Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Been awhile

I have been a tad busy and thought I had nothing to write.
But I was WRONG!!
Busy-ness breeds stuffs to blah blah about here on the blah-g so blah blah I shall. Cuz its my blah-g.

Starting in no particular order:
There was a water spout touch down in Montreal which is a kind of Holy F$ck kinda thingy. See video here> .
That night, after the water spout that I had no knowledge of at the time, I was on a dinner cruise of the port. Yes, my husband took me into teeny tornado territory which again proves that he is trying to kill me ( I have a list of foiled "attempts"!!). I'm kidding. OR AMM I???
The dinner cruise was way more fun than I expected of a business function because A) there were more people than I expected and B) there was alcohol. I lost my voice too. Too much chatter over large noise. Wore my high wedge sandals too and had sore feet next day. Was much much fun.
THURSDAY: My friend J and C came over to knit eat and swim. We ate and talked. No knitting ensued because we were too busy noshing of yummies the gals prepared and no swimming happened because of crappy weather. But it was fun and we SHALL do it again as often as the chickies want. HINT HINT!
Friday: I went to Effilochee for some much needed chillin' with yarn fumes. J and C met up with me there and it was fun to sit and knit with Baby Ginette and Daniel and talk about everything under the sun. janet was our DJ for the evening after being shown how to work the store's Mac. Many '80's and obscure music requests. Fun and funny.
Weekend: I painted my front door with Ben while Hman and Cam were at the Rodgers Cup. Finished and dyed Xmas Instant Mittens pair #3. I "heart" instant mittens.
Monday: I painted my door again and tried real hard not to kill people.
Tuesday was fabulous weather and the kids were awesome and I was muuuuuch nicer to everyone. I cast on my first ever Mitered Mitten and cracked the code on the defunct baby booty that I kept screwing up over and over again due to my own stupidity. Yay me!
Today: Its HOT! I have vacuumed the pool already since Hman didn't have time this AM, due to leaving for Qc City at 6 AM. "Thats no excuse." he was informed last night. And then we laughed as if I was joking....better than divorce non?
Today' agenda is laying by the pool and in the pool and maybe clearing up the kitchen and knitting by the pool. The kids are donning swim gear as we speak so I guess its time to go.....

Friday, July 25, 2008

A Mommying OOPS!

The kids have been at Tennis day camp all week which on the first day was hard on me but now I wish they'd just stay there.
Cameron has a problem with some kid. He says the kid mocks him..say the kids says he smells (Mommy I Took A Shower Last night!!! said Cameron mightily offended), barges in on C when he's getting changed to try and embarrass him, etc etc. I said that this kid obviously had issues and was just trying to get him going and not to let it get to him too much because jackasses abound in this mortal coil. So far Cameron says he has not retaliated. I said maybe he should. Sometimes irritating people can benefit from a good ol dose of sarcastic rejoinder no? To which I introduced the Jimmy Buffet song " Were You Born An Asshole?"
Mistake. Because when I came up with this brilliant response to his antagonist, I didn't edit it for juniors. We have since changed the song to "Were You Born A Butthead?" but really, the damage has been done.
Yet again, I strike out as a Good Mommy. As a slightly mischievous and malevolent Mommy I'm pretty great I think...but as a GOOD Mommy? I suck. And now I have Jimmy Buffett singing in my head ALL DAY LONG!!!

I think its an apt punishment for my crime, don't you?

Monday, July 21, 2008


Boredboredboredbored whats that smell? boredboredbored.......


I signed on for my first ever knit along (KAL)which is also my first ever Mystery knit. The sweeties at Sweet Paprika Designs, Deborah in particular, are "hosting" this project. Deb designed a shrug and doles out the pattern "clues" one at a time until you end up with a finished object and go "Oh wow! So thats what I have been knitting!". All we know is that its a shrug, nothing else. (except i have seen the shrug and love it).
Friday I got my first "clue" and it was for working out how much DK weight yarn I will need to knit for my size. I did all the measuring and followed Deborah's brilliant formula and came up with a (large) number of how many yards of DK yarn I need.
The problem is that I am on a yarn fast and don't want to BUY yarn. I have made it a mission to knit FROM STASH ONLY until Rhinebeck..well Spain actually and then Rhinebeck. I thought that this KAL would be a great way to use up more stash!!
WRONG!!!! If I was (much)thinner it would be great but as it stands right now the only yarn that I have enough yardage of is an Aran weight that is much heavier and not at all complimentary to the project. Am I pissed off? Why yes I am thank you!!
Because of my shoddy yarn shopping skills ( a skein here, a skein there...) I can't knit this project from stash and will have to buy the yarn. ARGH!! I am so mad at myself!!!!!!!
I hereby vow that I will buy delicious yarns in larger more useable quantities from now on. I so vow!!!! No more "ooh its so pretty but pricey so I'll only buy one or two...enough for a hat maybe...". I won't get caught so short handed again.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I don't know WHAT possessed me and made me highlight my hair but the situation has been rectified. Brown I am and brown I'll stay...for now.
I got a hair cut at a place I have never been. My Nancy was too booked up and my alternative stylist as well. This meant someone new....sigh.
Its only hair and it grows back.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Wednesday night I went out knitting and scored a wicked cool green combination yarn. Thanks Josiane!!!!!!! Now if you could maybe remember what it is...? I could do a flame test I suppose, to check for wool fibers etc but i hate to waste an inch of such great yarn. I also cast on my second pair of xmas mittens and am almost done the second now. LOVING instant mittens. Very productive knitting.
This week has been pretty tame. I took the kids to Center de Nature in Laval on Tuesday and we had a really fun time exploring.
Tonight I took myself to the movies alone and saw Get Smart. Love Steve Carell. He's the best. The Rock was very funny in his role as Agent 23. LOVED the tech nerds Bruce and LLoyd...there is a dvd out of them and now I must rent it. A sequel with be sweet because Himie was introduced right at the end (Patrick Warburton...yum!).
Before going out I highlighted my hair. It looks ....okay.. I think.
I have done worse. Tomorrow I am getting a trim so that may help things and ease the bushyness from the damaged ends. I jusrt wanted a bit of a sun kissed look and I think its alright. We'll see if I get openly mocked when friend see it.

Monday, July 14, 2008


You know yours are really good when you wake up your sleeping partner with your "sleep laughing".
And no, this is not the first time this has happened. I'm just lucky that way I guess. :oD
Unfortunately for Hman.......heh heh heh.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oh they did have SOME fun.....

DETAILS: was a beeeeeyooootiful Saturday afternoon. Seriously gorgeous with LOW humidity but HOT. We spent it in the pool goofing around and I also sat in the shade working on mitten #2 of red instant mitts. Then around 4 we decided to head for the boat and see what the wind was like.
It was good! Not too little a wind but we could have used a pinch more. Lac Deux Montagnes gets VERY choppy in big wind and its not a fun leisure sail. We had some chop both natural and asshole...I mean powerboat..sourced. Again thanks to over zealous large powerboats speeding by our wee sail boat I almost fell in. Grrr...
The breeze was heavenly on our hot selves and the sun was bright in the western sky when we started out. The moon had risen and appeared to be made of the same cirrus type high clouds that we were finding shapes in (rooster on an island, beautiful lady, laughing worm...). MANY boats on the water both sail and motor and big power boats. Lots of traffic.
I saw two huge pike jump. I am serious, these bastards were enormous for lake fish (to my eyes). At least the length of my arm for the smaller of the two and when they jumped it was clear out of the water, into the air, and back down sideways like when whales breach. Very cool but made me mildly nervous for the safety of our toes hanging over the bow to get splashed by waves. Pike are toothy bitey fishies.
The sun was going down when we turned back. I think we docked around 8 pm or so. Once we were back in our "parking spot" at the club we headed homeward, stopping at the Mike's on St Martin, Laval for supper because I had a massive craving for spaghetti and meatballs caused by repeatedly singing "On Top Of Spaghetti" with Cameron and Ben on the way back to shore. Mmmmspaghetti and meatballs....
Today, being Sunday, it is rainy and hot. Fitting non?

Sailing Sailing....Who Enjoys It More?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday recap

I had the bestest day. I really did. At 4 pm my fabulous babysitter arrived and I hit the road to St Hubert street. Plaza St Hubert is closed to traffic for a BIG sidewalk sale and boy was it a party! Music, sales, food, people...! It was fab. I bought high wedge heeled strappy sandals. Aerosoles so they are actually fairly comfortable.
But I had a mission...I was to meet Janet, Caroline, and Anna at Chaton Beads( )to pick out Swarovski crystal beads from their fantastic array of colours. Then we moseyed to C and M Textiles for some heavy silk fabric for Janet to line an lovely crochet bag.
THEN we sauntered south on St Hubert, back to the closed off portion (Plaza) and arrived at Effiloche. Ginette had one of the knit lounge sofas out on the sidewalk with some chairs and a table for snacks and drinks so knit night was a fresh air wonderful experience! Janet made my crystal pendant for me since I am all thumbs and will supply me with a pattern to make more. I LOVE it. So sparkly. Daniel sacrificed some heavy silver embroidery thread for me to wear it right away. Ginette was full of hugs and looked FABULOUS. She's been working out at the gym and running and good googly moogly ( its paying off in spades and abs!!! I am way jealous and proud of her.
THEN I left and met Hman at the theater for a movie. You know the one...the one with my boyfriend AND my girlfriend. Oh to be the center of a sexy sandwich with James MmmMmmmMmmMcAvoy and Angelina Jolie. They were HOT and it was a very actiony movie (Wanted) with never a dull minute.
Altogether a fantastic and fun filled Friday!!!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

In which we are meellltiiinng

Its very humid Chez Nous. We had rain through the night that cooled the air imperceptibly but the humidity is stil high and makes for a very drippy me. Yesterdays hotness was very much improved by staying in the pool as much as my day allowed.
Blossom was beautified beyond recognition at the groomers yesterday. I really need to keep her shaved I think. She's so sleek and stink free and when you pet her you don't come away thinking you now need a shower to get all the dog hair and dogginess off. Now we can't stop petting her and she's in heaven. 45$ well spent. I asked the groomer to use the Natural Concepts oatmeal bodywash I brought for bathing Blossom. Its the only thing I have found that doesn't make her flaky doggy skin worse, including some pricy oatmeal dog shampoos. Its a buck a bottle at the Dollarama and is great (for people AND dogs!!!) and the groomer liked it too. Pictures will come when I get around to it.
Tonight is Laval Knits night and I am so looking forward to it. My night OFF!!! WooHooo. I'm going to cast on another pair of Instant Mittens, now for Christmas girly gifts so maybe there will be clown coloured mohair...or sparkly yarn....

Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday mania

Photo from Club Scott website.
It is the Monday after a weekend away and we all know what that means. LAUNDRY! Lots'n'lots of laundry. (I have NO clean shorts. >:o( )
And pool vacuuming. And house de-griming because it was mildly neglected during the pre weekend preparations. I did however strip off the couch and wash all the covers. Mmmmmmm fresh and clean.
Today I took Blossom, our shaggy deaf dog, to the groomers. Unfortunately her appointment is for tomorrow.
Why yes I am an idiot thank you very much. She remains shaggy for another day and counts herself lucky.
The fishing trip was lovely if not packed with fish. We came home with two wee trout that would have been better left in the lakes. Nice expensive trouts. We also saw beavers. I got a souvenir ball cap with the outfitter's logo on it as a momento of our first family fishing trip.
The weeds in the garden decided to go into growth overdrive over those two days but it is VERY hot today in my yard so I may wait until evening for pulling them. That and until I find my gloves because I keep getting a dermatitis from some of the weeds sap.
I did accomplish one thing while away. I finished a pair of Instant Mittens. Then I gave them away. Thus I have no proof so you just have to take my word for it. I am very pleased with myself. A whole functional pair of mittens. I will use the pattern again but it makes fairly small mittens so I need to up the cast on numbers by at least 4 OR increase by 4 after the wrist ribbing. The pattern designer must have slim hands.
Anyways,I am tired, hot, and hungry. Typical Monday afternoon, non?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wednesday's Thoughts

I want...with a basket.

Discovered that mystery bug in house is a variety of assassin bug. Am now afraid for my life. Also afraid of bugs and so doubly afraid.
Does my fondness for funny/witty/profound bumper stickers make me tacky?
Mojitos are good.
Will I ever complete a pair of fully functional mittens?

Deep huh? Thats me. Deep waters run still. Because ,you see, to run actively makes me sore and sweaty.
Todays plans: take bike to repair shop because I can't get the bike I want SO BAD!!! Also buy more rum and some limes (see above Mojito comment). Tonight is knitting in NDG so I will get out of the house for awhile to chat with other humans of the non-male persuasion that actually sometimes find me and interesting conversationalist. And never do I have to order them to put on some friggin' pants.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I am out by the pool in the low humidity sunshine, slathered with SPF 50. Possibly with something mildly alcoholic near by.
Hope your day is just a terriffic!!!!