Wednesday, February 21, 2007

assorted stuff including a rant

I had nightmares about knitting, dieting and exercising last night....
What do you suppose thats about?winkwink
Since Saturday I have had some non allowable food choices snuck into my diet. Today I declare myself back on track.
I was very irked this morning and I really really want to thank my neice Scrappythebear of She Said, She Said for being my outlet. Sweetie, I think you may have saved lives by doing that. Thanks a bunch.
The whole world is kinda making me want to bitch slap it with its stupid crap like, in no particular order of importance: people who comment on my parenting skills and/or my children's non-perfect behaviour as if they made all the right moves when they parented, people that cannot accept that we ALL have frigging issues and are not perfect and just move on, ok??, the fact that we all spend more time talking ABOUT one another than really talking TO (not at one another, but with one another)each other, people that don't LISTEN to what you are saying so that they get your meaning because they are so busy thinking that they KNOW what you are saying and meaning, people that take what they read in the paper or see on TV as the gospel truth without kinda doing a bit of research to see if thats the whole story, people that parrot biased opinions like its is the gospel truth without checking their sources, whiners, enablers, people that cannot take responsibilty for themselves and create excuses, people that don't TRY to be better or do better or make anything better......
There is more but I can't come up with it right now. Also, I am fully aware that I have fallen into any and or all of these categories at one time or another and YES that pisses me off too. I am not on my soapbox and complaining about any one person or group without knowing that I am also that person or group.
These are just subjects that are picking at the scabs of my anger sores today and for that you may thank, in no particular order of importance: stupid people, the world, me, sugar cravings, PMS, winter, air, clouds, that noise my car makes that my husband says is nothing, the ozone layer, melting polar ice caps, my weight, my uterus, hormones, my up bringing, that I woke up today, that I was born.... among other things.
It may NOT be a good idea to put me on a plane back home for a funeral this week. Its just may not be a safe plan..
I feel better. Thank you all for bearing with.
In my gratitude I share with you now my salad:
mixed spring greens, broccoli slaw mix, sliced beets from a can, cucumber, dill and lemon light tuna from a can, a splash of vinaigrette. accidentally I made enough for about 3 people. Am trying not to eat it all.
Yummy and filling even though I still want to eat it all. I wish my family would like it too.
Tonight for supper (for the adults that is) we will have a recipe adaptation for fish and veggies in a skillet. Instead of tilapia we will use salmon. I forgot to buy summer squash so I will add frozen beans etc..or go back and get zucchini and the other summer squash... or not.
The theory of this recipe is that you sautee the veggies and stuff some, then put the fish on top, then cover and steam/sweat the whole thing until the fish is flakable. It may be yummy.

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