Tuesday, February 20, 2007

2 pre show pics and bad news this morning

We had excellent seats. For the most part it was a very positive experience. It was a bit long for Ben and he was ready to leave at the end but he did have fun and has talked about his favorite bits non-stop. Anyhoo..I am just too brain fried tired to write more.
I chatted with my sister this morning and found out that my ailing aunt passed away last night. I think she was ready, having disposed of her home and collectibles via auction this past summer. She was open about talking about the cancer and the chance it would start growing again. In 2005 she was diagnosed and not given until xmas, and told chemo would be a waste of her time. She had the chemo, and had another year+ when the cancer stopped. So she saw two more xmases than predicted, and time to settle her affairs, spend some time with loved ones, and say good bye.
My Aunt loved shiny things like diamond dinner rings and depression glass, She loved flea markets, auctions, and romance novels. She talked straight, called it as she saw it, and until she was diagnosed in Fall 2005 she kept a trailer in Florida for warm wintering like her sister Helen and brother in law Stan. She tried to get my mom and dad to come down for a visit too..free room and board and travel to Florida during crappy NS winter time. They turned it down every time. She still had a taste for life and doing, where as my dad and mom, while YOUNGER than she, kinda had settled into being home bodies though my Dad shares her love of reading and flea market bargains (of any kind no matter how wierd or useless.). She had a taste for the finer things like collecting amazing antiques that dealers begged her to sell. Her house was amazingly cool...big big with an inlaw suite for my Grandfather until he passed away when I was a teenager. the rooms were spacious and furnished with stuff that as a kid I found captivating and she shared her Harlequins readily with me when I was young.
Bye bye Aunty Geege. I will miss you even though I didn't get to see you often. Thanks for all you did for me during the University years. Thanks for being funny and quirky and madly attracted to shiny things. Thanks for always having a lust for life and fun even as an older person.
Good bye and have a great time.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

My condolences. Are you coming home for the funeral? You take care, and I'll be thinking of you.

Vicky said...

Alison, I never actually got to meet her, but she sounds like she was a great lady!!!! One you were clearly very fond of and for that I am so sorry for your loss. I am thinking of you Alison, take care.

Knitting Mama said...

Thank you Alison for passing on the swap to your knitty friends. See you at knitting soon!

Suldog said...

My sincerest sympathy for you. However, she's now in a place with no cancer and no tears and no nasty winters. Good for her!