Saturday, August 30, 2008


But not of the starship variety. No, my enterprise is much smaller but slightly lucrative just the same.
I sold 70 stitch markers to a yarn shop. Oh yes I did! I got paid in actual cashy money. I swear I got ever so giddy. And yes said shop will buy more. Xmas is coming you know and all knitters need their knit bling. The next batch must include smaller ones more friendly to lace knitting which involves small needles and wee wee wee small yarns so having something to clunky is awkward. Will head to bead shop tomorrow for inspiration. :oD
Today the boys were at a birthday party so Hman and I took advantage and left the premises sans enfants. Oooh it was a heady time I tell you! We went to the Marche 440 in Laval and went gormet foodie browsing and shopping. I saw the coolest olive oil from France. I wanted it because of the funky stoneware bottle it came in but managed to retrain myself.
In the farm market area outside were fruits and veghetables locally grown and beautiful to behold. I really should have taken a camera with me but when we left home it was destination Chapters...the market only came to mind while we were on the road.
We spent over two hours shopping and browsing the shops and stalls oohing and aaahhing over the local and imported delicacies (August strawberries! Who knew? And oh man they were better than the June ones)with noone bitching that they were bored/tired/thirsty/hungry/bored.
All in all a lovely day.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

6 random factoids

I was tagged. I refuse to tag anyone else because its annoying but my niece Teri just keeps tagging me. Unless she meant another Alison and then I just look like a dumb ass...more so than usual.

ONE! I can make fun of my self until the cows come home but when someone else makes a critical comment it hurts me very very much. I'm very sensitive with low self estee. Deal with it.

TWO! I have an incredibly short attention sp... Ooh shiny! (runs after shiny...)

Three! I'm more of an ideas person than a doings person. Doings is just usually too much work because I generally don't have the skillset to match my many brilliant and wonderful Ideas. Is there some way i could get pay for this because I have MANY ideas as day.

4thly! My dog has very bad farting issues today and is seriously gassing me out of the room.

5th! I love my kids desperatly but sometimes hate them almost as much. Like 30 minutes ago. Its a testament to my self control that I don't scream this at them (like I could have 30 minutes ago). Love them love them love them but lord tunderin' Jaysus they are annoying creatures.

6. I always wanted a little sister to dress up and be bestest friends with.

Don't you feel informed now? Don't you feel closer to me now? Huh? Huh?


I finally had a reply to my shrug issue queries and it turns out that what I am doing is just fine and what was intended by the pattern. WHEW! I feel so much better. Clarity is GOOD.
Hman had a meet with the vp of the boys school with regards to the situation on the last day of school. it turns out the bully isn't really a bully so much as a problem child with issues like Ben's and the two of them just fed off one another. As long as we can keep them separate I think it will be good. His parents apparently have very similar problems to ours regarding impulse control, temper, balancing medication etc with their boy. Now that we've been able to get some light shed on the whole situation and can work together as a team these guys should do much better at school socially and academically as well.
See? Its all about communication. :oD

Good and not so very....

Lets begin with the not so very good.....that way we can end with good and its more happy that way.
I sent my Secret Pal package out on Monday. I am waiting impatiently to hear its been recieved and its driving me crazy. I am never doing this again...its too excruciating. There has be no chatter on the discussion thread for a couple days or so and I feel like noone is still participating (THOUGH I KNOW THEY ARE!! just clarifying). I am way to impatient for this kind of thing it would appear and its making me very cranky.
The Mystery Shrug Knit Along is pissing me off. I am having issues with the second clue and not getting any clarification on the instructions from the hostess/designer and am feeling annoyed. I thought this would be a fun project and actually encouraged friends to join but now I am feeling like an unpaid test knitter finding obscurities in a pattern that at first glance seemed pretty clear and concise, and not getting the feedback I need to continue with the project. Another knitter also had issues with clue two and took steps that she felt appropriate to her. I don't feel comfortable with that. I want my shrug as I more or less saw it (I know I'm a semi cheater that its not SO mysterious for me) and just want the instructions/my issues resolved. If i must rip AGAIN, so be it but I don't feel comfortable continuing until I hear back.
Also, the 3rd clue has been delayed 2 weeks in a row. This for me is not a big deal (hello! Still grappling with clue two!) BUT as a host/designer, you have people hanging and waiting and to me that is unprofessional and not cool. Yes, we all know how life gets in the way. That is why you should have your ducks in a row before you start something. Suck it up, be a grown up, and deliver on your commitments.
Hmmm....ok...anything else in this category of "Not so good"? Nope I think not.
On to the Good!
School is into Day 3 and so far so great. Everyone is happy and cheery and positive. The bully is not in the same class AND went out of his way to apologise to Ben on the first day. Lets hope this positive beginning is carried through the year more so than in years past.
Both boys have their best school chums in their classes and Cammie even gets to sit with his. He reports that his teacher has even complimented he and his pal on what great students they are. :oD he promises that they are not goofing around and talking, but actually performed their work with very little chat.
The theme this year is Health both of self and the planet. This is a subject near and dear to me, as most know. Ben and Cameron found out from a schoolmate about deposit returnables (bottles and cans) as income. Back in NS one had to return bottles and cans to a recycling Depot. Here most grocery stores have these groovy machine/receptacles that you place your bottles and cans into, recieve a reciept and take that to the cashier for your cash. The guys are so excited about this idea (which somehow they never really considered before) that they are picking up any and all beverage cans and bottles they find on the way home from school. yesterday they eachj had found one, took it into the store and got their nickel each and an obbsession was born. Now Mommy and Daddy are donating all returnables to this money making / Earth saving cause (we were just recycling them NOT sorting out for returns except for beer bottles) to reinforce the whole idea with our support. If we have beverages in returnables while not together (aka at work or out with the knitters etc) the containers are brought home for the boys and I have suggested that Hman mention the kid's project at the office and maybe recieve bottles others may have thrown out in the trash. All proceeds are divided equally between the two kids.
Ideas explored in this exercise: Kids can generate their own cash if they try (beyond an allowance and chores), that picking up litter is good for the Earth and a responsible thing to do, that recycling is also a good way to care for the Earth, AND that even KIDS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, and that slowly but surely can build up to something (delayed gratification). Did I miss anything there? Best part, they came home with the idea and that makes it so much more exciting for them. I'm so proud and so touched and tickled by the whole thing, especially the excitement and cooperation and just the plain ol' cuteness of my guys. Nope no motherly pride and glowing here, eh??! LOL
I had a really nice evening with Tara last night as we were knitting in Laval (only attendees). I must say I have seen her "Sizzle" and its the shizzle!! Great coral red colour and really well done. Looks fantastic on her too. BooYah! And she's knitting the ver so lovely Nutkin socks in a fabu Autumnal colourway. Nice.
I am still on a stitch marker jag. The technique with tigertail beading wire and crimp beads (see Sticks and Strings podcast website for tutorial)is so much easier than wrestling with head pins etc to make a non adjustable loop. The tigertail is much more versatile with regard to what needle size you can use the markers with.
I like the stitchmarkers so much that I am making some earrings to match....LOL Purty!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Jemaine Clement of the 4th most popular folk parody group in New Zealand, Flight Of The Conchords, is the bomb. I adore him. Would it be wrong to admit he sometimes appear to me in dreams? Nothing nasty, per se......
Go here NOW! This is the "web sanctum" of his latest film character Dr Ronald Chevalier, a sci fi author. He has a video on "The Art Of Relaxating" to soothe your stress. heh heh
I cannot wait for this flick OR the second season of FOTC.

New favourite quote

I was over on the Yarn Harlot (link on sidebar) getting caught up in all things Harlotty and I came across a phrase I am smitten with.
If you don't know of the Yarn Harlot, she is Stephanie Pearl-MacPhee, knitter and writer. The woman is some serious funny and talented. Her blog is crazy popular and has been known to log comments in the hundreds and I believe even got into the thousands one time. SERIOUSLY!!!
Anyways, what with being a busy writer etc she has had to spend a fair amount of time away from her family and was making up for it this week. She returned to the computer to find her inbox had become...
"..a place crazier than a kindergarten yard growing candy trees... "
The imagery....the humour....I love it. You KNOW I will use it too don't you? snicker snicker snicker

Editted to add: Tara, I scored the coupon card in Canadian Living and Chatelaine magazines a couple weeks back.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh boy its back!
D*ck In a Box. My day is complete!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Day before....

Tomorrow the boys are back to school. So wierd to go back in August. I don't think I will ever get used to it.
Anyways, this morning Ben and I tackled some room cleaning in an effort to find a missing toy. We half filled a garbage bag with assorted broken ceap toys and crap that was taking up box and shelf space and organised some stuff, but no Bakugan to be found. the plus to all of this? His desk is cleared and ready for homework. We even emptied and vacuumed his desk drawer! there is still a bunch of stuff/crap to sort on the shelves of his desk but he now can find all of his books and has two fully functional if empty piggy banks again. That corner looks pretty damn good and I will give Hman the heads up to pay Ben a compliment for his hard work and ability to part with so much clutter.
I must take Cam out to shop for "indoor" sneakers for school. I got Ben's at the evil Walmart but they were a pretty nice and comfy shoe for an amazing price. I want Cam's to be the same (and while there I need to get some yellow glass beads) but in the other available colour. Then my back to school shopping is truly done until I go to get some new clothes for them but thats not until next week or so. I have two 20% off coupons for The Children's Place and will get the guys some new jeans and sweat shirts etc for the cool weather to replace out grown or ruined garments.
Last night we had some heat lightning with no audible thunder. Just plenty of distant flashes. That was enough for Blossom the idiot dog (who has gone fairly deaf so don't say she could hear thunder that we couldn't because she hardly hears anything now) to freak out when put outside for the bedtime pee session, break out of the backyard SOMEHOW!!? and take off runnin'. Hman came up to the bedroom storming about "your G$%#$%%ed dog is gone again" and how if she's gone thats it he is not paying to get her back from a shelter after the over 100 dollars spent when she pulled the same kind of thing last year. He ranted and raved and I got in the car and went dog trolling. I figured she would be pretty near since she didn't have much of a head start on me. After about 20 minutes or so I spotted her a couple of streets away near the park. Whew.
Stupid mutt.

Friday, August 22, 2008


I said Ben was so happy with his day camp and loved it? 'Member that? I really thought he was...he claimed to have fun and talked of a kid that he'd met last year who was there again, talked of his driving the ball far and sounded really happy.
Well, he is home with me today, the last day, because he didn't want to go. It would appear that the other kids in the group have been calling him names and punching him in the arm over and over. His asking the coach/counselor to stop them didn't produce any results worth discussing and the name calling etc continued.
He says he never threw any tantrums or anything to bring any of this on. With a kid like Ben you have to ask these things (What did you do to start all of this? Tantrums? Losing your temper with someone? Whining? Teasing?) but he says he never had one tantrum and didn't lose his temper with anyone before this started. They call him things like dirty little pig, dirty rat, a girl's name, and punch him in the arm repeatedly. The coach tells them to stop, they don't. No other action taken.
Am I pissed. Yes. Am I upset? Yes. Am I frustrated that my kid seems to attract bullies? Hell yes. The frustration is there more than anything because i wasn't there to witness anything and, my kid being the aggravating little guy he is, I must take his claims with a dose of salt. Even if he is aggravating does he deserve getting picked at all day? The coach should be enforcing his own authority over the group and making it (the name calling and arm punching) stop. For the price we paid for 5 days of golf instruction and fun, I expected better. We are not talking a cheap ass, run by unpaid teenage kids program here (like I worked at back in the day at the local Y).
I told Richard that if Ben was staying home with me all day, then HE must call the club and lodge a complaint. No "oh I forgot" etc until nothing can be done about it either.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

How did it get to be Thursday already???

The kids go back to school on Tuesday so this is officially the last week of summer vacation andnits almost OVER. Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
I don't have much of anything to write about. Went knitting last night, screwed up my cable band and had to rip it out. Made stitch markers...lot n lots of stitch markers. I just hope Ginette likes them enough for the shop. They are very pretty.
Made a yummy beef slow cooker meal yesterday (Ropa Viejo? I think...Its Cuban in origin) and guess what? There are leftovers.
I spent the military budget of a small country on school supplies (including some texts). Two fully loaded backpacks await Tuesday Morning.
Going out to Effiloche tomorrow night for knitting.
Daycamp update: This has been a great week for Cameron. It started off iffy...he didn't so much want to go, but today he got to try Epee instead of just doing Fleuret and he said " I really liked it...". HE REALLY LIKED IT!! Yay!! Cam has a sport! He really has a sport!! Fencing courses will continue this Autumn and after this week of mildly intensive practice and instruction he will be ready.
Ben's golf is still his favourite. He loves going to day camp at Quatre Domaines. I think this is his 3rd time out of the 4 summers we've lived here. Or maybe just the second and he went to a different one the summer before last....
Anyways, thats it from Chez Nous. Totally dull, non?

Sunday, August 17, 2008


The weather is very nice today! I had hoped to hop in the pool yesterday but the water has cooled to a nasty 22 celcius which, unless I am super overly warm, just will not do. I wish we had a heater even though its frivolous and energy wasteful...
Yesterday saw me in the veggie patch, still in my nightgown, and trying to pick tomatoes. I have Matt's Wild Cherry heirlooms this year and lets just say I will NOT plant them again. The two plants took over the garden area like something from a B movie ("It Came From the Garden"? "The VINE!"? "insert title of choice here") making harvest difficult (partially my fault for not trellising and pruning enough but holy shi& they went nuts!). The fruits are so small and delicate that red ones break on plucking forcing one to harvest at yellow stage to avoid mini explosions of seeds in one's night dress held like and apron. Even the weight of the other tiny 'maters was enough to make some crack open. They are a tad sweet for my tastes since I was hoping fopr a more intense flavour. I went back out after harvesting equipped with kitchen shears since I have misplace my secateurs, and started lopping vines regardless of their status (fruiting or non) just to make the area traversable.
Note to self: next year try bush or determinate plants.
We weeded the front jungle/flower garden too and Hman cut the lawn then went to hit some balls, leaving me with the kiddos who swiftly got on my PMSing nerves. I'm sorry but my boys are whiney cry babies that may never toughen up. Tiniest boo boos are not shrugged off like many kids do but are sources of hysteria. This at the ages of 9 and 11 with the 11 yr old being worst thanks to his immaturity (THANKS ALOT A.D.D.!!!). Anyways, with their bitchy sniping and squabbling they brought out the worst in my yesterday and last evening. They were permitted to have a friend over night though so I am not a total evil harpy. I just feel like one and sometimes behave like one. sigh.
I have no idea whats instore today. Maybe going out on the boat? I wouldn't mind a nap, I'll tell you.
Oh! Speaking of "In store"...thats what I will be, starting in October. My Tuesdays will be taken up with being a maintainence/stocking flunky at Effiloche. I'm very stoked. Come November, I am scheduled to be there on weekends as well to wind yarn for customers since the Xmas rush will be on. The pluses for me are numerous starting with being in proximity to yarny goodness for hours at a time, and also the situation FORCES my practicing and improving my Francais. Did I mention I'm stoked? I totally am. Thanks G!!!!!! to cook rice for little laryngitis boy.

Friday, August 15, 2008



Everyone Looooves Marineland

Fun and Excitement and then ZZZZZZZZZZZ

This was our trip to Niagara. My feet are still complaining and we could have used a couple more days just to chill out BUT quick and dirty has its merits (the kids don't have time to get bored and overly bitchy).
Niagara Falls during the day : WOW! OH MY GOD! How much???!
Marineland: WOW! Holy moley! Whee! Hahahahahahaha!! OH MY GOD!
Niagara By The Lake: Ooooh pretty. Mmm fudge...Ooooh pretty.
Niagara Falls at night: WOW! OH MY GOD! OOOOOH! PRETTY! Yay fireworks!
Clifton Hill Tourist area: Holy F#$! How much???! Holy S#&% look at that!!!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Its August

I feel like the summer is practically over. We have a few days in Niagara, then the guys have a 5 day stint of day camp and then BLAM! The 26th is here. This thoroughly sucks in the summer vacation books, going to school before Labour Day. I don't think I'll ever get used to it.
We have had a lot of rain too so my gardens look like jungles, the grass is crazy, and there have been no great hikes or bike rides etc etc. On the plus side, the whole area is lush and green in a way almost unheard of in August, when dried out patchy grasses and dusty looking trees are the norm. Everything is thriving.
I have been out of commision thanks to our computer being hit with a virus. It took days and days for Hman to fix and things are not the way they were so I am still getting used to having things in different places.
Today I am cranky as can be with vacation preparations. I thought I had plenty of clean clothes for the boys thanks to my marathon laundry duties this week but Cam managed to dirty up enough to screw up the packing so here I am on a Saturday night, doing laundry so I can finish up the suitcase. I now hate getting ready for camping trips. The whole chore of finding the gear that gets put away willy nilly and checking through stuffs to find whats missing...the whole idea of MEALS while camping with the picky eater of the family just makes me want to cry actually. I managed to stream line things a little this go around. Hman thinks one should be making eggs and bacon etc while I am dead set against it because of the dishes involved the morning...after a crappy nights sleep. I think he has seen the sense. Its cereal or a bagel for breakie for the next few days.
I'll just be glad when we get there.
Secret Pal Swap: I am pretty much finished with putting together my package. Ideally I'd like to make a few stitch markers and add some special candy or something.
I ripped out the cabled band I was making for the Mystery Shrug project. I'd made many mistakes. Its going better now but I am way behind since the second clue is now out and I am only fractionally through clue one. I don't think I am cut out for knit alongs.

Saturday, August 02, 2008


Twist Collective!!!! Check it out!

Friday, August 01, 2008


I spent the bulk of the afternoon out by the pool in the SUN which, for some one like me is not a wise move but how can something that is SO WRONG feel so right??? Now, I am itchy from the sun exposure and mildly radiating heat. I am my own nuclear reactor...
The kids however were VERY hard to pry out of the house. They went in the pool, got pissy with one another and then wen't back into the basement. No way was I going in. we ahve had quite a bit of rain and unsettled weather this summer so my usual indoorsy person has been wanting some sunlight. I lay back on a lounger type chair thingy with no know what I mean. they are adjustable to lay flat or gradually upright... Anyways, i mostly stayed upright working on the Mitred Mittens I am making For Ginette's shop.
Yesterday I abandoned my family to sit and knit at Effiloche. It was awesome. Dana and Ginette and I just hung out and chatted and knit. I got help with my provisional cast on and tried to start clue #1 for the Mystery shrug but was too distracted to follow the chart. I switched over to my mitred mitten in Paton's Classic Wool and G liked it so now I am knitting one in Berocco Jasper, and may I say Yowza! Thats some cushy, sexy feeling yarn. My complaint is that the skeins are quite small and pricey but the yarn feels soooo goood. The colour graduations are fairly subtle with the occassional loud colour to perk it up (in this colourway anyways). Oooh and G got in some yrn containing Bison fiber. Its from PEI ( I think) and there is this green that has this sheen and almost taffeta. From the silk content. Its Holy F#$%^ expensive but if you are a person who loves to knit crazy expensive lacy things, this is something for you to check out. You gotta see that green! LOL
So, yeah...not much has been done around here while I sunbathe, swim, and get my knit on. Oh, and had a couple of pina coladas. ( Those are sweeter than I remember. No more of them.)
Anyways, The house is starting to get shabby again and what does Hman spring on me? His brother is coming tomorrow. His brother who stated that since I don't go out to work that cleaning the house is my job. (TRUE kinda, but still....). Nice. When I threatened to tear Hman a new one for not tellinmg me earlier because I would have tidied and cleaned, he swore he'd do it tomorrow. Which I think is vaguely fair. After all I didn't see him cleaning out the garbage bin outside EVER!! which was my big gross chore of the day. Lotsa bleach and hosing... ugh...still gagging...
Its getting late so I'll take my big itchy self to bed and slap on some oatmeal moisturiser in an effort to soothe my sun ravaged hide.