Thursday, May 24, 2007

T minus..uuuhmmmmm

Ok..we leave, like, really really early in the morning. Thats not a good beginning to a trip in my opinion. All doings should take place much later than really really early in my honest and much sought after opinion.
I think I am packed. I'm pretty sure. Pretty much. My sister even ironed my wrinked stuff. Not my face...clothes! And then I packed them. Again.
The cat box is cleaned, the fish tank is cleaned, the kids are hugged and kissed and hugged and kissed and threatened and hugged and kissed repeatedly.
The dress was picked up today...squee!!!!!!!!! Its a better shade of green that the swatch had been and I just really like this dress. Jessie even really liked the dress. Ginette said 'va-Va-Voom!" at me in the dress so thats gotta be good right? And with left over fabric Daniel made me a a wee simple evening bag, lined with the same lining as the dress. Cuuuutte!!!
Bad news? My feet are swollen with water retention (It was real hot today) and I have a new zit to keep Zit One company. How nice.
At Effiloche today, Jessie bought 3 skeins of sock yarn to keep me occupied after this summer's knits. Or during maybe...LOL
EVEN a skein of JITTERBUG! I have been wanting to knit with it but hadn't gotten around to buying some. Gorgeous colourway of electric blue and other vibrant colors. FUN!!! gotta go soak in the tub, shave my legs, pumice my feet and redo my toenail polish. Or maybe I could go watch Painkiller Jane with HM.....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesdays May 21

Headlines: Transit strike in Montreal! New yarn shop soon in NDG! 3 more sleeps til Departure for Hawaii! Giant zit STILL here! Sister arrives Tonight ( Bells ring out and banners fly!)!!
I am starting to freak out a bit. Still much to do before leaving. Still need two tops for 2 year old skirts... as far as I know dress is ready for pick up today....mountains of laundry need folding....floors need mopping...shrug/stole still not finished but i added some inches last night...water still retaining, need to take more drstic action.....

gasp gasp gasp....... I think I need a paper bag to breathe into.

Monday, May 21, 2007


The shrug was started a week ago..I am now at 20 inches. I reeeeeally need to speed this up!!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

More Saturdayness

HM bought his way out of the doghouse.
We went bathing suit shopping for our upcoming trip (the horror...the..horror) and after driving around Montreal for ages and visiting 2 ginormous shops of bathing suits we gave up. " I just want to try this one on St-Laurent", HM says, "its on the way anyway." But we really had no hope left that someone would stock a half ways nice bathing suit in size Circus Tent.
PAYDIRT! This shop, Paradis De Maillot. looked tiny but was huge!! It was the bestest selection I have ever seen and if i hadn't gained so much weight back, that little baby in the window would have been MINE. So cute...none left in my size. I tried on a bunch of suits and we decided on a brown and pink tankini. Needed a wrap too so went looking at those with the sales lady that took pity on me (love her!!). She thought I needed to try some more suits so off she went getting suits (One that I had seen as a one piece and liked ..turns out there was a two piece!). More suits were tried and another found that was good for me. Decisions decisions...
"You know", says I," if you were really interested in getting outta the doghouse you'd buy me both." That said I went into the room to get back into my clothes. HM's laughter and sheepish "O..k..."followed me.
So he's back in the good graces and I's gots me a two cute tankinis and a nifty gigantic wrap that Super Saleslady showed me how to wear 5 ways.
I think I remember 3.
Back home I ripped out those fugly bushes to make room for the rose bush I don't want. Then something baddish happened. I took a spell. You old ladies when they get woozy for no reason, they "took a spell". I couldn't seem to catch my breath so I leaned against the front porch and focused on breathing (air is GOOD). That didn't works so well and I started getting kinda dizzy and my vision was not so great. Laying down seemed like a good idea so i layed on the porch and focused on breathing. My ears started to ring. Ben came to show me how many dandelions he had in his bucket thus far and he sounded real muffled, like he was far away. When I replied, I sounded far away too! Wierd and very not good. After a few more minutes of breathing, everything just kinda slipped back into sync, though I had a loud rushing sound in my ears and could hear eeverything very sharply.
Then I got back to planting that damned rose bush. Made HM fetch me my bag of top soil because I was kinda scared to carry something. Now he's all, "when we get back I am so getting you into a private clinic and you are getting thoroughly checked out!!" Yuck. They are going to say "Geez lady, DUH, yer fat and out of shape and sleep too much!"
Oh really??? I had noooooo idea .......
Thats a really big help...gimme some ice cream.

Saturday stuffs and possibly rants we go
Last night was stitch n bitch night BUT also the time for me to pick the colour swatch for "The Dress". And HM, out with a client golfing and havin' fun FORGOT. Now, that in itself may not be a big deal but the fact of the matter is my twice a month stitch night is practically the ONLY social life I have in the real world here in frenchland. So the fact that he so easily "forgot" is very hurtful to me. And yes I reminded him this week. So there is my rant. I am still very upset.
I took the kids with me because of this. They are sworn to secrecy about the dress on pain of lost allowance.
The dress, I can now state, will be a lovely medium green the likes of which I can't exactly describe. Bluer green than chartreuse..... greener than aqua...... So Difficult. But I think it will be nice...better than nice actually. And I pick it up Tuesday. Unless there is a problem. its gonna be so pretty.
So the ensemble is my pretty dress with the black Mobius shrug, black leather sling back open toed sandal with cork wedge heel, and we(designer and I) decided on pearls for jewellery. Its a very retro dress ('50's inspired) and the whole ensemble just says ladylike and classy. But NOT frumpy and grandmotherly. Luckily I have pearls...that when I wore them once my neice mocked mercilessly as being something grandma-ish.....repeatedly. She's real sweet that way.
That was all taken care of last night as well as lining fabric purchased....all with mini-hoodlums in tow. Ugh. NOT my relaxing twice a month social experience. I bought yarn too in spite...I got Cameron to pick a yarn for his sweater to be commenced after I finish Teri Lynn's sox. He picked some horrid colours...he's a guy so it was like he was just picking out whatever he saw first "This one! Ok...then this one..?" Finally he picked one I liked that wasn't too dark or neon orange. Its a tan like heathered Ultra Alpaca (again). I got two skeins to start with and will buy the rest after Hawaii. I am thinking that he will get a Zimmerman saddle shoulder sweater....very manly. Maybe with cables...OOH or another Zimmerman thats very cabley..
I have a scarf pattern that I am dying to try out, very lacy. I may make it as a shawl for my mom or sister. Or just as a very feminine scarf.... in something silky perhaps? Like Fleece Artist's sea silk? Thats another project lined up, plus my summer knitting of wool mittens and socks for this winter. Cha-ching...
Yesterday I bought a rose when I went to get a support for my peony...and I have buyer's remorse. Turns out I know this rose and don't actually care for it. That danged picture was so inaccurate. Roseraie de L'Hay...its that old purply rose you see at old houses etc. Red my ass!!! Its a fool proof rugosa rose that will grow large and strong and fragrant( very fragrant but not like a tea rose...) and grandmother had one. It gets huge hips and is low maintainence and will fill the space admirably. And I don't have the receipt...DAMMIT.
So today I will rip out the last of the useless ugly bushy bushes at the front of the house and plant this rose. May the fragrance bless Ben's room where it may provide some late afternoon shade in summer, eventually. At least its a purply colour and HM like if I even CARE today. Bastard.
Anyhoo...thats my weekend in a nutshell, knitting, cleaning (jessie is coming tuesday night!!!), planting, and making HM pay. Whew...thats a full load!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007


No school AGAIN today, being a Friday and all (last week? same thing). We have a scheduled inservice day AGAIN which makes this a FOUR day weekend. F-O-U-R. With my crazy kids..and it is not a good week for me ( them) to have this 4 day break, if'n ya catch my drift. Crankiness is lessened than say, Tuesday when all living beings were at risk of being homicided, but still it lingers just a bit. Short temperedness and lack of patience is the rule rather than maniacal homicide inducing snittyness. For which we are grateful. NOT grateful however for the most enormous chin zit ever. Painful and very much there for the Universe to see. Maybe visible from space. Trying not to interfere with it so as not to have a ginormous scab on my face next week.
By the Way, Barb and I started a new blog together about leaving a greener life. We rant, post discoveries, etc etc about how to lessen our footprint on the environment without going broke buying "green" inducing products. i still want me some solar pannels though, and a solar ROOF. How frikkin' cool is that shit, eh?? Being Green On A Dime. The link is over there -->. I bought magazines for my trip (sooo hard not to read them now) 2 on greeny issues etc and 2 on knitting. Harrowsmith, Organic Earth (both Canadian although Harrowsmith is now owned by an american company or something), Simply Knitting (free gift! Love UK craft mags) and Creative Knitting. Magazine buying is NOT green...all that paper and all and I have tried to lower my paper consumption by accessing the articles in Electronic format as much as I can. However, on a plane? Not so doable for me. Hopefully these and knitting will help keep my short attention spanned ADD self occupied and from annoying other passengers by fidgetting, sighing, snoring, and asking "Are we there YET??!"
I will be so glad when air travel is done and we can use some sort of quantum physicsy portal system. Getting there is half the fun??! Its not the destination but the Journey??! BULLSHIT. I just wanna get the party started ya know?
Also, when we get back, I think I will insist that we plant a couple of trees out of air travel pollution guilt.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

YARN winders and ducks

Because the idea of a ball winder is so scary to Suldog, I thought I'd post a picture of one identical to mine. Perhaps I should call it a YARN winder just to forstall any misunderstandings and withering of nethers in sympathy with idea of ball winding.
This morning at about 6:30, HM woke me saying "Dear, come and see this!!" He sounded too cheery for another incident of cat poo in the tub so I staggered and lurched behind him to the patio doors where I was told to "Look!!"
And what should be swimming contentedly in the pool that HM has been killing himself trying to get cleaned and ready for hot weather but the mightiest purveyors of bird shit I have ever had experience with, DUCKS! A pair of Mallards. They were so cute!!! "Guddamm shitting ducks in my fucking pool!" HM growled unconvincingly in his accent. He wanted (halfheartedly) to go chase them away but Ben and I wouldn't let him. Its not like we will be out there in the water anytime soon so why not leave them alone. They flew off eventually, together. Ahhh spring!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Iced Tea Tuesday

Today i had a craving for iced tea. Not that sugary crap you buy at the store though. Its just tooo sweet for me. Also, I find black tea tends to get bitter on me. So here is my herbal iced tea alternative from what I had in the cupboard o'tea. Enjoy.

Fill the kettle and turn it on. While waiting on that assemble the following:
Messmers' Rose Hip and Hibiscus tea, 2 bags
Lemon and Linden tea, 2 bags (I forget the brand)
Cherry Almond Rooibos loose tea, one cup sized infuser worth
Put all that in a heat proof pitcher or something. I used my 8 cup measuring cup. I love that sucker.
When the water boils, pour it in the measuring cup/pitcher. Then go away. When you remember the tea, come back. It should be strong enough now and cooled quite a bit (I forgot for a loooong time). Now you have a choice... put the pitcher in the fridge to get cold (after removing bags and infuser), fill a big glass with ice and pour in tea, or grab a frozen freezer mug and pour in tea(my choice). Sweeten to taste with sweetener of choice. Imbibe generously.
Not only is this a nice sip/guzzle depening on your hydration level, but its good for ya. Rooibos is an herbal tea fro South Africa. it comes in flavors from specialty shops but you could use plain. its loaded with antioxidant properties rivalling those of green tea. Its is naturally caffeine free. Rose hips are a great source of vitamin C. Linden has soothing properties. The hibiscus is tangy! This tea is a reddish colour so its yummy, healthful, aaaannd PRETTY. Beat that Lipton.

Mother's Day Recap

You knew it would come..I am a Mother and Mother's Day happens to folk such as I and thus, it must be blah blahhed about. Here we go:
First of all, got the gifts a week early. And thats totally ok. I HEART MY PRESENTS! I used them on Mother's Day to wind my Bonsai ribbon yarn and everything.
Mother'sDay began with being woke up from a dead coma/sleep around 11ish in the morning by yelling little voices (not so little anymore actually..very BIG voices). They had to yell cuz I had my fabulous earplugs in since HM had woken me with his snores earlier. When I came conscious I was given breakfast in bed..toast, bacon, eggs, hash browns, and juice and coffee. Plus my favorite section of the saturday Gazette (comics). How nice!!!!!! I really have an awesome family!!
The boys had made gorgeous cards at school. Really lovely. They are in my bedroom.
The rest of the day was kind of business as usual but still a lovely day. I hope all the mom's out there had a nice day.
Speaking of all the mom's out there...What did YOU do for YOUR mom this year?? Think back to everything she had to do for you..not even HAD to do but CHOSE to do from love and also guilt. All the but wiping and tear drying...costume making, meals, birthday cakes, trying to keep Santa alive for you and dying those #$%^&%ing Easter eggs with you. Kissing and hugging you even when you were pretty much just a big walking ball of snot and phlegm. Don't even get me started on the breastfeeding and colic. What about money loaned or given? Education and orthodontia? Shoulders to cry on or and arm to lean on when you were feeling down and needed a hand up. Yes, maybe she's not perfect , what with being human and all...but that woman gave you everything she had to give including in many cases, space in her body to incubate. And not for like a day but 9 fucking months. Show some goddamn respect! I mean..Isn't that nice?
So maybe Mom drives you up the wall now that you are a grown up.....who gives a shit? She is THE MOTHER personified for you in all her glory and not necessarilly perfection. The love that woman holds for you is real and strong and can never be rent assunder because, trust me I have tried and that love just will not be rent. Still she feels the pull of the umbilical cord that attached you physically and now only emotionally. And she always will at some level.
I love my mom. VERY much. She makes me crazy and I am not always "nice" to her but I make her laugh and I call her many times a week just to hear her voice and the sound of that voice is always happy to hear from me. If I didn't have my mommy any more I don't know what I'd do. Sometimes, I still want to crawl into her lap except now she's all tiny and old and brittle and I am very large. She blames Dad's side of the family for that.
My mom colored with me, made me clothes and sweaters, taught me to knit, washed my clothes, became a Brownie leader because I was a Brownie, sewed her finger with the sewing machine by accident while making me a Barbie purse out of fake leather, showed me the natural world by going looking for Mayflowers and wild berries and now I pass that on to my guys. She cuddled me when I was sick. Let me sleep with her when I was scared. She loves me, not always the way I want or need, but truly and deeply. We've had screaming matches and silences, but always come back together with hugs and kisses.
I love my mommy. Always and forever.
The card is in the mail..really.

Gratuitous Flower Shots

Lovely colour coordinated tulips....
Same type of tulips, different spot

My magnolia that I planted last summer...WOOHOO

Now look at this..the rhododendron and tulips TOTALLY match. I did not plan this. i thought the tulips were going to be a different kind of purple..Serendipitous gardening at its best. ;oD

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Because I must

Talking to Barb this afternoon on the phone prompted this posting. I have FINALLY started the shrug for the trip to Hawaii. Both of us were getting very concerned that i hadn't even come up with a pattern yet too. Rest at ease now, it has commenced and it will be all that and a bag of plantain chips with its fabulosity! If I do say so myself. Which, I do.

Barb wanted to SEE what I was describing to her so I snapped this picture after the first pattern working and just before the second fight with elongated stitches. So here it is Barb!! Just liek you ordered, I mean, requested ever so sweetly. The stitch pattern is from Wendy B's Dream Swatch over at Knit And Tonic. The white wool at the bottom of today's work is because I needed to do an Invisible cast on a la Zimmerman. (new technique for me) This will allow me to remove the white wool to access live stiches in the black Berocco Bonsai bamboo ribbon yarn I am using, when its time to construct the Mobius (Zimmerman's book Knitting Around ). Thats what the shrug will be essentially. A Mobius scarf around my upper arms . Can you visualise that? I can and I am at least a foot taller and 60 pounds lighter and tanned. I look so chic.

Eat your heart out, baby.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday :3 things to make me haaappppy

#1) All praise and hail the entities of transportation because the Metro in Laval is FINALLY done. WOOHOOOOO Twice I have used it now instead of driving on the island and I must say "Metro! You Rock!!". Timeliness is a bit of an issue but the joy ofA) not dealling with the traffic downtown B) saving on gas and emissions C) no hunting for parking and thus, no tickets and D) much knitting time whilst sitting on the train make the worries of time small potatoes. I gets on in Laval, 15 or 20 minutes from here by car, and then all my traffic stress is gone. Most excellentay.
2) The amazing Sheila Ostroff of The Odyssey Zone ....she is a blessing and a miracle and all things wonderful. This is Ben's therapist and she is just so lovely I can't express her wunnerfulness. She totally "gets" him and stuff comes out within minutes that we have no idea the child is even thinking. He is happy there and LOVES his time with Sheila. 2 new strategies came out in the 1st ten minutes today: Ben is seated too far back in the class for a kid like him (4th seat) and susceptible to the distraction back there. Being closer to the front will help him maintain his focus. Also, when he feels he is getting angry or frustrated he must count backwards from 20 rather than counting to 10, so he can help himself get a better grip. Also, when the other kids are picking at him and won't stop he can hold up his palm and tell them to talk to the hand because the ears are not listening to them instead of yelling at them and hitting to get them to back off. ALL of this in the first 10 minutes together. Then I left and they spent 1/2 and hour on stuff, then I came back.

3) Montreal Knits: I went to a gathering last night, met new folk and saw people I had met before. It was just so great to sit back with treats and chill on the terrace in the fresh air last evening. Love love loved it. Met a"famous" knitting designer of amazing knits ( love the NDG sweater in the summer 2007 Interweave Knits) that I had not met other nights, and had some good laughs. REALLY good laughs. We heard and shared stories and gossip, attracted no small amount of attention from non-knitters and flirtatious attentions from sock desiring males at a neighboring table...LOL. the night was summer soft but full of Spring's promise. I really like the NDG area.
Today, I was totally wiped because of being out past my bedtime and having to take Ben into the city this morning. Comfy blue couch had my unwavering adoration for the afternoon until it was time to collect my boyses from school. NO SCHOOL tomorrow!!! Woohoo!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

SOX Simplified: 4 needles, top down

This is my idiot proof sock method that Barb helped me with by mentioning things I forget and trying to make it really complicated. Thanks Barb. I'm writing it down here so's I don't lose it and I worked it out so I don't need a pattern. As long as I remember the ratios and steps, I'll get a sock. ALL mistakes and wrong stuffs are mine. If you see a big glaring mistake, comment and I will edit. This formula assumes I have done my math to figure out how many stitches I need to make the sock fit the recipient in the yarn/needle combination I am using. The heel is a simple heel flap with no fanciness at all..plain ass stockingette.

CAST ON desired # of stitches making them divisible by 3 or 4 (depending on number of needles you are using (4 or 5) or ribbing you wanna work, GAUGE etc blah blah blah math )
KNIT leg as desired (ribbing, lacy, whatever) to length desired.
HEEL FLAP is half your stitches on one needle worked alone until number of rows equals 1/2 your number of stitches OR until it looks square. Always slip the first stitch of the row.

TURNING requires one to divide the heel stitches by 3. Knit or Purl (depending what side you are on) to the last 1/3 of the stiches, then k2to or p2to (depending which side of the work you are on)and TURN. Repeat. Continue this until you have no more row stitches to k or p 2to with.
GUSSET requires you to pick up and knit stitches along the side of the heel flap, knit across the stitches that were held in reserve while you worked the heel, then pick up and knit the other side of the heel. Knit one round with the number of stitches you now have. GUSSET decreases as follows Needle One: knit to last 3 st, K2to,k1, Needle 2 knit, Needle 3 K1,ssk, knit to end of needle. Next round knit all. Repeat until you are back to the # of cast on stitches.
FOOT is knit until it is the length of foot from heel to the base of the big toe.
TOE decreases same as gusset but on Needle two you k1,ssk, knit to last 3 stitches then k2to and k1. Continue all decreases every other round until you have 1/3 or 1/4 of your cast on number of stitches left (whatever as long as you can divide it by 2.) The smaller the number the pointier your sock toe. Put stitches evenly on two needles, graft or kitchener stitch the stitches to close up toe, finish off all ends and sock is done. Now make another one exactly the same way.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday Monday....

Yesterday I got my Mother's day gift early. WooHoo! A swift and a ball winder. Now all my unwound stash is wound up in lovely tidy center pull balls. Much less tangled.
Another beautiful day of sunshine and balmy temperatures. Tonight Cam and I took a bike ride to the park and around the neighborhood and it was just lovely. The birds are very very busy in this neighborhood wherever there are half decent trees.
My friend Nancy has quit her job at the salon and openned her own wee shop at home. She has the sink and everything. Very cool. Ben had his hair cut today and I made my pre Hawaii appointment for the 21st.
18 more sleeps til airplane time.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Its a lovely tell yer mother kind o'day!

I feel so much better except for an excess of mucus but hey! No pain, no fever, no "I think I am dying!". Definitely well-er. And about time too!!!!
I spent most of my day poking around in the gardens. I soaked newspapers in a bucket and laid them on the grass around my (small) Magnolia bush and then dumped bags of soil. Voila...flower bed. Eventually. I did the same thing in the Fall and planted's fun and games enlarged that. I woulda kept going but I ran outta newspaper. I have a vision for that front yard and grass is not part of it. I will keep picking away at it until all that is left is beds and path. mwahahahahahaha
Yesterday I planted the Wisteria and moved that shrub. Then we went to Canadian Tire and I got some fleabane (gets purply flowers) and beardtongue (has purply flowers) and a creeping thyme to do some ground coverage near the front walk. Eventually. Very small right now.
Today removed the rest of the fugly bushes in the back yard and PRESTO had a place for clematis..if i had some to plant. So, Ben and I went baaaaack to CT and got two to grow together and be friends. Duchess Of Edinburgh gets yellowy white double flowers and Ville De Lyon gets fabulous reddish pink single flowers. Won't they look stunning against brick?? Eventually?
I dug up my Blossomtime rose and moved it to this newly bush free zone as well. It kept getting broken by the dog last year so maybe it will have better success here.
Tomorrow I may get some strawberry plants and change the veggie beds to strawberry beds since I will be away and not here to tend vegetables. Just might be a plan. Also have more cone flowers to dig up and divide but nowhere to put all the cone flowers. needless to say, with all of these projects going on the back yard looks like shit!! LOL

Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday May ummmmm 4th..yeah thats it

The good news is that I kinda know what day it is!Woo Hoo I am feeling quite goodish this morning but for the cough (less painful but still gross) and congestion (More Allegra D please) and this bizarre series of sweats I keep breaking into. Seriously, who breaks into a SWEAT sitting in front of the computer...besides porno surfing pervs I mean. Although I WAS surfing yarn and knitting sites so maybe...just maybe...That my porn? Hmmm......
It is yet another GLORIOUS sunny day and I really must get out . I must plant poor Wisteria, which involve hauling out a spirea and relocating it before Wisteria can take its place. The relocation also involves hauling out some FUGLY ornamental grass clumps the previous owners had put in. I'm sure they served some designy feature but for me they just take up room that something pretty could have used. If I ge4t REALLY jiggy widit I may lay out lines in the grass for bed enlargements/enhancements. That may be way too ambitious though. I'm sweating again just typing about it.
I got the aquarium a new filter finally. An Aquaclear 30. Did a major cleaning too and poured the first bucket of fishy poo grossness on Ben's clematis. Its unfurled more leaves in gratitude. This resulted in about 1/3 to 1/2 water change so now that water in teh tank is less discoloured from the big driftwood log, which also got cleaned. The 2 loaches are very happy...or freaked out..its hard to tell but seriously, they are my favorites in this tank. They are cute, looking similar to clown fish, and they are zipping around all frisky and funny , up and down and all around. They make the Angel, Betta, and bushy nose look so boring and staid! Yesterdays aquarium housekeeping resulted also in me breaking the light fixture so I have a lamp shining in now.
So how about Grey's Anatomy last night? I'm not so sure I'll be tuning in to the Addison character's spin off...I dunno. Love some of the actors (Tim Daly is yummy as is Taye Diggs, holy moley) but the Addison of the spin off is, I dunno, a bit of a dink?? It was too Ally McBeal only in a medical center rather than a lawyer's office.
And what IS Derek's problem anyways????? Becoming seriously Less McDreamy with his whiney ass angst. Killing off Susan kinda sucked and how is Thatcher grey even capable of taking care of himself because every scene has him seeming somewhat retarded. I think it sucks that George is leaving. He was one of my favorites..... ARGH! I hate when they mess with me shows!!!!
Cinco De Mayo (did I spell that wrong?) is TOMORROW! Happy Belated Beltaine also, I have been very inobservant of the holy/holidays. Did nothing for Beltaine which sucks. There was a public ritual but we were too busy here for me to feel that i could just take off and go. Which is tupid...maybe I was just too tired or sick of the back biting on the community's e-list. Anyways, I stayed home.
So thats Friday in a nutshell. Betterish, sunny, gardening?, maybe some light grocery shopping.....
Have a margarita for me!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


I still feel bad. Body aching but that could be from lying in a prone position for the better part of two days. I have a dentist appointment today as does Cammie. His is actually an orthodontia consult. Yay! More retainers!
Nothing has been done except a book being read and about another inch on sock number 2. HM came to me last night and said there was a thing Friday night, did I want to go with him? UuuummmNO??!!! But you won't be sick by Friday....How does HE know?? I am horking up painful yuckiness and its an effort to get into a hot tub to ease the body chills and aches. And I have nothing to wear to a dinner dance charity thing and no way am I going shopping feeling like this. I don't even want to get dressed but the dentist office frowns on pjs and house coats. Bastards.
There is a big difference between when HE is sick and when I am sick. If he is actually sick enough, I take care of him. Fetch him things to make hime better like medicine and juice. This does NOT happen when I am sick. I am left to rot. Occassionally a poke (or stupid question) to see if I am still alive. Nothing fetched, no back rubs, no "There there", no "let me run you a hot bath".... Stupid man.
Its a lovely sunny day today. I want to garden but just looking at it makes me tired and wheezy. Oh my Gods...I am whining so MUCh. Time to stop because I am disgusting my self!!~

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I'm sick for real. It didn't "disappear" over night which sometimes happens with me. Tats ok though because I actually feel better now that its decided what to do. Chest, throat,ears..all irritated and phlegmy with a deeeeeep voice. LOL
Also, I feel better because my sister is back from her trip halfways around the globe(Maui and New Zealand)! She has been gone for two weeks and I felt like part of me was missing. Got new nails..gotta call Jessie..oops she's not home. Ben has a therapist..must call Jessie..oops she's not home...
Honestly I call her so much, her trip without the phone ringing was probably a HUGE relief for her. But I missed her SO MUCH!!!! Only 3 weeks until she is HERE in my home for 2 weeks. She arrives a few days before we leave for Maui and is staying to look after the kids and house while we are gone. Then she'll be here for a few days after we get back. Hopefully she will get to visit her friend Nathalie while she is here too which would be awesome for them.
I got to hear about how beautiful the weather was and the nice things she got and the fun she had and it was so excellent. sigh.
Also, I forgot to mention that this past Monday was my parent's 58th wedding anniversary. FIFTY EIGHTH!!!! Holy snap. I forgot to send a card but I did call.
Ben had a fairly good day at school yesterday. we are trying a new checklist system for him to keep his temper under control. He got 5 outta 6 yesterday which is great!! Yay Ben!
Thank you to picperfect for her well wishes about this virus. Its nice to hear from someone so far away! Ain't the 'net cool????

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Me am sick

Woke up fine. Spent morning as lazy slob as per usual. By lunch was starting to feel not right. this continued. I bought KFC for the kids for lunch because the very thought of preparing anything and facing the universal "I didn't want THAT" was just not good. Apres lunch I tried to look at trees at Rona. Could not get home to my big comfy couch fast enough. Crashed for nap and woke up worse. Throat, chest, nose...all feeling the onset of something. Went to pharmacy for zinc loz...losz...losengeses.
Pray i wake up tomorrow with it GONE. What mother has the time for illness??
What I learned from my compost tumbler today: HM is a dumbass. Oh wait I knew that already. But this is just another instance. I went outdoors, sick feeling and all, to dump out the contents of my tumbler (mother's day gift 2006 ) so that I could finally dump in the contents of my new to me compost bucket/pot thingy That I got at the comptoir for a buck. Someone had swept up firewood mess from the front stoop and put it IN THE TUMBLER!! Big freaking chunks of bark and wood and stuff. When my compost is DONE!!!? I am very very very not happy and am trying to train Monkey to pee in his shoes.
After picking out as much of the junk as possible/probable for me (not a whole lot), I ended up with THREE big buckets of compost. Sweet. My All that Jazz rose says thankee.
This years batch has commenced. Huzzah.


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One down.....

And one to go. The yarn is OnLine 6 ply on 3 mm needles. That pink colour is NOT pink..its a terracotta shade. Most of sock one was done in car while on trips.
I cannot get the Kitchener stitch toe graft right. Argh. Need a demonstration in person because instructions and diagrams are NOT cutting it.