Friday, February 16, 2007

Day 16

Husband Man has already needed to tighten his belt a notch and a coworker noted his face looked thinner...this after 10 days on the low carb-ish diet I have him on. For me...its the same old same old. Also, after a glorious couple of days with no new acne break out, the monthly hormal thing is happening so guess who has a new break out or 3. BUT I can squeeze back into jeans I wore at Xmas. One pair only if I go commando, but I will take what I can get. Was that TMI?
On the chest cold front...I am sooooo tired all the time. Been napping in the PM when I can and each morning cough up horrid alien stuffs. But other than that I am as right as rain if very cranky with the PMS etc.
I haven't been logging my food and water..but I am being good. Seriously...I am. Really.
Hat: I had to rip it back because I wasn't decreasing right. Now I still don't have it right but really don't care so progress is good. Will finish the outer hat today.
Sock: only a few rows done last night while watching Grey's Anatomy...I Meredith gonna come back from the dead? How can she not??? HM kept making comments at the TV like "Oh ALL the doctors would be in there with her instead of out with patients etc" and I threatened him with a duct tape gag like I do to my Ex SIL, Joyce. I love her but cannot watch medical shows with her because she is a former nurse and critiques everything. Guys! Just shush and let me suspend my disbelief already!!
Kids are good. Ben has a punishment for telling a lie and throwing his supper in the garbage when noone was supervising. Cameron has been pretty good this week.
Monkey is full of beans. One wouldn't know he had surgery by the way he is tearing through the house and attacking all the other pets in attempts to get them to play. He even jumped on the dogs back as she strolled by this morning. Ride 'em, cowkitty!
Today we go do passport paper work and send it in if all goes well. Thats all we have planned.
Tomorrow I will accompany the family to the mountain because apres ski we will go to Friend's cono at Tremblant. How fun!!!! I like these folk so it is no hardship on my part at all. Plus, they are Italian and the food always rocks.
Sunday, maybe will take the boys to see Bridge To Terabithia. We shall see.
Boat news: HM talked to a boat mortgage person yesterday and we can afford a better boat than we thought. Hellllloooo Beneteau. My nerves are shot with the whole worry aspect of reducing our debt but then taking on a boat mortgage, which was part of the point of reducing our monthly debt.... OY! But the Money man (HM) says he has it aaaalll worked out. Summer plans abound and await finalisation and discussion such as day camp opportunities in NS for the kids, etc etc etc.
I think I need a drink.....


Vicky said...

Oh girl, didn;t sound like it was the best of days. There is always tomorrow. Am I getting annoying yet with all this thinking positive??? I am trying to stay stress free and positive...hoping it might help with baby conception (hubby is home now,lol)

Whaledancer said...

OOOh Let the games begin!!
Actually it was a good day..sorry if I sound negative. The worry of what the summer brings etc.....

world of computer said...