Monday, February 19, 2007


And a gratuitous Monkey shot.
..I am so excited that I can hardly speak..just gibber like an idiot. More so than usual I might add. Why?

Because we are going to the Bare Naked Ladies concert tonight!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO.

I LOVE them with a love that is at once and the same time wonderous..and a bit creepy. And I don't care!! I love love love them so. Since 1992. LOVE!

HM, Ben, and I are going. Now that in itself is a feat of sheer will and determination because work made HM go to Ontario this week. So at 4 AM this morning my guy left the house for the airpot...Ben and I will pick him up on the way to the concert this evening cuz he is flying back this afternoon..then once again he will fly out tomorrow morning and return on Wednesday. Hows that for dedication. I think he deserves a prize. Somebody give him one.

Yesterday was a laaaazzzyy day. Carpet was ripped out. TV was watched. Reading was done and a nap was taken. Lay-Zee.

Today I am so excited I can't focus long enough to do anything constructive yet. It might still happen..hard to say.

Ok..see I am gibbering.. OH My nephew was a back stage coordinator at the East Coast Music Awards this past weekend which is SUCH a cool gig. I am jealous as heck. I watched part of the show last night on CBC but got tired. I called my sister this morning and she said she saw his name in the He coordinated Jill Barber (awesome voice!) and The Divorcees. The Trailer Park Boys hosted which is only right I think.

Ok I have a question:

What The Fuck is up with the whole adding chocolate to cereal??? I have seen a couple of healthy looking whole grain cereals featuring chocolate in the grocery store and just now there was an ad for LIFE cereal with chunks of chocolate.

And we wonder why North America is a continent of bubble butts.........


WW said...

And the number of cavities in kids is going up.
Bah, Heard BNL was in town too late to get tickets. Lucky you.

Aurora said...

have a blast!!!I wish i was going!