Sunday, February 04, 2007

Get Your Sexy On........

The Sexy Beast has a neighbor in the kitchen. Tall dark and sexy. As yet unnamed but I keep singing "Sexy Back" whenever I get near it so maybe Dirty Babe. Cuz cappucino machines are messy little buggers, you know. All those spent grounds and hot steaming milky foam.

And here we have Dirty Babe with its admirers, the espresso and cappucino cups and saucers. They have scenes of Italy on them. If my grasp of Italian is correct, and we have every reason to believe it isn't, they are dishwasher safe.
The espresso was complimentary from the shop owner (Cafe Creme on Fleury) where we bought DB and the cups and the nifty shiny frothing pitcher and two cappucinos for the grown ups and treats for the boys. They have fantastic Italian kitchen gear, foodstuffs, and delicious espresso drinks. Take THAT Second Cup bitter-ass crappy cappucino. I spit on you and the need for about 3 sugars to make you palatable! Pitooie!!
I cannot wait to steam something...mwhahahahaha. Don't worry..I know what I am doing. Had a coffeeshop for almost two years, don't ya know. I'd have a cappu tonight but I forgot to buy decaf. :o( Maybe I have some in the cupboard, but its not gonna be as good at the Cafe Creme espresso. Maybe just a vanilla steamer tonight.
Also, we went to Chapters and Indigo for books and book orderings. I will have my Zimmerman books soon. To keep me busy I got a People magazine at Loblaws and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Knitting Rules at Chapters. So now I have two outta 4 of her books. # 4 is due out in March I think. She makes me laugh out loud because the little observations she has about yarn, knitting, people who knit, and obsessions with all things knitterly are SO accurate. And funny. Funny because they are TRUE.
Ben and Cameron (oh were so well behaved that they each got to pick out a book. Even though I hinted heavily at books without pictures, Ben chose a Yugi Oh book and Cameron wanted Pokemon, which made for the trip to Indigo since Chapters was out. These are manga type books. I so dislike them but if the boys read them, terrific. Former English major and teacher wanna -be here! Reading is GOOD boys! Read MORE! They can read in two languages, you know. I'm so proud. ;oD

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