Thursday, February 01, 2007

February 1st..again

We got confirmation yesterday that Husband Man had earned us a trip to Hawaii for the big conference. Hawaii. Land of black sand beaches and bikinis. Me. In Hawaii. Are you seeing what I am seeing that is WRONG with this picture??:????
I am a white girl. Luminescent almost in areas where the sun hasn't been in awhile. Highly freckled everywhere else. Picture that on a black sand beach..I will be visible to satelites in space. In fact..I may garner attention from them as some sort of weird anomaly. "Whats that in Hawaii!? A large reflective surface appears to be positioned on a beach..Oh..wait.. Its just a fat white Canadian. Never mind."
Husband says at least he can't lose me on the beach since I will stand out so well agaist the sand. There is nothing I can do about being a fair skinned individual but being so fat is a whole nother thing.
The trip is in late May. It is now February first. This leaves me a whole bunch of days (you do the math..I am too stressed) to try and make a very bad physical situation less horrible. And PS: the no sugar thing died with my latest bout of PMS. I was doing good for awhile there and then I had to have cookies or ELSE. I also ate chip like snacks. But this is all just in the last 10 days.
It is a new day. A new month. A time for renewal.
I will stock up on salady stuffs, V8 juice, and frozen veggies. I must resist all things carby. Must resist!!!! And I must EXERCISE. Oh dear gods...this is gonna hurt. Out must come the elliptical trainer, the exercise dvds, and my sneakers. And..the scale. Yes..even the scale must come out.. and then go away again.
Be patient with this current obsession. I am trying to save my own life here.


Suldog said...

Oh, screw the Hawaiians. If they can't see your inner beauty, why do you care what they think?

Whaledancer said...

Aww Sul. You are just so danged sweet.

Scrappytbear said...

Good luck with the reshaping thing! I hope you find some success! You aren't THAT white you know. There are loads of freckles colouring you all up!

Oh HEY! Knit yourself a bikini! OR if you need more sun coverage, knit that horsey sweater!