Monday, February 05, 2007

Here's something weird for ya........

I was in bed aroyund 3 AM this morning, sleeping, having dreams about goodness knows what. I do remember some knitting in the dream...Anyways, every once in awhile at one point I felt something poke me in the leg (don't be dirty, wasn't THAT). Just enough of a jab to disturb my sleep and change the dream. Teri said I must have a reset buttong in my leg.
Then it went from occassional jab to insitant. You know how kids start with And then get to Mom mom mom mom mom .. It was like that and the sensation was like a childs pointer finger poking my leg, trying to wake me up. But it WASN"T. The jabbing woke me enough to move my leg wheic meant I had to wake up enough to get comfortable again...and then I smelled it. Wood smoke...
I mumbled to Richard "I smell wood smoke.." which woke him enough that he got up to investigate because he smelled it too.
Here is our theory on why we got that strong scent of woodsmoke.......
Our airtight insert was running on low meaning the damper or draft or whatever its called was closed. During the night the temperature plummeted to minus 22 and because the stove wasn't burning hot, a cold pocket blocked the chimney from letting out the smoke which was not hot enough to push past. Smoke smell began to back up into the living room and come up vents into our bedroom, right above the stove. When Richard went downstairs he opened the draft and the door of the stove to blast some air into the fire box, get the fire burning for real and not just a smoulder and thus cleared the chimney cold air block. There was no visible smoke and the smoke alarms did not go off.
So who was poking me in my leg as I slept? Yes..common sense says it must have been a muscle spasm in that leg. But it didn't feel like one that I have ever had before. It felt like being poked not too gently by a finger or similar blunt intrument like a pencil (eraser end) or a very blunt large guage knitting needle..(I told you there was some dream knitting..). Very weird. Spooky even.

Cue Twilight Zone music here

Speaking of Knitting needles, I found instruction for how to make your own using wooden dowels and fimo clay at Glampyre. VERY COOL this is and may save me heaps of cash in the long run. I can also make DPNs! This will save money so I can invest in more circular needles and yarn. But first I have to finsh these socks for Richard.
Now I am watching You Are What You Eat. Holy smokes. Its British and aims to make the victim, I mean, person, eat healthier. They just examined what this girl was eating and there were NO vegetables in the run of a week and so much sugar even I felt sick. Also the chick was backed up, if you catch my drift, because of a lack of fiber and had to be sent for a colonic so that the health expert person on the show could examine the stool. EEEEEW. And they SHOWED IT. But I am learning some stuff. She weighs 16 the math.. and begins a detox diet now..This is really interesting. Gross but interesting.

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