Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Hat She Is Finished

Pay no attention to the nutjob grin on the model's face. He doesn't smile like that. He was being a pain in the arse because I interrupted his TV time.

I didn't fully line the hat because he wanted it done for today. It was amazingly easy to pick up and knit along the edge. If I do another for this guy in the picture, I will add about an inch to the total length/height of the hat because he's whining...I mean... he made the constructive criticism that it may ride up and uncover his ears. The lining goes about half way up so the ears have the double layer of protection. being wool it may stretch out and not do the riding up thing. We shall see because it gets its testing TODAY!

Instructions for hat based on Elizabeth Zimmerman's instructions:

For man's big melon, cast on 100 to 110 stitches (I used a hundred but could have used a few more ) in worsted wool on a 16 inch circular needle (4.5mm). (guage was 5 stitches to the inch but I estimated the sheer enormity of the time I will measure!!) Knit a tube. When its long enough decrease the tube by your favorite method..I started with a knit 20 k2together but switched to dpn 's after k3 k2tog for awhile and then k1 k2tog until I had maybe 20 or so stitches left. Next time I will knit until I think ready for the k3 k2tog. Then I cinched stitches tight with a darning needle and the wool, fastening to secure on the inside. The top of the hat is not a smooth fit but thats what I wanted..those folds/gathers can help with escaping body heat on the slopes.

Uncurling the cast on edge, I picked up and knit with an alternate color and kept going until about half way up. Cast off, fold where colors joined and secure on the inside. Make model put it on.

This hat has unlimited potential for easy breezy fun knitting with patterns and permutations galore. Goddess Bless Elizabeth Zimmerman!!!!


Anonymous said...

That hat is soooooo cool. You are going to have to make me one. I love the snowflake pattern in it and the colors are great.
Also, I would need one that is double thick because the wind blows through the hats I have and I get earaches.

Karine said...

The hat looks nice and warm... As for the two socks on two circs, I wouldn't mind showing you how, it's just that I don't go to Effiloché or the Sunday meetings. If you're willing to schlep to the Wendesday meets in NDG, I'll be more then happy to oblige. Karine

Vicky said...

Very nice hat...and the modle looks very happy, hehe!!!!

Scrappytbear said...

i love this hat! The goofy smile made me laugh :) love that too!