Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Day 7 and sock hell

Water: 2+ liters
Food: yogurt and cottage cheese, salad, 1 latte, 1 cappucino, 2 espressos, 1 or 2 cups of coffee, haddock with pesto and steamed veggies, an apple baba at Second Cup that was made with splenda, prosciutto and cheese curds
Work out: none

Weighed myself at the veterinarian's office since I was there with Monkey to finally get him vaccinated and his appointment to get his nuts cut is the 14th..HA HA love for him.
Weight was 209 according to the big digital scale so when I got home I weighed myself here and adjusted my scale accordingly. So thats a pisser BUT the important thing is that NUMBERS are not important. The fact that my pants fit again is. Now for the sock stuff....

This is Richard's sock..#1 of the first pair I have made for him. I couldn't find a pattern like the one for the kids socks and I really liked theirs so I adapted another pattern. Sorta combined the two. But did I take notes..not really. Did I consider that the toe decreases on this sock had to be done differently because there were more stitches? Nope.. Not until the sock that would never frigging end was getting sorta..extra big. And I was running low on yarn left in that ball. thats when the light went on in my head that I had to graft the toe with more stitches left than usual. Coulda been worse. Now the fun begins because I need to make another sock that matches!!!!! OY! Why am I so stupid??? So I sat here and measured and counted and picked my own brain to rememeber what I did for sock one. And I Wrote it all down. Jeez I hope its right.
Why did I marry a man with such big feet???????


Vicky said...

always weight youself on he same scale, first thing in the morning with no clothes's the most accurate weight. Even if your scale says something differnt than another one, doen't mean you didn't lose any of the weight you scales said you did. Good job on any loss my dear!!!!

Knitted said...


How are you ? What kind of wool did you use for these socks. I ask cause I bought Regia wool that is supposed to make a pattern but it's not ! Do you think its because I am doing the ribbing and I will see it when I "stich-stich"? I will try a swatch tonight, but I am going out ! Gotta to celebrate my b-day !

Will I see you friday ?


Whaledancer said...

Yup, I will be at Effiloche Friday night!
The yarn is Phildar Confetti.