Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Over on Thumper's Blog...

...I was reading about how there are a lot of homeless in her area and panhandlers. I read about how she trusts her gut instinct on who to give to. There are those looking for handout that don't really seem to need it as much as some others. It made me think about my own gut instincts regarding this subject.
HM gets pissy when I give money away, but I can't help myself sometimes. Even though sometimes there is more month than money in this house, we are NOT poor. We have lots to eat, bills are paid, house is warm, clothes are worn. We are rich in many ways if not financially. Do we have the right to hoard all our wealth (figuratively speaking)? When someone looks hungry and cold, should we just ignore them as if they are nothing?
There is the theory that the person you give to will just spend it on booze or drugs or smokes. Well, jeez if i was them I'd get high too!!! Holy crap..can you imagine being cold and hungry and dirty all the time? Ick!!! Altered state of reality PLEASE!! That said, the dirty bum stinking of alcohol, smoking a fag and also possibly reeking of his own pee, will not get my handout.
One night before French class I went to the Jean Coutou and grabbed a diet coke and a chocolate bar. Did I need them? No indeedy.
Outside was a man sitting on the sidewalk looking cold and hungry and tired asking for spare change. I was gonna walk on by because I had just spent my change and downtown has so many beggars etc.., but then I turned and gave him my chocolate bar. The look on his face was worth way more than that bar cost, thats for sure. Like the sun coming out from behind a cloud as he thanked me very very much. He got something sweet and I got that smile and a warm glow inside in return for that 2 for a dollar chocolate bar.
So my challenge to you, gentle swimmers, is to give. Give what you can when you can, but give. Remember always that but for the grace of the 'verse, go we.


Suldog said...

You're a good one, love.

MY WIFE and I will often offer our leftovers to someone who begs, if we're on the way home from a restaurant. Whether they accept or not tells you if they're just in it for money and aren't truly homeless or if they really need some food to stave off real starvation.

Whaledancer said...

Thanks Sully. Good on ya too, mate.