Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Maui Baby

In May the company Husband Man works for is having an educational conference in Maui, Hawaii. This means that for the first time, I get to leave the continent. The only other "foreign" country I have been to is again, the uS when I was 12. Was in Maine. Thats IT! I am an untravelled person! Was never even on a plane until 2004 (December). The excitement of adventure is palpable. We now know when we need to be there and have to get our passports (again..a first for me). The conference commences on HM's birthday in late May and we are discussing if we can afford to fly in a couple of days early because, come on, when are we ever gonna be able to do this again??? This is very exciting.
Whats funny is that the middle sister in my family (there are 3 of us plus 2 brothers) decided a couple of weeks ago to take a trip with her friend to Jamaica in March. Then Eldest sister found out her husband qualified for a conference in New Zealand in April. Then we found out HM qualified for this conference in Hawaii in May.
There will be slide shows galore at the next family reunion I be thinkin!! And our poor mother's mind is BOGGLING at the thought of her globe trotting girls. BOGGLING I tell ya.
2007 is a crazy year this far! ;op
Ok..what else...
Made a cool eggy breakfast this morning: Amounts depend on # of people eating.....
Throw some spinach in a hot sprayed pan (over medium heat burner) with a teaspoon or so of water or after having rinsed it. Put the cover on. Wait a few seconds for the spinach to wilt . While waiting, get your beaten eggs ready. Then pour in eggs. Put the lid back on and get some smoked salmon and grated cheese. Put a bit of smoked salmon on the eggs and then some grated cheese. Then pepper it. You could have added salt to the eggs. I forgot to tell you that. Put the lid back on. for a minute or two until the cheese starts melting nicely. Then fold it over like an omelette. When you are sure the eggs are set, dig in.

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