to naps in the afternoons. Tuesday i caught the new show Reaper instaed of season premier of House. I am tired of House. Reaper was funny ...21 yr old doofus finds out on his birthday that his parents sold his soul to the Devil before he was born and now he is satan's employee, returning escaped bad guys to Hell. That part has been done befor eobviously but not like this and its funny to watch this guy and his pals fumble their way through it. I especially liked Sock chasing the pack of dogs through the store with a leaf blower like some sort of maniac.
Last night I watched Bones and CSI:NY. Bones was great. I like that show. She is such a geek that its kinda funny and the cases tend toward the interesting. CSI: NY was fine. No big exclamations of enjoyment from me. I was never a big fan of it anyway but HM is. I like Las Vegas best.
Tonight will be Grey's Anatomy. Was losing touch with it last season but want to try the new season on for size. Enjoyed the Sandra Oh storyline of being set free at the will that be played out?
Anyways, thats my inanity of the day.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Number One, Status Report

Aye Cap'n.....
Couch potato kid is in position for optimal TV watching...
Fake Isle Hat (Magknits pattern, Noro Kureyon and Bernat Lana yarns, 4.25 mm 16 inch circular) is progressing though colours are not exactly as shown here....Not much progress in the Noro affection though...

And Jitterbug Socks (Jewel colourway) are nearing completion even with fuck ups and humidity.......

All in all, a very good knitting day.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In Love

Are these pretty socks or WHAT??

The Vinnland pattern over on The AntiCraft.

So in love with their vineyness...


Get The Lead Out Campaign

Holy crap. Was watching Canada AM this morning and there was a segment on how lead is being found in MANY child targetted items from foreign manufacturers like those in China where labour is cheap and the products questionabkle. Apparently you can get lead testing kits to check your children's toys, lunch boxes, BABY BIBS that have plastic backing... Noone is safe from this. Who would ever expect that when buying that pack of plastic backed baby bibs that baby will chew on , you risk poisoning that baby.
United SteelWorkers is one of the driving forces behind this campaign and consider testing your kids toys, lunch boxes etc...basically anything made of plastic from China. I think yuou can get tests from hardware stores but the campaign is handing them out too.
This is very disturbing.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Muuuuuuuch better

And much less in hate with the universe today. My cure? I cleaned and did laundry and listened to Cast On while I folded laundry and then went to store and bought obscene amounts of chips and stuff and ate a whole tublette of spinach dip with chips after I got home and then took a nap. Oh and I took 2 super potentcy B complex stress vitamins too.

My darling sister called to ask "WTF?" after reading yesterday's posting. LOL I was much better by then so we had a laugh over it and she appologised for not having any Valium cocktails for me. She is forgiven.

Remember a few weeks ago I made little person slippers and I was sending them to grand niece Annika? Well, she got them! And they seem to fit good!!! I stole this picture from her mommy's blog. How cute, eh? Her mom's blog is She Said, She Said if you are interested.
HM is home sick. He's been ailing all weekend and not sleeping hardly at all (complete opposite of me) and thinks he will stay home today and try recovering some. His fever is broken he says and last night he got more sleep than he has lately. On the couch in the family room far far away from She Who Snores....Loudly. I hear the shower going...maybe he's going to work afterall....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Its that time again...

I am angry...I have rage...I want to cry..I want to be ALONE with NOONE ever speaking to me. This include kids, spouse, dog, cats and fish. Everything I try to accomplish hits a brick wall (Knit a hat, mitten, fix a chair....)and I am plenty ready to give up. I am tired of having to THINK for OTHER PEOPLE on an almost constant basis (if there is no garbage bag in the bin, do not put garbage into the bin...get a fucking bag, line the bin and THEN dispose of said trash. Is this really that fucking difficult?? Likewise if you pee on the toilet seat...wipe it off.)
I am sick to death of laundry, cooking, DUST, wiping up counters, floors counter floors counters floors, toilets and floors and counters. Did I mention the floors? The Counters? The dust in this house is driving me right up the wall. seriously. i could wipe every fucking surface of this house daily and still there would be more dust when I turn around. Is it any wonder that I give up and try to sleep and eat my existance away? Except I can't because then someone would bitch that they have no clean socks or underwear or that the house is a pig sty. Which it isn't but today I seriously feel like it is and in some areas thats true even though its has been vacuumed and dusted not so very long ago.
Yes its that time again. PMS . Just hand me a Valium cocktail will you and then fuck right off. Thats a dear.

Friday, September 21, 2007


This morning while the kids ate breakfast I knit on Jessie's sock. This is something I do almost daily. We are all in the room together, me in my comfy beat up chair and the boys at the table..sometimes HM is in his chair across from me with his cell phone thingy checking calls and emails while eating his breakfast or sometimes he is reading, and I can monitor the kids keeping peace or laughing at jokes. The radio is on and today the sun was beaming through my new window coverings. The heel flap was done according to my measuring tape and so I picked up along the heel, knit across the instep, picked up the other side and was trying to distribute what seemed to be a lot of stitches. And it was a lot of stitches. BECAUSE I'M AN IDIOT! I forgot to TURN the heel before picking up. I could have cried right then. At least I calmly put it down untiol I am emotionally able to pick back that row of instep knitting with patience. I didn't want to load sock with all the negative vibes I was projecting. Also, I could have divided the stitches between heel flap and instep with more intelligence and I will put this down to being a moron AND this being my first sock where I carry the ribbing down the top of the foot. The Purls don't wanna line up so I have to fudge around. Pain in my arse and not intelligent knitting.
Starting to get a complex about not reaching Barb by phone for a few days. Either I have done something wrong or she's really busy. I am paranoid so I think its me but I'm pretty sure she's busy. Paranoia is an ugly thing.
We as a couple in charge of family decisions..when I say we I mean me since it is kinda up to me though we did discuss the subject and decided that we won't be going home to NS in December before Xmas. There are several reasons. Weather, long drive, were there all summer, summer cost ALOT, its stressful to travel so close to Xmas and it almost always interferes with Cammie's birthday, we have done the trip the last two Xmases since we moved away, and if I decide I can't miss it I have to do the trip without a co-driver because HM has said he's not doing it this year. He doesn't see why I don't fly out and do the family thing alone but I don't do it just for me. The boys need to stay in contact with their family, I think. But since we never made such a rigorous schedule of visiting the Quebec family as we have the NS family, I think its time to let go a little bit. To not do so would be a tad hypocritical for me.
Speaking of visiting but not in a dammit way, Marla is supposed to drive out in a week or two and will stay a few days and then continue on to her SILs in Ontario to visit. This will be her third visit since we moved here which I think is a testament to friendship that we are willing to travel to spend some time together and keep the link alive. We will be painting Ben's room.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Gods dog farts stink!!

Call me Crazy

but I would really enjoy this :
If I had a bazillion dollars I would so be taking my favorite knit pals on this cruise. I wouldn't enjoy it alone so much but...Or maybe I would...You have a week to get to know folk and make new friends from all over the world.. And heaven knows I'm not exactly stand offish though I think sometimes Husband Man wishes I was. Especially in the city, at restaurants etc... where for some reason I sometimes talk to strangers. OR strangers talk to me and I talk back. Its a curse, this inate friendliness. Even though I really hate a lot of people just because.. such a contradiction I am.
What was I talking about?.................

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This is the end product of todays busy-ness. My morning room finally has a new window treatment!! Made with my own two hands since the drapery fairies failed to come.

I searched for blinds in the right dice. Blinds of the correct size would have to be made/ordered and I just don't have the organizational skills and budget for that.

So, Monday while at Walmart getting Cammie a new back pack I grabbed 5 meters of crumply off white sheer fabric.
If i'd been smart and organised I would have measured the windows and, you know, PLANNED the whole thing. But since it was me and I was fed up I just marched in there, got what might be enough and left.

The first panel gave me MUCH encouragement that I was on the right track. And I actually didn't make it too short! That has happened before. I am most certainly not a talented seamstress.
This fact is nailed home when , even though I measured several times to approximate panels of the same length, the panel at the other end of the bay window is a few inches LONGER than the first one.

But anything is better than these beat off dirty blinds.
Look at photo number one and then come backk here. See? Strategic plant and knitting needle caddy placement m,akes it so's you can't really TELL that I fugged it up!
To hang the sheers at the same angles as the windows I used that spring cord curtain rod that you hook up. Artful arrangement of gathered fabric hides the hooks.

My photos suck, but trust me...its so much nicer! And it only took me a couple of hours! Well...5 months or more plus a couple hours.


It be International Talk Like A Pirate day, aaaaarrrrr. There be lots of piratical goodness on the web t'day so fill yer booties with that. Har! Or I'll make ye walk the plank.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Today was picture day at school for both boys ( they looked so handsome...sigh) and also THE DAY that Cameron got his retainers. His teeth are even worse than Ben's so his top retainer now is one that is cemented into place whilst the bottom one is removable for cleaning and adjustments. In about 3 months, depending on progress of the correction, his top retainer will be removed to be replaced with a removable one.
To say this has been traumatic would be pretty accurate. He came home for lunch hysterical about the whole situation. He is having trouble swallowing, chewing, drinking and talking. He was frustrated and probably a little scared. What if it stays like this? What if it never gets better? What if he never gets the hang of having these things stuck in his gob and is doomed to applesauce and slurring forever???? Which, he being of the glass empty variety when upset, was certain it would.
That top retainer is a real bugger. Its bonded to his teeth, covering his molars with molded "plastic?" about 1/8th of an inch thick (maybe less) making for an awkward chewing surface not to mention difficulty biting with his front teeth since now they can't seem to meet to close the deal, so to speak. The metal adjustable part is at the roof of his mouth so now his tongue can't press against the palate for swallowing etc. So, I will be trying to make easily chewed food for awhile. I am glad its not me and he has my sympathy.
I feel like I am getting a head cold. I have that irritated nose feeling. Will go grab a zinc tablet in a minute but wanted to mention that the Jitterbug sock is about to have its heel flap started. i made good progress today after folding last weeks laundry and listening to back episodes of Cast On. I just finished episode 50...slowly catching up to the rest of the knitting 'verse.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


My Coquilles St. Jacques ( seafood casserole):
Thawed-ish Scallops and Shrimp(peeled and deveined but raw) to make 4 cups
Small onion finely chopped
Mushrooms, sliced ( 8 0z package)
White wine.... maybe 1/2 cup? I just sloshed it in.
Lemon juice (a tbsp or so)
Cream ( 1/4 cup or so...I used the 10% coffee cream stuff i had onhand)
Garlic ( maybe a teaspoons worth)
Flour ...2-3 Tablespoons
Tarragon..1/2 tsp or so
non bland shredded cheese ( 1 cup or so) I used a taco blend of colby, monterey jack and chedder. You could use chedder and parmesan or a gruyere...
Mashed potatoes.

Heat a pan and add a pat or so of butter for sauteeing the onion and garlic. When the onion is soft add the shell fish and sautee until the shrimp are pink and the pan has lotsa liquid. Add lemon juice and wine during this phase. Now, strain the contents of the pan, reserving the liquid and setting onion shellfish blend aside. Return pan to stove, heat and throw in some more butter. Sautee the mushrooms until cooked and set aside. Again, put butter in this now very tasty pan, melt it and toss in the flour, stirring to make a roux (look it up). Using a wisk, return the pan liquids to the pan to make this roux into a sauce. Add some cream. Return the fish and mushrooms to the pan and add tarragon. Simmer 5 minutes very gently. Add the cheese. Throw in some pepper too. Taste it and adjust seasonings to your taste. The sauce should be of a nice thickness.
NOW put this all in a casserole dish and top with mashed potatoes. If the sauce is too thin the potatoes will totally sink. A little bit of sinkage is tolerable. Piping on the potatoes is a great idea but who really does that? When its all pretty, throw it in the oven under the broiler to brown the potatoes a bit. Serve with veggies of some sort on the side.
Seriously yummy.

Smothered steak:

Steak pieces
steak spice
soya sauce

Season the steak pieces with the steak spice and brown well in a hot cast iron pan with butter. When browned, put the meat in a dutch oven or roaster. Sautee the onions with butter in the same pan and put them in the roaster with the meat when softened. Deglaze the pan with water and soya sauce and add to the roaster.
the meat should be almost covered with liquid when you cover it and put it in a 325 degree oven to cook for a few hours until fork tender. Do not let it dry out! Top up with water as needed.
When ready, remove the meat and create a gravy with the dark juices in the roaster by adding some flour and water. Serve with mashed potatoes for a real down home comfort meal.

A small "Falling Down"

As the Yarn Harlot would say when she "accidentally" buys more yarn. I went to Effilochee last night to a WARM welcome which was lovely. Dana was there and gave me hugs as did Daniel and Ginette....oh it was lovely. I got a couple of rows on Cam's sweater done, showed off Jessie's sock and fondled ALOT of new stock in the shop. Oh my Gods there is so much new stuff I could barely take it in. Rowan, Mirasol, and Mission Falls, and Ultra Alpaca Light and new baby alpaca that oooooooohh if you slipped your hand into the cubby and just fondled...(sound like Homer Simpson when her drools)...the softness is unbelievable. Colour colour EVERYWHERE!! Cashmere!!!! Oh the wondrous beauty of it all.
So as you recall I had a slight mission for stash enhancement for mitten making. I bought 2 skiens of Naruko superwash wool. Now the thing is Naruko isn't very soft ...BUT this is mittens not undies so thats ok . Also the colours are faily "meh" as in blah. BUT they are 100 gram skeins... I got and olivey green and burnt pumpkin that went nicely together and then for the new Mission Falls superwash ( 50 gram balls and soft soft and amazing lovely colours) I selected one skein of an aubergine purple. These three colours will make stunning mittens together! Very beautiful BUT not all girly. Machine washable warmness for my guys.
Dana begged to see the Fake Isle hat that I was going to do this summer...problem is that I didn't do it!! OOOPS! She loves the look of it but wants to know how hard it will be before under her pressure..I mean sweet guidance ...I bought a skein of Noro Silk Garden.
Noro gets raves from knitters all over the web. Its ..nice...but I may never knit with it again. Lets just say i like the idea of Noro with its colours and textures but its kinda bitchy to work with. Also...pattern called for Kureyon not silk garden...WHOOPS. Hope it all works out anyways with my black worsted for the "fake fair isle". Silk doesn't have the elasticity of wool. I may need to switch it for a skein of Kureyon. Anyways, I cast it on last night before bed and am on round 3 of the ribbing.
So current WIPs are : Jessie's sock, Fake Isle hat, Cammie's raglan sweater, fixing one thrummed mitten and making its mate (oooh and Ginette plans on having more roving come in October...hee hee), that damn bamboo mobius I never finished..... At least I'm not bored!
I may go back to Effilochee tomorrow and take Ben with me. He wants to learn to knit and maybe just sitting awhile with other knitters and trying it himself will encourage him. Ginette said that they found that people were learning better informally than in the beginner class setting so this is what I will try with him. Less pressure to sit through a class. Yet it will make him more likely to try for a longer time than here at home...perhaps. One can only try.
While HM has the couch potato at a sports lesson, I will try and encourage the attentionless to focus.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

About Emu Oil

A question about emu oil made me want to address the subject here and I apologise if the use of emu oil offends any vegans or PETA members.
While I was in Hawaii I made friends with a very beautiful woman named Amelie, the daughter of a client to my husband. This chick is seriously pretty! Tall, flowing hair, big brown eyes, wicked sense of humour (we got along great but drove her dad and HusbandMan crazy on the drive to the big crater). Her biggest beauty secret....emu oil! She had heard about it from a friend who knew lots about it and found it was working wondefully for her. Amelie suffers from psoriasis and has to be on a drug therapy for it because its so bad, but she found the emu oil soothing as well.
Its been used in Australia for millenia by aboriginals as a medical treatment for various ailments and is know to have anti inflammatory properties. Current research has it being a good source of Omega 6 (or was that omega 3?) essential fatty acids, and highly penetrating when applied to skin.
Anyways, I have tried lotions and potions and creams and stuffs and still am getting eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles and a lot of the lotions and potions don't agree with my skin. Emu oil doesn't make me break out and after one month I swear the wrinkles were reduced around my eyes. I buy mine ( and its a " produit du Quebec") at the local health food store in a wee pump action bottle that I appreciate for its ability for me to limit what I use to a drop at a drop goes pretty far. I apply and for a few minutes it can seem pretty oily but then its like there was nothing applied. I especially like it as a night time treatment for my eyes and lips.
So there you have it. Emu oil...the rendered and refined fat from a bird... beauty in a bottle. Could be worse...could be sheep's placenta or urine, right????? Or the blood of young beautiful virgins...? What a woman will do for pretty skin......sigh

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Today I spent the entire day thinking it was Thursday. Even though I knew HM would be back from his trip tonight and that was scheduled to be Wednesday, I still thought it was Thursday until about 5 pm. How sad and pathetic is that?
I was knitting a mitten from a pattern found online for "generic mitten" and even though I was only about 2 rows thumb base I ripped it all out. It just wasn't what i wanted. What I NEED to do is fix thrummed mitt number one and then make it a partner. What I need to do is work on Jessie's second Jitterbug sock (its started) and that would go wicked fast if HM would take me on a nice longish car trip. Yes, these are things that need to be done...but I want to do something else. Maybe cast on Cammie's sweater which I have sorta planned out on paper but need to wind the yarn for?
No...what I really wanna make is generic mittens so that once I master the method I can make cool funkadelic mittens. For this I had thought to use my stash BUT stash does not include superwash other than sock yarn and I am NOT making sock yarn mittens. I want really warm but totally washable mittens. Robyn's Nest has Cascade washable but the colours are not exactly masculine-ish. Ginette has MUCH super wash in both DK and worsted at Effiloche and I am hoping to drop in on Friday night for some stitchin' time. Perhaps I could wind yarn and cast on Cammie's cozy sweater to work on there AND buy some superwash wool for mittens? But that would lead to stash enlargement .....hmmmm..... I fail to see the down side of this plan..........

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Things

I was reading Crazy Aunt Purl this morning and she mentioned her "Ca Buy Me Love" list and I thought...hmmmm. I should have a happy list. Things that just make me happy to use or whatever. So here goes:

Favorite Perfumes; I don't just have one. i'm so fickle! Some women have one perfume their whole life and its their "Signature Scent". I just can't though I did try. I was a Shalimar gal for years BUT my body chemistry changed and now to apply Shalimar to my body is a recipe for "Whats That Funky Smell??!" . I CAN spray it on my clothes and thus combat the body thing but its just not the same. Currently I have 2 perfumes/colognes/ eau de toilettes/whatevers" Bambou from Yves Rocher and Wisteria from Crabtree and Evelyn. I am open to others though cuz like I said..I am a fickle bitch and cannot commit to one.

Favorite Household Product: Hertel Concentrated cleaner. I use it everywhere. I use spray bottles from other products that ran out or bottles that I bought and mix up my own spray cleaner with Hertel, water, and essential oils like tea tree and lavender. Its makes for easy spot clean-ups between deep cleanings. Works great on glass and other surfaces and is biodegradeable.

Favorite body wash: Well, again i am fickle. I was using Neutrogena Rainbath because I love the smell, like Pears soap. Its a clean, unisex, non-perfumey smell. LOVE it. Now though, my skin is complaining! It must be age or the exposure to the elements this summer, but my legs and arms are getting crinkly!!! EEEK!!! I scratched at an intch and holy dry skin on my legs and arms and then I looked closer and they were no longer smooth and When'd that happen?? So now I am showering with the Dove body wash oil for very dry skin (the pink bottle) and trying to remember to moisturize.
Fave Moisturizer for body: Body Shop Coconut Body Butter.
Fave Moisturizer for face : Pure emu oil.
Fave Moisturizer for hands: Tacyderm
" " " " """""""""""""" Lips: Blistex ointment
These all work really really well.
Which brings us to Hair .
Fave hair conditioner for damaged, fucked up hair: I had two...One real pricey from the salon and one from the drug store. I forget the names but they work good without making the hair all limp.
Fave Hair Product right now: A Got 2 B product for curls. Its sprays on wet hair and doesn't get crunchy while encouraging my curl. Its great but makes my head itch later.
Fave Lipstick: A moiturizing Revlon colourstay. Stays on great but doesn't get too gunky or dried out on the lips.
Fave mascara: That one Queen Latifah hawks from Covergirl.
Favorite sock yarn : Colinette Jitterbug
Favorite needles: bamboo, various brands but not the ones from Zellers. Too dull.
Favorite jammies: flannel bottoms and tank tops. Comfy!
Favorite Kitchen Shortcut: Jarred garlic and ginger.
Favorite Laundry Detergent: Tide!!! But i almost never buy it because its so expensive. I love the smell of Tide powder but with the HE washer I use liquids and ones that are much less expensive.
Favorite Dryer Sheets; I don't use them often but the one I currently like is a President's Choice with Lavender scent. Mmmmmm soothing.

Thus concludes my day to day things that make me happier.

Monday, September 10, 2007

No Good Knitting Today

Today was a day that said "Do not knit. No good can come of this if you do so!" and I pretty much held out until late this afternoon. But then the lure of the thrums kept beckoning and I so wanted to finish the first mitten so I had Ben try it on and judged the thumb placement, after having finished the body of the mitten. I folowed the instructions for picking up stitches and , gulp, cutting the yarn between and working the thumb and its thrums to completion. Only....
The thumb is TOO SHORT!
Then after that disappointed finish I picked up the sock and diligently worke dthe rounds and toe decreases until i was ready to graft the toe shut. But whats this I noticed...? A DROPPED STITCH 3 inches back?? Rip rip rip........
So...after a few hours of knitterly endeavor I am truly no further ahead and in the case of the mitten, I need to deconstruct the thumb end and continue it until its actually long enough so I am possibly further behind, depending on your perspective.
I am perturbed and look forward to these kids going to bed so I can drown my sorrows in Simon Pegg and ice cream.

Oh My Gods...

Did you SEE that performance by Britney Spears at the VMAs?? Holy shit Batman thats some bad (as in very not good) dancing and lip synching. WTF?? Aren't award shows your chance to totally rock everyone's musical world with your BEST stuff??? A) she can't wear those underwear/bikini costumes with that body now. Please! The competition in the hot body world of pop is way too strong. Yes she looks great after having two kids so close but she does not look shake-your-shit- for the cameras great. Not even close. B) did she even know the steps?? A couple of times she looked unsteady on her heels and almost as if she'd forgotten the steps and was saved by her dancers C) she just QUIT the fake singing...or it was intermittant .

As a come back this was heavy on the crap. If you didn't see it check it out on You Tube. Its like watching a train wreck set to "Gimme More"..also not a very good song.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I think I have a new favorite show!

"Spaced" on Showcase.
Too funny.

Knittiness on a Sunday

When at Chapters yesterday I got two audio books. See, I LOVE to read and I really enjoy knitting but I cannot do both at the same time. With audio books I am entertained by the story but I accomplish much in the way of knitting. Like:

Progress on the Jitterbug sock. Comfy and surprisingly NOT too big (yay!)
I commenced work on my first thrummed article. Check it out in all its cushy coziness. Its a mitten by the way.

A picture of an awesome Sunday afternoon where I bounced back and forth between projects and made progress on BOTH. Plus baked some cookies from the freezer and made sketti for supper. A very late supper. hee hee But Jane Austin and knitting was worth it baby!

Saturday, September 08, 2007


I am possibly the most impatient person in the world. It can be very ugly. Its not a good handicap when you are trying to parent. Did you ever notice how freakin' long it takes a kids to do or say anything and how they ask you stuff over and over and over...... Seriously, not a good gig for the impatient.
Also, when someone takes forever to do something that they want your help with...liiiiiike put a boat in the water at a yacht club. This is not good for an impatient person to take part in. Nope...not good at all.
Apparently loud, long suffering sighs are "stressful" for the slow one.

And The Lucky Recipient....

...Of My Child Sized Fuzzy Feet IS..............

ANNIKA!!!!! (cue music and confettii)
Annika is a delightful little girl who is also my grand-niece. Toasty toes to you Annika Harmonica!!!

Oh My

Crazy Aunt Purl has a sweepstakes goin' on!
This should be funny .

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Oh..and this too

Still Life Of Sock On Grubby Table . Sorry for the blurriness.
Still Life Of Sock On Grubby Mat.
Now, note how the coloured stripes have been changed to little blocks on the heel and that the darker ones of magenta and purple are on one side whilst the orange and yellows are more to the other. In between are the bluey/green blocks. Funky, yes? Gods how I love Jitterbug .

Because Barb Wants Pictures

Saturday past, we went HERE....

To eat this..oooh sweet yummy corncobbedy goodness.....

And we saw this beautiful maple ALREADY in its fall wardrobe.
This is Ben with his patch of sunflowers. Tres belle , non?

Takin' Back The Knit

Some day this will be ME!!!LOL
How is it possible that I didn't ever notice this funky wee zine?? Maybe cuz its not glossy and massively (sp) over produced? Its possible but it was brought to my attention last night and I am sooooo loving the two back issues I purchased from the publisher/editor/creatrix Jae Steele of the blog Domestic Affair.

Jae is a holistic nutritionist by profession and is writing a vegan cookbook. Look for it in bookstores sometime in 2008. She's very pretty, funny (reminds me of an old acquaintance back home named Denise), smart as all get out aaaaaannnndddd has personally had time with La Harlot before YH was all famous and shit! WOO HOO. They used to attend the same stitch 'n bitch in TO. Also, there are pieces by Ms Stephanie Pearl-MacPhee IN these back issues of Take Back The Knit . I enjoyed last nights S'n'B so much because of getting these zines (love to read you know), sitting next to the very dry Sarah who made me laugh alot and I am waaaaay jealous of her mad knitting skillz (intarsia fingerles gloves, intrelac hat, fair isle vest, toe up socks and this is just what was on display last night both finished and WIPs.

Robyn of Robyn's Nest was in attendance and delivered me my order. Kadi was there to show her new crack ( first toe up sock and on circs! I am so jealous. Its Kadi that told me about the Charade sock pattern). Speaking of Charade, someone whose name Iforget but she was hugely fun, she had a finished pair and they were glorious in their simple elegance. Me likey muchly. Angela was there and she has a blog but I lost it! HELP! She's a gal from Nfld!!!!! My east coaster fix. Gave me two socks on one circ tutorial that worked for her so wish me less frustrated luck. The always interesting Janet was there first of all of us. She is so brilliantly smart and I really like her. Her voice is amazingly mellow and low. She should have a show on CBC radio. The soon to be married Jenn and creatrix of Muswell and Farmer Fox was there even though she has excruciatingly early mornings what with being a nursing student and all. And the sock guru Mona was in attendance as well. Mona doesn't talk alot but has great presence and if you have a question she may be the expert who has an answer. Remember Embossed Leaves sock pattern in Interweave Knits? That's hers. I showed her my mystery heel on Jessie's Colinette sock. What I did by mistake was Sl 1, K1 the knit rows and Sl 1 P1 the purl rows on the heel flap. What IS this heel flap I wondered because its actually got a really cool effect with this yarn. Mona was baffled. "I think you have come up with something New." she said. Interesting.

I was tired of tiny yarn and needles so I whipped up a down sized Fuzzy Foot slipper. WOW! During 3 1/2 hours of sipping and gabbing I knit an entire item! Think how fast it could be done at home with less distraction??! 28 stitches on 7 mm needles helped. LOL They should shrink up to be preschooler size. I will whip up Numero Dos today.

Do you watch The Shopping Bags? I am watching off and on while sitting here and its actually interesting! I liked the segment about oatmeal. Learned alot and must try steel cut oats sometime. Mmmmmm porridge...doesn't that just whisper comfort and warmth and frosty wholesome mornings?

Hmmmm...what else....gotta go to the post office to mail a pattern for my Mom and a SECRET package to a SECRET recipient....mwahahahahahahahaha

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Stupid 2 socks on one needle cast on stupid fucking ARGH!

What day is it....?

Oh..right Wednesday! I gets confused. Easily. Shaddup.
Ok..weird dream...had this dream that someone was slagging the Yarn Harlot's blog for her us of grammar or something in THEIR blog and I phoned them and argued the case that grammar is not necessarily a law to be followed when it come to colloquialisms etc. Basically, the ideas presented are very thoroughly understood and if grammar rules are bent for the sake of funny, then shut your southern fried pie hole. Very weird. But note how my EngLit degree of yore and Yarn Harlot adoration merged to creat a very memorable dream experience. heh.
Other notes: Jessie's plain 3 +1 ribbed sock is coming along as I create the heel flap. You know, knitting is like magic. String and sticks makes clothes. How crazy is that?? But I digress. Heel flap was meant to be Eye Of Partridge because I have wanted to try it forever but I mis-remembered the instructions and am doing something else that I don't know what it is but looks very nice...LOL. If someone knows the name of this heel flap PLEASE comment. Its slip on knit one on the knit side, and slip one purl one on the purl side. Looks nice. No idea what its called but its the instructions that stuck in my head from somewhere I can't remember that I THOUGHT was Eye Of Partridge but quite clearly, is not. I should Google heel flap variations....
Uuuumm...what else...
Boys are still great. We have had a very positive school experience thus far but you know, it is only week two after all. And I am so well caught up with laundry I scare myself. Seriously! No mountains anywheres!!! No Clean Laundry dirty laundry mountains...Its TRUE! Non believer...I shun you! Shhuuuuuuuuunnnnn...
Cammie is having a buddy over night on Friday and I told Ben he should invite a buddy next weekend. Of course he wanted neighbor kid but I said, you know, you have school pals now that we know where they live and you have been to their homes (playdate and a birthday party) How about someone NEW! So i think he's considering it. See the thing with having neighbor kid over is taht things quickly deteriorate between the 3 kids. Maybe with a classmate it would stay fun and happy!
Aquariumwise, we still have 4 fish. I need to get my QuickFilter attachment's refill. Keep forgetting. Maybe today, because the bottom feeders need new food tablets. water keeps discolouring from the stupid log. and I had broken the top lamp so we just use a regular lamp on the side. Really gotta do something about that.
Dogwise: Blossom tried to make a break for it again. Silly bitch. She found a way out of our FENCED and hedged back yard. sigh. I know, maybe we should try ...oh..I dunno...TYING her out but thats just such a pain in the ass. You just know that, thickie that she is, she will tangle every ten seconds.
Kitteh wise: Miss Kitty continues to pine for neighbor lady but now comes HOME to eat on a regularish basis and can then be trapped INDOORS for the night which makes for lots of kittehsnuggles for me in bed. Flash is not a cat who needs a lot of love or affection. She'll let ya know ( Petpet scratch aaaaaaannnndd...we're done). Whereas Miss Kitty wants ever more chin and ear scratchings and body massage and if its not enough will bat at you with her paw to continue when you stop to rest your arms. Her fave position for cuddles is on top of my chest or lying on my side like Freckles used to do but note she is NOT a cat that can be held thus her snuggles are more of the "you a nice heated mattress" variety than the cuddled- in- for- affection variety. I had a cat that was AWESOME for that. L'il Lucifer. He was black. His position to go to sleep with me at night was held in my arm like a baby, head on shoulder, body held close to my side by my arm, front paw across my chest. EVERY night. He actually waited on the bed, grooming, while I performed my bedtime toilette (skin care, jammies etc) and then once I was between the sheets he'd take his place. He was a great snuggler but then I left him with my mom and dad when I went back to Uni and he never forgave me. Oh the guilt....
Tonight is a Knit-Night in NDG. I LOVE NDG. If I could live in an area of the city proper it would SO be NDG. I love the old brick townhouses and big detached places, and the big trees shading the streets, and amenities nearby like Monkland Avenue......sigh. I missed my Friday night at Effiloche because I was tired and we had to get up early on Saturday for Quebec City. that this week is a sleepover...Dang. Although....I could leave HM with them.
Speaking of knitting, some of the girls go to La Bobineuse for crazy cheap cones of yarn. Am intrigued. Maybe on Saturday I can escape....

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Heh heh heh

When i grow up, i wanna work at ICANHASCHEEZBURGER.COM.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Monday Monday

I awoke and wondered again "What time IS Cameron's dentist appointment?". Called dentist. Had 20 minutes to make it on time. Then we sat for 20 minutes waiting. Jeeeeezzzzzzz......
Today was his appointment for taking impressions of his teeth and mouth for retainers. His top retainer will be in place for maybe 3 months but the bottom can be taken out to clean and adjust. Then he will get a removable for the top too. Cost? $2400.00 . But it will be spread out over the coming 9 months. After that he will eventually need braces. His mouth breathing etc etc etc has resulted in a crossed bite and narrow palate. The retainers will redirect the bone growth of his jaws so that his teeth will have room when they come in. This child, at almost 9, still has mostly baby teeth after all.
Then we came home and I went back to bed cranky (its that time) and tired and just wanting space. Had a nightmare that someone kidnapped Ben by asking him if he wanted to see some kittens in the shed of the yard in my dream. Ugh. I got up. Got dressed again and have hugged and kissed my kids until they are all "Enough already!". My mood? Somber, cranky, outta sorts, headachey, neurotic.............
Maybe shoulda stayed in bed.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


It has been a peaceful day. Was gonna help HM clean the interior of Lunasea but he was snappy so I didn't and cleaned the kitchen countertops instead. That'll show him! Let him be blinded by my shiny counters and KNOW MY WRATH!
Yesterday was a way groovy day as we drove 3 hours to the family's ancestral home to partake in a cornboil with sweet corn straight from the field. Can you say YUM?? Oh sweet jiminy crickets such corny bliss has never been known...except last year when I said the same thing. Tres Yummy! The down side is that 98% of the attendees speak no English so i am semi lost in a sea of accented syllables that after awhile gives me a brain ache. Sheep, cows, rabbits, chickens, ducks, and geese were all admired and kittens eagerly sought by some of the young'ns. Apple trees climbed and relieved of some fruit. Ducks were traumatised by quacking children. It was really great. The weather was perfect. It was also HM's brother's birthday and he was surprised with candles in the dessert cakes. I took a few pictures but got taken away from that so I really only have a few and will post them eventually. Afterwards, we headed to brother's place for snacks and birthdays cake. O my stars...I love framboisee (fram-bwah-zay) cake and will be demanding some for my birthday.
Then the 3 hour trip home in which I was bored stiff because I hadn't the forethought to pack a head lamp so's I could knit in the dark. I got a sock cast on and 3 inches done in the car alone yesterday!!! Love car knitting. I can't get up and leave it so I get heaps done, I don't ask Are We There Yet? over and over, the trip goes faster....its all good.
Tonight for supper I whipped up homemade Sloppy Joes (Anglo Pain Viande). SO much better than the fake crap in cans and mixes. Try it, I dare's ya:
1 pound lean ground beef
1 small onion finely diced
2 cloves garlic minced
1/2 tsp curry powder
1/4 tsp ginger
1/2 tsp pepper
1 5.5 oz can tomato paste
1/2 cup or so water
3 Tbsp brown sugar
2 Tbsp lemon juice
2 Tbsp soy sauce
2 tsp Worchestershire sauce

Cook onion, garlic, and beef in skillet until onions are soft and beef is browned. DRAIN fat. Add all other ingredients and simmer until sauce is reduced and thicker, stirring often. Serve in grilled hamburger or hot dog buns. Its messy and scrumptious!