Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Day 13

Water: 500 ml so far
Foodlog: 1 cappucino and two coffees
Benefits so far: my skin has cleared up alot compared to two weeks ago!!! Yay small victories!!
Things remain the same mostly. Almost No sugar, bread, pasta, rice, or potatoes I had that apple baba thing last week and an occasional bite of something forbidden like a noodle or such). Lot of low starch veggies and protein at meals...lotsa water...weight is still 209ish..more like 208 yesterday actually. Not much exercise ( I know!! Thats the BAD part) though. Have too many other things beckoning to me..
Like yesterday.. I vacuumed the basement family room, play room, and laundry rooms twice and then mopped the floors to further reduce dust and pet hair. The vac just does not get it all plus there were some spill marks on the floor where drinks had dripped. It looked nice and shiny and smelled better too. Also I openned the window down here and the laundry room door to the yard and had a bit of a cold breeze flowing as I Lysolled those area that suffer from mildew (which was bleached out in the summer). Occasional Lysol spraying seems to help with that so far. So all was fresher down here in the depths of the house.
Monkey knocked puzzle pieces to the floor multiple times and that required lots of stooping and stretching so I worked some squats etc into that chore. Also folded a lot of clean laundry that was waiting and produced more. Knitting was done on the sock ("The Sock" in my mind because it is going to take so long) also.
Hmmm what else..oh yeah. I still feel a bit chest coldy and tired so I had a nap in the afternoon before fetching the boys and making supper. Thats when all hell broke loose but I won't bore you. Suffice to say I went to bed early from being made cranky/disgruntled/emotionally tired.
So thats my days in a nutshell. I could fit the exercise in but honstly really don't want to and for that I have guilt and annoyance at myself for letting myself down like this. Plus I think i am cracking the floor. Eeep.
Today its frigging cold out (minus 23 Celcius this morning) and I have no desire to leave my cozy, less dusty house . The upstairs is still dusty though so I may attack that later with mop and vacuum. And fill the woodbox for the fire.
For the next half hour though, I think I will listen to Cast On and knit on this sock and be happy to do so.
Tomorrow is Monkey's appointment with the Vet for his neutering. Maybe things will settle down a little after that.
Who am I kidding?


Suldog said...

I feel for you, kid. Every year for Lent - coming next week - I give up all flour and dairy.

(Partly religious observance, partly a sort of "spring training" ritual to get into shape for softball in April. I usually drop 10 to 15 pounds during the 40+ days.)

I'll be feeling your pain for real, soon.

Vicky said...

Poor Alison, sorry for your day!!! It is a hard struggle as far as thr "fight" goes, but I have every faith that you'll get there. Maybe it might be worth trying something little different. What I don't know. Maybe we could talk about it on MSN later if you like.