Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bad sleep habits

Last night I could NOT sleep. It just wasn't happenin'. Was it the fact that I'd slept til noon after reading in bed until 3 AM? Was it the afternoon caffeine? Who knowses, Moses? But at least I put my wakefulness into a wee bit of chore doing ( no I did NOT fold the laundry....but I shoulda). I unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded it. I repacked all the camping dishes and utensils, making a note to buy spoons etc. Why are we down to TWO spoons in the gear? No idea. Also made other lists of stuffs to get while out today and created a packing list for the boys(1 jeans, 1 sweatpants, 1 warm PJs, 3 undies etc etc).
Anyways, it was after 3 when I hit the hay...then moved to the sofa when the sky was beginning to lighten around 4 something...). Moved to bed at 8 and then got up at 9:30 to take Cam to tennis.

I so need more coffee. Off to retrieve Cammie from the courts!

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Next Day

I am still on a wee bit of a high after yesterdays gathering in my back yard. Most of my favourite knitting friends were in attendance and the weather cooperated as much as can be hoped for in this rainy weird summer of ours. A teensy spit of drizzle didn't even amount to enough to chase us indoors although there was a monster rain cloud that blew by farther away...whew.

The pool was on the chilly side and the day not overly hot with a good breeze. the kids and one knitter braved the pool and I was tempted but didn't jump in. The folks brought treats and their knitting and some brought their kids which was excellent because my guys then had fun too!!!! Poor Hman tried to be sociable but he's really not feeling well. I think he did great considering his home was invaded by about 13 or more knitters...LOL

I may sound gushy or sappy at this point so if you are a diabetic or are easily nauseated pass this bit over.

I said to my friend Janet in a Ravelry message this morning that I felt truly blessed by everyone that showed up to my little knitting party. They and the knitting community I found here mean so much to me, they really have no idea how much. If i didn't have them I would be so sad, miserable, lonely.. In fact I probably wouldn't be living here anymore. The isolation I suffered our first year or so was very hard on me and until I met these people that I could really get to know and spend valuable time with, I was pretty unhappy. The laughter, smiles, joy, and joke of yesterdays gathering just lit up every part of my spirit yesterday and again, I feel truly blessed to have them all in my life.

Merci beaucoup, mes amis..mes anges. Je t'aime.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy and Sad

I am very happy because I am hosting my knitting friends on Sunday for a knitting afternoon by the pool. If the weatehr permits. Right now its calling for a mix like today and so far today is pretty friggin' awesome except for the humidity. Lets all send the happy weather vibe my way for Sunday so my friends have an extra fun time. If the weather sucks we will bring the fun in doors so its a GO whichever way the wind blows. I do need to spruce up the house and yard just a tinch tomorrow (who amd I kidding! It needs more than that but these are friends not home decor/cleanliness spies so I will make it all nice enough for them: vacuuming the piles of cat hair shed daily, etc) so that they feel comfortable.

Happy am I also because the nasal spray stuff that the doctor ordered is working on Hman and he is not the sickly crank he was. It worked right away at soothing his sinuses and he could breathe again. The whole not being able to breathe through his nose was making him sleepless and causing all kinds of related issues (coughing, feeling like he was unable to breathe due to muscle spasms in his chest etc). he has found relief and for that I am glad. Now I won't have to smother him with his pillow for being a meany and go to jail.

Now for the SAD. I started a shrug last summer as part of a mystery knit along and toiled at it until Clue #3 stopped me (and others) in my tracks. The designer came to knit night on Wednesday and got me going again on the project and for that I am truly grateful but sadly, I think this garment will not be made. Its just too much for my addled short attention span to stick with! The lace and the cables and then short rows thrown into it all....I start hyperventilating just thinking about it. It is now destined for the frog pond. This begs the question now: What to do with 1200 yards/meters (I forget which) of gorgeous light natural grey Cestari worsted wool? Its nowhere near enough for a sweater for me. Maybe a different shrug? I think shrugs may be my best option in general, as opposed to sweaters, because I tend to run hot even in winter and if I get chilled a shrug won't over do like a sweater often does. Plus they are faster and take less yarn. There is always that. So, I will bid the mystery shrug of gorgeousness adieu thanks to my A.D.D tendancies and use said yarn for a shrug of less complicated construction. On the plus side, I did get all of the remaining grey worsted Cestari from the shop and having it DOES make me happy. My presciousssss..........

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Still without photos...

I apologise to those who demand photo updates. I have pics but they haven't been put onto the computer yet. I am very slow on these things and not very tech savvy.

I made jam yesterday and had a visit with the loverly Audrey (whom I claimed was the Devil...'member her?). She had her laptop with her and reloaded a version of the 4th Dresden File book thats read by James Marsten rather than the computer robot voice that spells words sometimes instead of saying them. Example! We all know that "Shhh" is someone telling some one to be quiet but the rbot instead quotes the person as spelling it out "S! h h h h". Or the name McCoy becomes "Emm See Coy" plus the inflections of the voice and pauses are a bit off. The rest of the books we have on disc are robot read so until we come up with new ones hopefully read by Marsten, I have to stop at Book 4.
Oh yeah! The jam. Its pretty runny but I don't care. Its either runny or I do my usual cook it too long and make strawberry based-rubber filled jars that need to have their contents GOUDGED out. I'll take tasty and runny over overcooked.

Hman has been feeling poorly. His sinuses are keeping him awake and he is VERY not nice when sick and tired. Avoidance has become crucial so that I don't start yelling at him for being a dick. He's sick so I am trying to be understanding. He's the kind of sick that doesn't want your help or kindness. Kinda the Angry Bear Overtired and Stressed Out sick. I would like to traquilize him and move him to a new territory (like a bear!) when he's like this. A trip to the doctor showed that there is no flu or infection or anything else and he was prescribed a nasal spray that "should" help him breathe so he can sleep. Maybe Flonase? Not sure.

Mom is sort of better. No longer AS sickly as she was but still awaiting the appointment with a specialist. My second oldest sister spent a weekend at the house with the folks cooking and cleaning and trying to get Mom to eat more than toast and Boost. I wished her luck and reminded her that murder is against the law. Aging parents...gotta love them but when they defeat themselves with their own behaviours its very hard to stand by and not get tetchy when they ignore the advice of others.

Thats about it today. I am tired after getting stuck in construction traffic last night on my way home from Knit Night and getting woke up through the night with Sickly Beast Man.

I'll go do housework. That'll cheer me up. NOT!!!! ;oD

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I went quickly to the Centre d'Entraide (a charity second hand store) in Mascouche as soon as I remembered that I wanted to go and check for canning jars. It closes at 3 and I remembered at 2:30. Duh.. I we drove swiftly ( but not recklessly), getting stuck in constructiony traffic and arrived with 15 minutes left of open hours. YAY!
And YES there were jars. I got 34 standard mouth jars of various sizes for $5. Sweeet. I got all the smaller ones they had (250 ml and I think 500 ml) as well as a few larger ones (1 litre?). Now I wonder if I should go back for more big ones.

I don't NEEEEED more jars. Technically. But I would hate to pay for new when thses have years and years left in them. Thats the best part of canning. Unless the jars get chipped, cracked, or broken they can be reused forever. Not so much the rings (maybe a couple year untill they start rusting) and the lids are a one time only use if you want to be safe.

So, I foresee Thursday as being a jamming day here. I'd like to get a flat of strawberries and make delicious, summery, strawberry jam for myself and my loved ones. And then maybe blueberry jam. And then salsa and spaghetti sauce. And the boys want dill pickles......

Monday, July 13, 2009

Filthy weather

Saturday night while I was at the fireworks it POURED rain. Yesterday wasn't too bad but it did indeed rain again.

Today the sun was out and I was so relieved. I honestly do not think I could ever live in Seattle or Vancouver...ugh think of all that RAIN! With my sunny weather I was able to hang out laundry and gather my calendula blossoms for making calendula oil. I passed over any that were past their prime, focusing on the full bloom, newly blooming, and almost blooming flowers and buds. It was a good chance to dead head while I was out there and keep the plants in production incase the rain EVER stops so I can gather more dry blossoms for infusing or drying for later use.

Calendula is wonderfully soothing for the skin and some skin conditions such as rashes and exzema respond well to being treated with calendula balms and salves. It was so nice being out there and doing what I love to do.

After I gathered my blooms I hunted down a clean mason jar, a ring, and a lid and wiped the jar out with vinegar to remove any dust etc. After I dried it thoroughly I squooshed in my booty of blossoms, near filling the jar! I poured olive oil over the blooms, shaking the jar and stirring it a bit to work out air bubbles and pockets and making sure the oil could get everywhere. Once the jar was full to withing almost an inch of headspace, I capped the jar and gave it a shake to make sure that oil could get around. Then it went into my cabinet on a saucer (incase of an overflow during the infusion) to sit and do its thing. Lets keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't get rancid or icky and that I REMEMBER to drain the oil on time.

As my second load of laundry neared completion and thits turn on the line, a rain storm swept in and soaked everything down again. ARGH! I didn't bother bringing the clothes in. I just waited a bit and the rain passed and my second load went out a little later than planned but was line dried (mostly) all the same.

Last evening I got to business on dyeing a bit of roving for making thrummed mittens later this year. I need pink roving for the thrums and while Ginette did have a pink in stock, it was a silk blend and I wanted pure wool. I put hot water and vinegar in a Pyrex dish and tinted the liquid with food colouring until I had a good deep/bright pink. Then, in went the roving. Its a bit trickier with roving than yarn because the roving isn't spun at all and could felt as quick as you blink. I covered the dish with plastic wrap and put it in the microwave for about 2 1/2 minutes, getting things good and hot. Then it was left to sit and cool down. the dye bath, such as it was, was well exausted and the water left was mostly clear. I rinsed the roving and it didn't bleed and now its hanging in the bathroom on the towel rack to dry, since the weather is uncooperative.

I hope you are enjoying your summer.

Friday, July 10, 2009


The pool issue was resolved very quickly once Hman got home proving once again that I am NOT mechanically inclined. Not that he is, but he is more so than I. Pump and filter are working just fine and the pool is usable. Its a hot one today so we may be out there more than yesterday. Yay SUNSHINE AGAIN!!!!!

I went to my friend DearKnits house last evening to ease her into the ways of jam making. We ended up with several jars of strawberry jam for her family's pleasure. There were laughs, lots of chatter, more laughs.... She is very fun to spend time with. Her husband is VERY handsome and also funny with crazy mad kite making skillz. You gotta check out her blog sometimes because his kites make for great pictures. I'd love to see them in flight someday. Does anyone out there know the reason for "skimming off the foam" when jam making? The recipes all say to do it but whats the science behind it? When T asked me I was all "I dunno...the recipes say to so do it...stop pressuring me , man!" Then we came up with the "answer" of that the foam gives you cancer....and it got called that the rest of the night...yummy foamy strawberry flavoured cancer...It was funny at the time.

Today I will do more laundry because I can hang it out on the line again. Clothes on the clothesline make me feel very satisfied. Its one of those simple pleasures in life, y'know?

I should also get the waterproofing spray out and spray down the tents before it decides to rain again!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Sun Came Out!

We have been having a fairly cool wet summer thus far. Not as bad as some but bad enough. Today I was so jazzed to see the sun out and shining brightly. I have one load of washing out on the line and am waiting for another to finish so it can go out too.
I fished a drowned rodent out of the pool today...EEEEEEWWW. While thus distracted making sure the hose was in the skimmer because of the water's drop in level, my pool pump and filter sucked too much air. Now I can't get it to work right. i tried refilling the intake part but the water just kept running into the connecting hoses, never letting the intake fill enough not to suck air again. I am perplexed and diguruntled at this and hope Hman can deal with it because it seems beyond my modest skills. Maybe he needs to dismantle the filter and fill IT with water now? Oy...he's gonna bitch....
So there will be no pooling today because I can't operate the filter and thus vacuum the nasties off the bottom.
Garden news: Peppers plants are making peppers, zucchini plants making zucchini, Tomatoes making tomatoes...
Something animally has dug in under my compost pile and I am ascared...what could it be? Rats? Skunk? Groundhog?

Friday, July 03, 2009

Here is where I will be tomorrow

Pourvoirie Bazinet .

Trout beware!!!

It moved..It budged, it badged, it boodged...

The scale that is.
Last weigh ins have been 213/214.....today was 209. I have very few cravings and no feeling of hardship.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Mom

My mom is very ill these days. She has had a digestive problem (unsolved) for a few years now, was hospitalised at one point for septic shock about 4 1/2 years ago or so, and now at 80 years of age is down to 101 pounds of frail, lethargic, weakened old lady. She went to the doctor yesterday about her latest problem of throwing up everything she consumes and he told her to drink Boost once a day while he will try and get her in for some tests ASAP. Her latests blood tests came back "fine".

I spoke to her this morning just before noon her time, she hadn't yet been able to eat anything but did take all her old lady meds, her stomach was upset and she didn't want to have anything. She had been dozing on the sofa when I called because she was wiped out. We spoke for awhile, she bitched about my Dad not doing the dishes last night when he said she would (he had dosed off in his chair and she discovered the sink still full so she did them, even drying said dishes and putting them away immediately...I think that part was for spite..LOL), the rowdies down the street, about how her neighborhood is peaceful most of the time ( except: insert her list here..blah blah blah), how she misses her great grandchildren and keeping up with whats going on with them all (she has 5) and she promised to go have some toast or her beef broth, and drink her Boost as soon as we hung up.

To say I am worried is an understatement.