Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stolen from Jess Who stole it from Catharine...

Your RockStar name (first pet and street you live on): Ratsook Lacasse
Your MovieStar name( maternal grandmother/grandfather's name and favorite candy): Etta Toffifay
Your Fly name (first initial of first name and first two or three of middle name):
A Gra
Your detective name (favorite color and animal): Purple Cat
Your soap opera name( Middle name and town where you were born): Grace New-Glasgow
Your Star Wars name( first three letters of your last name,first two letters of your name, and first two letters of mother's maiden name): Proalpo
SuperHero name("The" favorite color and drink): The Green Cola
8. NASCAR NAME: (the first name of both your grandfathers)John Raymond
9. FUTURISTIC NAME: (the name of your favorite perfume/cologne and the name of your favorite shoes)Shalimar Flipflop
10.WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother/father’s middle name and the next name you hear on the tv/radio/talk) Thorne Pink

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'll tell ya what I want what I reallyreally want........

I wanna go back to sleep.
This whole back to school thing is wreaking havok with my mood because of getting up early. Those who know me know that I am NOT a morning person. I am more of a noon, afternoon kinda gal. My preferable waking time is somewhere in the 10 to 11:30 ish range. 7 AM sucks the big one. All griping aside, I think that the new hours for the afternoon at school rock because I have more nap time. One might say "What??". I won't go back to bed in the AM for fear of not waking in time to fetch the guys for lunch . Morning is spent in a dozy coffee slurping fog of internet and chores. I will dress (shower optional) and go get the wee men for lunch, returning them to school for 1 PM. Then...yes...THEN..I will snuggle up on the sofa with my afghan and possibly a cat or three and snooze delightedly until the bus brings mes enfants home near 4 PM. Have I told of my love affair with the Ikea sofa? No? Perhaps another time.
Ok, so I checked the Concordia site again for continuing Ed which for some reason on previous visits made little sense (not enough coffee? too many distractions?). It MADE sense this time and I printed off the registration stuff for part time french conversation. I'm hoping for the Tuesday and Thursday evening class....mornings are bad (see above). Plus for me to get downtown for a 9 AM class from Terrebonne? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA...yeah right. Registration is tomorrow evening. i could wait for a later class (december, january) but Richard thinks I should strike while my determination is hot or I won't go. That has some sense.
On Dooce she was talking about not being able to go to the bathroom alone since her child was born. It got me to thinking, all moms go through this and if you have more than one child the phenomenon lasts even longer. My kids are 9 and 7 1/2 and unless the door is shut tight, and possibly locked and barricaded, they will walk right in and stand there talking to me or watching whatevers going on. My screeches for privacy get met with giggles and chantings of London and France and underpants or questions about why mommy wears a diaper (from which came the explanation of the uterus and its functioning). My kids may not recognize my need for privacy but by Gods they are educated. And possibly scarred for life.

Monday, August 28, 2006

So Much For French Class

I went to Montreal to take a French clss but it turns out the information given to me was WRONG, despite my having asked clarifying questions regarding placement etc. ARGH.
It turns out the French Conversation course was a Level 3 class (again, I ASKED about levels etc) and I am a level two if you don't ask me to conjugate any verbs. I was so pissed off because I arranged my day etc and was arranging my schedule for classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. Right now there is NO level 2 class because of not enough students, and when they are held it will be Tuesdays and Thursdays.
I'm feeling very grumbly and will be checking again with Concordia and Universite De Montreal. Hopefully I'll get through this time.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday Rainy Sunday

Its cold. Its rainy. School starts tomorrow. Lets the dirges begin.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Totally Tired

I was gonna entitle this entry Totally Pooped but then folk might have been turned off thinking it was about bowel movements or something ("got up this morning and went to the toilet and totally pooped"). How gross would that be?
Rest assured I am only tired as a day at La Ronde standing in line after line after line can make a fat out of shape mother. Oy! My feet were sore and my leg aching when I got home, got the kids into bed, popped some Advil and CRASHED hard. I love my bed. If it was a man I'd marry it and never stray. Ever.
So this morning my loving spouse WOKE ME UP and announced we are not going camping today. That was the plan..camping at Lac Du Pins and tomorrow we'd go to Parc Safari. He feels its too much to deal with so no camping but we'll still go to Parc Safari. I don't know whether I am disappointed or not. I like the campfire and star gazing of camping. The bored kids I could do without. We don't have pals with kids to camp with here so the kids are stuck with us. And when you find a really good campground with friendly folks and friendly children its a real pleasure. We thoroughly enjoyed Risser's earlier this summer. The kids made friends on the beach with other camping kids and could play and bike etc. We enjoyed the beach and quiet nature of the area. I would gladly spend a week there. Or at least more than 2 nights.
Richard is stressed at work again. Some cases he was hoping would go smooth are not so much and his dreams for next years major dream purchase is iffy. It sounds so stupd in print and whiney that I can't type it in. Its just so ridiculous that sympathy would not be forthcoming and in sight of this weeks edict to only spend money on groceries (guess who overspent this pay??) it sounds even more ridiculous...going broke to buy something so luxurious. Uggh. I'm even a bit disgusted with us. Stupid spenders. BooHoo we are not rich...but we will spend like we are. Someone kick us please.
So....the count down is on to Monday..SCHOOL. Its really coming. I hope the kids enjoy their year. And make friends close to home so they feel less isolated Ben has a girl from his class just 3 houses away but she's a girl and I think goes to day care so that hasn't worked out. Not to mention I suggest going to the park or biking and get a resounding "Noooooooooo". What is up with that?
They are over to Mathieu's for birthday party today. They went early to play with him before hand. It was a last minute thing so I had no gift bought but I guess thats ok.
Time to go make like I'm useful. ugh

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Can you say "Law Suit Nation"?

Ok...I'm watching the news and here's a story that makes me wish I could kick asses. This guy thought he won the lottery. He checked his numbers in the Gazettes summary page and it turns out that they were the wrong numbers(Gazette says "sorry, human error, very sorry"). On another page , the page with lottery details and the disclaimer that one should check with Lotto Quebec before quitting your job and mooning your boss, were the correct numbers but the guy didn't check there, went to the dep and fopund out he is still not rich, and now is suing The Gazette because he can't recover from the shock and disappointment that he is, in fact, not a winner. So..he is suing the paper because he is a LOSER.
I'm a loser too...who can I sue????????

Monday, August 21, 2006

Bad word

The word to strike terror into the hearts of housecleaners evrywhere. The lurking prescence that..well..lurks and creeps up unexpectedly on even the cleanest homes.
The word, my friends, is MILDEW.
Thats right. Mildew, that rotten motherfucker, has invaded my family room and I am sincerely pissed off. I spent the day in intimate company with Bleach, Lysol and Febreeze (My homegirls) and we kicked Mildew's ass. But, as you know, he always finds his way back.
Withe this summer's humidity and going away a bit, I didn't notice the smell or marks on the wals and base boards. It seems to be only the North end of the basement but thats where our guests sleep so it makes it even more imperative to get rid of it. I scrubbed at mildewed areas with bleach, stripped the bed and washed the frame etc, sprayed the matress with Lysol then later again with febreeze just in case there was a smell of staleness or mildew. I washed the floor with bleach too. What we need to keep this from happening again is a dehumidfier. Its on the list of must gets. Because of the humidity the laminate floor down here buckled too. Its settled back down but I feel awful about the mildew thing. My house may not be the tidiest but it does get cleaned and having that creeping blotchy mess is not only gross but a health hazard if it gets too crazy. Not on my watch!! I opened up a couple more windows for more air flow too and to vent the noxious chlorine fumes and over abundance of Lysol smell. I need help with the computer desk...I want to make sure there is none behind it before I quit.
Nasty nasty nasty. At least its all fresh and disinfected for Joyce to stay over Wednesday night. I'll check it all again before Jessie and Harvey arrive late in September too.
This week is insane. We go to La Ronde Thursday and go camping Friday. Joyce is here Wednesday night. School starts Monday. I need another week just to be ready for it. The school shopping is done and all but where did the summer go?????? It seems like all I did was laundry!? Just one more week, Ma! I wanna have some fun!
I contacted a french course and will sit in on a class Monday night (Too soon!). Its also a Monday and Wednesday night class, reasonable price, and a 60 hour duration. For another $60 I get lab access for practice with the Rosetta Stone software but I gots my own Rosetta Stone program, eh?...its called my family. Maybe they'll help me practice.
I feel like hyper ventilating just thinking about it all. School..gasp..class..homework fights...wheeze...lunches...gak.... Gimme a bag...I need a paper baaaaaaaagggg! whoopwheeze..............

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Crazy People

What is with some folk?
I was just on Dooce and she gets hate mail for her blog...what the fuck? Its a great blog, full of momness (I know, not a real word but its what I mean so deal.) and hilarity. If someone chooses to write something in their diary, and have ads on the side so she can make a few buck, why the hell does someone have to make negative comments? I'm glad, nay, THRILLED when someone drops in here once in a blue to say "hi, glad you're alive". Imagine if someone came to your blog and said something hateful. Geez louise..these people need to get a life..or a gun and eat it. (Ohhh..that was nasty.)
Away with the crazy people and let us all live in peace , love , and grooviness. With a cherry on top.

Today was rainy and a dreary. Went grocery shopping with Ben. He's such a cool kid. Great helper. We celebrated groceries by having fries on the drive home. I bought a Pink panther movie for Richard. His favorite one "The Pink Panther Strikes Again". It really is the funniest of all.
Ooh and happy news, my sister told me that she and her hubby will make the trip and stay with us for a night. This will be the first family to visit from my side. Yay!
School commences in one week. I am pricing and searching French courses. University Montreal has one two evenings a week and ends in November. I have to call tomorrow. I MUST get a grip on the whole French thing or I will lose my fucking mind. This has to take precidence this Fall, much as it pains me. Its just too damned hard to live here without it, what with dealing with a French school and a very French community and forget having a job if you are anglophone.
I sent An Autumn Lullaby to Susan in Winnipeg to see if she and Jacinthe can come up with a melody. She said she likes the lyric...isn't that nice?? I love sincere compliments! More please. I should buckle down and write more. haven't written a song in almost two years. How awful. we are all up to date. Nighty night.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Beowulf and Grendel

We watched this tonight and while its wasn't action packed or wordy , it was a good film. It makes one think a bit too. I felt sorry for Grendel, whom noone but the local seeress understands. Poor troll.
The film was well shot, scenery was spectacular in a rocky windswept way. I recommend it!
Also, on the case it says its just in french but its not. This means I didn't have to sit through subtitles on an English language film that had been dubbed in French. I was a mite tetchy on that point. :o)
Accents were sometimes very hard to decipher and why may I ask does everyone have an Irish or thick English accent when they were supposed to be Danes and Geats? Oy! Whats up with that?? Why, when a character is supposedly French or Spanish etc, does that character end up played with an English accent of some sort? Are the actors not talented in accents or didn't have time to train in the accent their character would have had? Can we realise now in the 21st Century that a film about anyone other than North Americans does NOT need to have British and associated accents involved to illustrate the characters differentbness. I think we could handle an Icelandic accent, or Norwegian or SOMETHING other than British Isles. I felt like I should be watching Rob Roy or Braveheart or something rather than Beowulf and Grendel.
I think we are all secure enough and astute enough, as film viewers, to handle other accents now. We're ready. At least I am.
Movie review and rant Fini! :oP

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Just remembered....

I was just over on Cute Overload for my usual dose of extreme cuteness. One picture with captions has me chuckling big time.
Ok..back on topic..CO reminded me of a close encounter with nature we had eeaaaaarrrllly Sunday morning. Richard woke up thinking he heard something in our trash. He was right. A skunk had trashed our trash! Of course I had to watch his fluffiness at work and man, they are one funny critter. They always seem drunk to me. Wobblin' around like they do.
So, stinky is making out with the garbage and discovers...the bean can. Oh joy oh bliss, baked beean can covered in sauce on the inside nyum nyum nyum. Head goes in..can't get out. ROFL. Poor little fuzzer was staggering around with a can for a head. He did get it off very quickly so he wasn't tortured or anything. But oh it was cuteness to the nth while it lasted.
Thinking about it later I came up with something that would make a great live action or animated scene if I could make movies.
We come upon Stinky Stinkerson as he rummages in the garbages. He's having a happy ol' time and gets his head caught in a can of beans. Along comes Rocky Raccoon and Sinky's tail goes up 'Who goes there!!!?" "Whoa! Stand down there,Soldier, its just me!!!" You can use whatever voices you want..I have them sounding like back woods hillbillies, myself. ;oP
Trust my head it was funnnnneeeee! But then again...many things are.


I got this from Autumn's blog and it sounded fun. Grab the book closest to you right now and:
1) Turn to page 123
2) Skip the first 5 sentences.
3) Record sentences 6 through nine in your blog.

No searching for a cool book or anything. The book nearest your hands this very second is the only book you use.
The book closest to me was one of Richard's actually. The Legend Of Huma (Dragonlance Saga Heroes Volume one) byRichard A. Knaak.
"Huma brought his mount to a halt, then turned it. The two guardsmen still riding charged him from two sides, their intent to cross him up. The rider to Huma's rightswung a mean blow with his sword, and the rider to the left followed withanother an eyeblink later."
L'Equipeur had an awesome sale today. I got a tweed like jumper, a cool striped turtlneck, and two 3/4 sleeved tops, $4.99 each!! The regular price of the jumper was $39. heeheehee. I'll go back tomorrow and see if theres a jumper in my sister's size. The selection was great but not many things in my size. You have to love the end of season sale's eh?? There were skirts and pants etc too. I will wear my salt and pepper tweed jumper with a black turtle neck this winter.
That is all.

Feeling Crafty

But in a good way, not crafty as in sneaky. After our trip in July I began making a pair of Lovikka mittens. I haven't knit on it in a almost two weeks but will get back at it. This trip found me bringing home a sweet book on kids quilts and stuff (like a bean bag!) Its a really nice book and explains applique pretty well etc. Man, I wish I had a stitch and bitch group to get together with. That would be nice, sitting and crafting projects in the company of others for an hour or two.
Anyways, I have the crafty urge to work on my mittens, buy yarn, and plan a quilt even though mine still isn't finished. This winter it WILL be done.
Ben was feeling poorly this morning...sort of threw up but then felt better. Its a gorgeous day...we MUST get out.

Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm Baaaaaaack

You know, it takes time AWAY from your home for you to really appreciate your comfort level in that home.
The past week was spent in Nova Scotia again but get this! i only got about 2 hours of beach time in. That so sucks. I spent time with my folks and visited my aunt and an old friend whose dad is ailing. This wa sgreat. My folks, I am sorry to say, are really becoming frail and elderly. I worry because there is noone there to make sure Mom eats regularly and with some variety and nutrition (Cup of Soup??NOT a meal). I got a wee bit of time with my big sister between visits. I went from my parents to my friend Julie's place. This is possibly the friend I have the greatest comfort level with. Nothin' like sitting in your jammies sipping coffee until 2 in the afternoon discussing affairs of the heart, state, gardens, and lipsticks...oh and home reno's. LOL We cover a lot of ground and have more than a couple giggles along the way. Bless you, Jules.
Then it was off to M's. This was not as easy. I love her very much but she's not an easy person. There is a lot going on with her and she's drained so I was hoping to be of some support or help but I don't think I was at all. She's a very serious and literal person which is great but can be wearing.
I ended up leaving Nova Scotia early (by a day) in order to meet my men at the camp ground in Notre Dame Du Lac. Camp fires, shooting stars, rain and my guys. Oh, and a skunk tore apart our trash! LOL It got its head stuck in a can from baked beans and wobbled about a bit until he managed to get it off. Too funny.
We got back last evening around supper time and after quick unpacking etc off we went to Chateau De La Lune for their buffet. Oh so good!!!! YUMMY! This was to celebrate my return home. Isn't that sweet?
Today it was laundry and bathrooms and napping. Oh its good to be back in my domain. except for the laundry and bathrooms.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Thoughts and Ponderings..........

Flipping through channels this morning brought me to the World Vision thing on TV. A few years ago I arrived home from church to Richard saying"I've adopted a child!" as I came in the door. "What the fuck?" was my response.
Turns our he had called in to sponsor a child. Lourda is her name. She lives outside Port Au Prince in Haiti. When I buy school supplies or clothes for my kids I think of her and wish I could fill a box with goodies for her and her friends but that is something that is not allowed by World Vision. They have these little gifty things on occassion but they are suchcrap that we don't buy into it ( cheesy little beach ball). Iwant to send her cool stuff like paper and markers or crayons.
World Vision has a cool catalogue that you can make a gift from though. Supplies for growing food, chickens for eggs and meat, goats for milk and meat, etc etc . This year I think we should make a gift and give our family cards that say instead of something they won't bother with we've sent a gift to improve the lives of a family in their names.
I leave for Nova Scotia tomorrow. Time to pack. Last night I had yet another tidal wave dream..again we weren't hurt and were left to wonder at Nature's might and mercy. It wasn't that huge a wave this go round but still dangerous. I wish I knew exactly why I have these dreams. It was a new one too...I was playing beach volley ball (what the fuck??) on this tiny beach full of people and there were buildings ffor services the beach staff people provided. For some reason there was a very tall dune/hill in the middle of the beach and we were all told to climb to higher ground for safety. Ever try to climb a dune? Sand is not conducive to easy climbing . I was trying to find the boys...where were my babies?? Someone had put them in PFDs and they were safe in one of the building and on the beach far from the dune which was the focal point for the wave. This is all I really remember. Also the big wave building off shore as big white crests and the wave building up up up from that. Very strange and kinda scary. This is the first one in a while.
I thought before that Shekinah was trying to get my attention as my Matron. I have been lapsed in my studies and not been practicing any sort of regular observance. Maybe I am being told to step it up a bit...but how and why? Any thoughts folks?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Its Too Darn hot..just too damn hot....

I will be neither cooin' nor pitchin' woo with anyone or anything unless there is a major change in the weather. Last night was the humungous thunderstorm that ended up killing two people. I have never ever seen lightning the likes of last nights! It just never quit!! Constant flashing in the clouds and huge flashes that lit the neighborhood like fluorescent lights. And the bolts were some of the biggest I have ever seen. Unbelievable.
And after all that we had no relief from the heat and humidity AAAAANNNNDDD were without power for approxiamately 16 or 17 hours. maybe more. I dunno...The boys and I left home today in order to escape the sticky heat and returned home around 5pm to a house with power again. we cruised the mall a bit and then went to Laval to catch an afternoon movie if possible. The Ant Bully. Cute.
Clair De Lune at the mall has a big sale on seasonal type candles and stuff. I got a set of 4 glasses in a green amber colour for 5 bucks. Bye bye plastic cups from the theater kids combos. I got to thinking though...what a great time to pick up little gifts for Christmas and birthdays. i know some people do this all the time and it makes terrific sense. Some of the little candles and holders and stuffs were as little as $3 and not bad looking. Lets face it...come Christmas the big money is spent in your house hold (husband and kids) and everyone else gets a little token something to celebrate the season. Or say it a sister or friend's you go out and plunk down 50 bucks on something or just give a little gift to show your affection and make note that they were born? Get me? I am thinking that next pay day its Christmas shopping time. Same with that store Arlene' neices go crazy for that crap!! So, when gorly stuff goes on sale I need to stock up.
I picked up a belated wedding shower gift for my nephew and his bride to be. A "tart" or "oil" burner. It was marked down to $9.99 and came in a variety of colors with coordinating wax"tarts". the one I chose was an ivory color (go with any decor) and the fragrance of the tart was "Love and Tenderness". How perfect for a wedding! I also grabbed a tart called "Wedding Day" to go in there too. I am quite pleased with my purchase! The wedding is Labor Day weekend and I will be missing it. I must check their registry to pick out a good gift. I cannot believe my l'il Ricky is grown up enough to get married. His bride is a sweetie.
Anyways, its been a wild 24 hours.