Friday, February 23, 2007

And now we are Friday

The end of the work week is here. Yay..
Next Friday, the second of March, is the first day of March break in our house. No more early mornings! I always say "Oh, boy now I can do fun stuff with the boys like sledding or going for walks..." but do I? Usually not. A suggestion for going on a walk usually get booed and hissed and by the time I have caught up in my day enough to say lets go coasting they are usually being punished for being hateful. Something that more outside time and exercise would surely reduce! Viscious cycle here? I do believe so.
The sweater I want to knit for Ben and which Ben wants calls for more yarn. Its a simple drop shouldered unfinished edges (they curl) sweater as opposed to the more old fashioned looking ones in my Zimmerman books. Do I buy more yarn or knit the less greedy pattern? I will decide by tonight and because I will be getting out to Effiloche and thats where the yarn is...if there is any left..
THE SOCK: the heel is turned and the gusset being worked. I WILL be finished by Sunday night come hell or high water.
My poor old dog Blossom is sadly neglected these days. Its too cold to go walkies and the road salt is murder on doggie paws. I know I could put boots on her or ointments, but who will do that for me? Its cold outside..I don't wanna walkies. She lazes around all day between trips to the back yard to litter the snow with more..deposits, sneaks the cats food which leads to more deposits, and basically she doesn't get a whole lot of attention because as soon as you do, she is stuck to you like dangleberries on a sheep. And after almost 7 years of her neediness, we are worn down. Husband Man has openly stated that he is looking forward to our dogless days, when ever they come and I am secretly thinking that as well. She is getting older (about 9 or 10 now)and has trouble with the stairs more. Temperment wise one could not ever have a more loving animal. She is the epitome of snuggly dog. She has no clue how to play fetch or any of the usual doggy games. Loves the snow, comes alive in the snow. Acts like a puppy in the snow. The rest of the year she pretty much just slumps around and poops. If we had a robbery she would help the robbers in case they might pet her. She may bark once a week tops and thats to tell me she's there and waiting for me to take her for a drive in the car. Never a peep is made if someone is skulking or there is a knock at the door like some dogs, and trust me, most times I'm glad. I guess we are just itching for more freedom from dog related tied downess and I feel guilty because as dogs go, she is the best dog ever for me. Except I am a cat person.
We lost a gourami fish last week. It had been ailing and finally died. Now a loach is acting ..odd. Less zippy than usual. The water tests are better than ever so I have no idea what the frak is going on now and can only watch and wait. Acting a bit stressed for some reason. Blue gourami and Angel fish are doing fine as is the bushy nose. Hard to tell because if he feels like you're watching him, he hides again. and we are luck if we get one or two sightings a week as it is. I will vacuum tank today and do a water change and see how that suits Loach.
Lets seee.....I have a hair appointment today for the first time since early December. Thats gotta be good. I think I am going to grow the hair out again to make for easy doings come summer.
Thats it for me. As you can see I am not in NS for the funeral of my aunt so I will probably be brooding on that today as well... and tomorrow. But it was a choice I made. Still not sure its the right choice but its made.

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Vicky said...

Hi ya!!!, Isn't a dog's life the best...well maybe a cat could beat it,lol. Sorry that you couldn't make it up to NS, but it is understanable, since you live so far away.