Saturday, February 03, 2007

My Sweetie is home

Husband Man returned from his crappy business trip last night. He is most happy to be back in his own space again. He and the boys are off to make up for the karate class they missed and then will high tail it to Mont Blanc for skiing. We had some new snow last evening and the temperatures are awesome for being out on the slopes. I will stay here thanks very much. My smashed right knee doesn't hurt hardly at all now but it still radiates heat. How weird is that? My ski pants are tight and my boots pinch my legs and make the rest of the leg ache. I don't want to go.
I have finally turned the heel on Husband's sock. These are taking much longer than the kids socks. I hope they turn out ok. I am adapting an adult pattern to suit my skill and patience level. Basically trying to make the same socks I made for the boys only much bigger. So far so good. On the gusset now.
I really really really want Elizabeth Zimmerman's knitting books. I heard about them via an early podcast of Cast On when Franklin Habit guest hosted. They sound interesting and absolutely useful for learning knitting techniques. Knitting Without Tears is the title he mentioned but there are several books and in my infinite greediness for all things bookish, I want them ALL. This creates a problem because while I CAN find them online, Husband is unwilling to reliquish his death grip on the credit card. He hates buying stuff online because of the well publicised risks. What we have here is a failure to gimme what I want. I must be patient..and wheedle endlessly until he breaks down. The reason I want these books sooooo bad is that she teaches how to knit sweaters without seams. I enjoy knitting in the round because I find it less clumsy than with straight needles. I really would like to commence with the learning how to knit sweaters after these socks are done and Cameron has expressed a desire for a mommy made "cothee" sweater since the socks mommy made are so beloved by the cozy boy. He loooooves his coziness. I would make it from some sort of machine washable non itchy wool and let him pick the color.
But I really want those books. sigh.

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