Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Tis a day of monsters, mayhem, and mad sugar rushes. Enjoy!

Monday, October 30, 2006

I Miss You (one month missing)

Freckles was 10 years old in August.

Another day

Funny how they keep happening. The kids have only been home 10 minutes and they are already at it. Its always either one doing something to the other (real or imagined) or they are NOT eating what I have prepared for the meal.
This is not unusual. This is life with kids for many people. I am just bloody sick of it and there is no way out except waiting. There are wonderful things about life with children but its hard for me to see them these days when every shriek, whine, "Mommy!" makes me cringe.
Life is taking on a boring sameness. I hardly even go out anymore. Richard even suggested a movie Saturday night and I could not be bothered to make the effort. I sleep, I eat, I wait for the day to be over so I can escape it again in sleep.
I did get ready to go in for my volunteer shift today. I made it out to the bank machine for parking money only to discover that an extra mortgage payment came out and we were over drawn (we don't have an overdraft, btw). So..no money for parking...no money for gas. I came back home, waited for the store to open so I could phone in. Then I changed my clothes and crawled back into bed. I'd even put on make up. See? Why bother.
Later this afternoon, I took the dog for a walk just to get out. Fresh air and sunshine is good for you! It was a gorgeous day, thats for sure. The sun was shining and it wasn't terribly cold. Blossom thoroughly enjoyed the stroll. It was good to see her padding along with her ears all pricked up, taking an interest in the sights and smells of Autumn. At least someone was.
I take Ben to see a doctor at the CLSC on Friday. Maybe I will ask her about upping my meds or changing them. Something is just not right and its getting harder and harder to deal with it

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday night

It was a week of illness. And it doesn't seem to be ending. I literally spent the entire afternoon in bed. Sleeping. Like a frikkin' rock. I was stuffy headed and sore eyed for the morning and finally gave it up around 12:30. Yesterday I slept the morning away on the sofa and then the afternoon as well. Last night I was in bed before midnight and had no trouble sleeping at all. Tonight? We shall see. I do feel better than I did this morning though.
Acne too. I am plagued with the acne. It could be worse I know but its like my skin is NEVER clear.
All this need for sleep is a bit worrisome. My energy level is zip and was before I got sick as you know from reading here. I love sleep but this is getting silly.
Losses of the week: Jess lost Moushie, and my nephew and his lovely wife discovered that their expected baby wasn't. There is nothing in the sac! I found out last night before I mailed a funny little gift Thank Gods. I have spoken a bit to my sister and she's pretty sad at losing a grandbaby. I feel for Vick. To be expecting a longed for baby, going through all the symptoms etc and then finding out there is nothing there. Which is worse? Miscarriage or no carriage?? I don't know since I never had this kind of thing happen.
Now the kids are fighting. Over nothing. Yay.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Bloggers beware

Apparently, someone absconded with pictures of sweetney.com's daughter that were on flickr and doctored them in an abusive way. This has caused a great deal of anguish on the part of the childs mother of course and is a warning to all that even innocent pictures can be fodder for a freak.
Sad sad sad sad.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Night

I'm home from class. Nothing on TV. Richard is watching "Deal or No Deal" a game show for the mentally retarded (in my opinion). Its truly the MOST annoying and stupid show EVER. He and the kids enjoy it very much.
Feel my pain.....feel it.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sweat, chill sweat, chill

Sweat! Is it the virus trying to escape or WHAT!? I break out into a sweat and have to remove my sweater. Then I get chilly and have to put my sweater back on. Grrrrrrrrr. Right now I am drenched because I got all crazy and vacuumed the foot of dust from under the beds upstairs. Holy dustbunnies, Batman! I grabbed a towel and am trying to stop sweating and watch the first 20 minutes of the View. Feel kinda wobbly too. How weird is that?
I may need another shower before this day is done. This will go great with the 3 hot hot hot baths I had yesterday trying to chase away bouts of chills. Who's a prune? I'm a prune!
I don't know why but I totally want to wash down my bedroom and maybe rearrange it. It could use it no doubt! Base boards etc hold onto the dust even with vaccuuming. It would make it smell nice too. I stripped my bed yesterday and Ben's today. I will get to Cameron's before the day is out. Yup, nothing like:
Clean sheets and a sooooooolid alibi. Yup.

Wonder Drug....

Last night I bypassed the Sudafed and grabbed good ol' Allegra D which is what I take during hayfever season. An hour or so later I was breathing freely. Mwhahahahahaha. But I couldn't sleep very well. Every little noise seems to wake me up because I don't have Sir Snoresalot in bed next to me drowning out the nighttime noises of Cameron flopping around in his noisy ass bunk bed, and traffic outside our home. That and having the flu makes me have to pee alot apparently. Who knew?
Yesterday I recieved a Mary Kay catalogue from my niece for Richard to order things for my birthday and Christmas. Lovely stuff that Mary Kay. Once you use it its hard to go back to other products. I want the Timewise cleanser for sure! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! I hate having to take numerous steps in my skin care (Thats any steps over the number two). Timewise cleans, exfoliates, and tones all in one product. Then slap on some moisturiser and you are good to go. Unless you are fussier than I and want to add on eye cream, lip stuff, and sunscreen. Not me. I will forget to use them (as time has proven). I am interested also in the weekly Microdermabrasion stuff too. Anything to help this face. My crinkles are becomeing crevasses and I have a full set of luggage under my eyes. Don't get me started on the adult acne!!!!!! ARGH! Lip lines now! Can you believe it?? When the hell did they show up??? And the forehead..or as I like to call it, my washboard. Because of the deep lines..get it? Ok..not my best stuff.
Am I panicking because birthday #39 is looming in a month or so? Ummmm..... no I don't think so. Frankly, I'm amazed I'm still here! Every so often I start out on a skin care regimen and if it lasts any length of time, its a wonder. Good old forgetful me. But I know Mary Kay products are worth the money. The old face is getting to reflect my tiredness, so I'll start treating it a bit better.
39......last step before 40. Will I freak out next year? I don't know. The only time I ever freaked about my age was when I got the math wrong and thought I missed a year.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Just sick enough.......

.........to feel like a big sack of rancid poo. Eyes hurt, body aches, headaches, chills, some congestion in the head, and scratchy throat and chest. Nothing major, just enough feel crappy and sad. A restless night was had and Ben woke me for real at about 6:30. I got up, got the fire going again (everything is so damp!) and got Cammie some breakfast since Ben had done his. Then I snuck upstairs for a hot soak in the tub until 7:30ish to get warm.
Cameron and I started battling the snot monster with a vengeance yesterday. I got him some Dimetapp, extra strength, zinc/vitamin C lozenges, and nasal spray (saline). Mwahahahahahaha. Take that clogged nose. We spray his nose, wait a few seconds and then he blows for all he's worth. Yes! He can finally blow his nose. He has never been able to coordinate everything before and get the nose blown. Then we repeat the saline spray and blow again. His comments? "Wow! My node id empty!" and "Oooh..my ear popped!" The kid is a walking Snot Head! He says he's feeling a bit better now that he can blow. Less pressure in that noggin.
And then there was me this morning. Light hurt my eyes even when they were closed so I went back to my bed, blinds drawn and snoozed for another hour or so after the boys were gone. I had started the coffeee and popped Sudafed and Advil. I woke still headachey so I took more Advil and drank coffee. Headache mostly gone. Perhaps a caffeine withdrawal more than sinuses. I didn't have any yesterday really (one cup of chai doesn't count in my intake requirements). Coffee is soooooo my friend. I have the whole pot to myself, and if I don't crash after lunch I'm gonna fold the mondo amounts of clean laundry I have waiting, and disinfect the bathrooms. Yeah! Caffeine!
Benoit is showing signs that his Concerta dosage is not high enough. He has been on the 18 mg dosage (lowest) for almost two years and in the last month has been showing signs its just not helping much anymore. I called MCH again today and hopefully they will get back to me ( the Attention Deficit Clinic). We have an appointment with a CLSC doctor next week but I really don't hold much hope for that.
I am so tired of running into the brick wall of needing family doctor before we can see a pediatrician ... we haven't been able to find a GP that is taking new patients AND speaks english. The CLSC has been no help beyond giving me phone numbers and addresses of local clinics which have yielded zippo. This morning as I was dealing with some rude folk on the phone I was near tears. What am I going to have to do? Fly home for dr's appointments??????
My last PAP was abnormal and I needed to see a Gyno. All was deemed fine but that was two or three years ago. Abnormalcies need to be kept watch over more regularly that that but since I can't find a GP, what am I to do? I'll ask the DR next week when Ben has his appointment. Maybe they do them at the CLSC but truly, I am uncomfortable with that and fear that I will just fall through the cracks if there is a problem again, since its not our family doctor.
Frustration frustration frustration.
But my coffee is helping.

Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell....

.. and so is Cameron. He has had this sniffly minor cough thing going for about three weeks. THREE! Today he actually slept in until 10 to 8. I let him. I figured he needed it and decided I was keeping him home today to lay on the couch and/or sleep. He says his neck, legs, and eyes hurt and his nose is still stuffy. He is cheery though and ate toast and some scrambled eggs for breakfast. Just finished a cereal bar and grapes too. See? Not at deaths door by any stretch, but run down from this niggling not quite sick-ness.
As for me..my throat hurts up into my ear and I'm feeling a bit scratchy in the chest. Hot drinks and vitamins for all! I made chai for Cameron, sweetened with honey( for its throat soothing properties), now hopefully he will actually drink it. I don't hold any great hopes. I have another Inuit blend from the Northern Delights brand in my mug. Its called Labrador. I like it better than the Ground Juniper. Kinda like mint tea but richer.
Bye for now from The Home Of The Unwellingtons.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Aaaaalll Byyy Myseeeeelf...

I wanna be..aaaalll byyy myyyyself.
These kids have me near mental since 7ish this morning. Bicker bicker bicker wake me up play tv too loud. Dammmit!!!!!!! Grrrrr. I ranted at husband to go kill them and bury them in the back yard. He laughed at me. I raved and bitched and he giggled and said he loved that even in my despair, I am funny. Go me. Rah.
He is off to the wild and woolly streets of Toronto until Wednesday. He...left...me...with...THEM!! This could be problematic.
** running footsteps sound in the background behind my screams and fade into the distance as I run for the asylum**
We bought puzzles at Zellers today. Folks, nOW is the time to stock up on this years jigsaw puzzles. The selection is GOOD and the prices not insane. Ben got a 500 and a 1000 piece puzzles. Cammie got 2 100 piece puzzles. I sent them to their territories whilst I made supper, to chill and work quietly on their puzzles. Peace...blessed peace. Now they are chattering and bickering etc while Ben is working at his puzzle (500 piecer) of a tiger.
Lately i do not want to socialize much . I just want to sleep or shop. Or EAT. Is it the approach of winter and our gray weather lately? Is the cloud of depression always on the horizon, now over my head requiring more milligrams of Paxil? I just want to pull the covers over my head and be taken out when its all over. How sucky is that?
Maybe I'm just cranky. And no, it is not PMS.
I tried calling a friend but friend didn't sound very thrilled with life either and was kinda short and cranky. Maybe was a bad time to call, maybe she herself is starting to sink again.
We had a big frost last night...brrrrr. The Shoo Fly Plants gave it up. What a mess. They have been gamely blooming right up to now but the freeze was hard enough to wilt their leaves and make them really quite icky to look at. Same with the morning glories (also known as the Morning Glories That Consumed My Lamp Post!!) So the shoofly plants came out and the 'glories were yanked, torn, cursed at and finally cut away from the post and yanked out. There were maybe 20-30 pounds of vines from 3 plants!! Many many many seeds were dropped and threaten the existance of the neighborhood next year. We shall see what spring brings in the way of rampant volunteer seedlings.
I need pie.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saw Open Season Tonight...(spoilers)

...and near wet my pants laughing!! In my opinion it was way better than Over The Hedge. The humor was deviant enough to get my youngest and I laughing, there were no "dead" spots where you get bored because the action or plot has withered away, the characters were cute, the voices were fine, and the animation was superb.
My movie meter for animated animal based flicks give this baby a 4 outta 5.
Who doesn't love Scottish accented tough talkin' squirrels, Patrick Warburton as ANY character (in this case the top buck, Ian), toilet and/or poop humor ( the bear can't S#*! in the woods), and a parody of Teddy Bear's Picnic? All in ONE film. I thought Cameron was going to pass out from laughing and even Ben enjoyed it. And to think I didn't want to go!! Boy was I off base. Its not Nemo (could anything equal Nemo??) but it beats Hoodwinked, The Wild, and Over The Hedge. I say its equal with Madagascar for me.

These are the lyrics I found for Elliot's version of Teddy Bear's Picnic:
Once there was a magical elf who lived in a rainbow tree.
He lived downstairs from a flatulent dwarf who constantly had to pee.
One day the elf could take it no more so he went to bandg on the rude dwarf's door,
And what do you know they suddenly both were marrried!

Yes, I know. It makes no sense but once you hear the line about the dwarf you are laughing too loud to hear the rest. I hope Cammie didn't rupture his spleen from his giggles. Poor family next to us. Poor poor family......

Friday, October 20, 2006

Five and 5

My niece tagged me for this: Name 5 five related things about me and then list 5 wierd things about me.

1) Ben was supposed to born in May..the 5th month... but labor was induced early due to complications.
2) At one point I had 5 cats when a stray took up residence in the barn for a couple of weeks.
3) I am the youngest of 5 children.
4) my husband and I met 15 years ago which is 3 times five
5) I have 5 nephews

Five Wierd things about me:

1)Listening to people chew grosses me out. Sometimes I have to go eat by myself rather than sit with my family.
2) Though I try to be a relaxed person I am actually very jumpy..my husband startles me often bad enough for me to scream, which then makes him jump and yell, and then we are both pissed off because HE startled me. He needs to be louder when he walks, the fairy footed freak.
3)I love to learn but hate going to school and doing homework.
4)I have fallen down stairs because I thought I could fly/float ( i was very young)
5) I have had nightmares about my teeth falling out.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesdays..rainy rainy Wednesdays....

My throat is scratchy. I'm either catching whatever Cameron has been toying with for 2 weeks or I accidentally inhaled too much powdery stuff from the bath soak powder I'm making. REALLY! Its bath powder, not some other white powder!!
When I shake the container some powder escapes and I may have inhaled it. So now I am having an herbal tea with hunny to soothe my throat, and jumpin's its some good. Its one of the Northern Delights Inuit inspired tisanes, Arctic Blend. I got the sampler box again because I couldn't remember which ones I liked best so the box comes with all 5. Arctic Blend is a winner.
The bath soak... to sell at the Yule Fair or give as gifts. Nathlie offered to soplit her table with me since I offered to help her man it. I said no because I don't want to compete with her stuffs (hello!? No competition..her stuffs rock hard!!) but now I'm thinking hmmmmm.... How much would I need to make, what would I charge? hmmm. Can't leave it to the last moment either. I am hoping to go to the gem show and get stuff for making wands . Maybe I could sell those as well since that was my original plan. I haven't debarked (unbarked? skinned?) the sticks yet either.
Man am I lazy!!

This is a rock.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Its cloudyish and chilly and I have class tonight. The drive into the city lies in wait ahead of me like a big turd on the lawn of my day. Nuff said.
Yesterday in the city was quite nice. I didn't manage to get to the herb shop or the yarn shop. I had the Echo so my maps were not there when I needed them. Dang. I didn't have to go to Scarlet's AND Richard was going to pick up the boys from service de garde so I had absolute freedom for the afternoon!! I coulda stayed out til after bedtime if I wanted! So I browsed Librarie Astro for books and..went home. Whats up with that!!? I got hungry and tired and wanted my sofa. zzzz I didn't actually get to nap because the man came home and started cooking supper but after I picked up the kids for him I ditched every one for a hot bath and bed with books. I took a break to go online for awhile but then went back to bed. I am so dull.
Gotta do laundry and homework. Want to go back to bed just thinking about it.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Is Adam Beach delicious or WHAT???

What an amazing looking man and terrific Canadian actor!! I hope he makes it into more major films.
I first noticed him in Dance Me Outside . He played Frank Fencepost, a not too bright guy. This is based on the WP Kinsella books which I devoured a few years ago. He really brought Frank to life. When The Rez was on CBC someone else played Frank and it just was not as good so I didn't watch after the fiorst couple of episodes.
I HIGHLY recommend you read Kinsella's books recounting the fictitious mischiefs of Frank and Silas. Then see Dance Me Outside. You will laugh and you will cry.
And adore Adam Beach.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

New Do

It looks better in person..really! Tres Cool...for me anyways.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Its Friday..*party music plays in background*

I love the weekend. No school to get the kids ready for. No homework to nag at them about. I can ditch the kids with their Dad. HA! Freedom of Friday I feel your power!! woohoo.
I literally slept yesterday away. It was a sucky day and I was feeling drained. Went back to bed in the morning, showered, got kids for lunch, took them back and curled up on the sofa for more zzzz's. Went to bed before 11 pm and slept well all night. Cameron woke me at 6 with a cough. I rubbed the relief remedy on his chest, throat, and under his nose. He likes the smell he says. :oD Then I got him half a spoonful of Fir Honey (from Intermiel) for his throat clearing type cough. He felt fine by 8. I have been up since. Way chilly this morning!!!!! So I made a fire in the woodstove to kick the chill from the house. Mmmmmmmm. Nothing like DRY wood for a fire. Our wood always gets damp and this mornings fire was with wood thats been in the box since last spring...LOL. Nice and dry. Burned niiiiice.
I ripped out Cameron's hat yesterday too and restarted it. Going MUCH better this time. After that its new slippers for Ben, then more hats of a different pattern.
Anyhoo..thats about it for this place. I'm rested, the sun is shining. What could be better? Maybe some shopping..................... ;>)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I am chilly. Its rainy and dreary out and I just want to wrap up in a blanky and sleep the day away. But I haven't.
The chimney cleaning guys were here. It costs twice as much here to get our chimney cleaned. Oy! But they did a lovely job and were very sweet. Apparently the chimney was very dirty. Maybe it will draw better this year.
I made Cold Relief Balm. Olive oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, and essential oils of Cajeput, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary. Its for rubbing on the chest, throat, or nose when you have a cold. Shouldn't give that burny cold feeling like Vicks. I rubbed some under my nose as a test for irritation. No skin irritation and my nasal passages are clearer...LOL. Guess it works. Cammie has been suffering with a sniffly something for days. This may give some night time relief so he can sleep better.
Made a hair appointment for Saturday. I need a trim.
Mailed Jessie's birthday present scarf. Its early but I wrote on the package to leave until her birthday. Will she listen?? I'm betting yes. She will be so tickled because it matches her hat. She sent a nice card to thank us for having them visit. HELLO!?? I'm so thankful someone came to visit! I miss my family a lot, wackos that they are. An example:
Mom: Kenny called last Tuesday to wish me happy birthday.
Me (sarcastically): phhbbt..yeah... in OCTOBER! Couldn't even get the right month! (this is me proving what a good child I am as opposed to the sibs..lol)
Mom: No it wasn't! (always defending her brood)
Me: When did he call again?
Mom: Only a week late!
Me: Hello?! You're birthday was the 25th...so he called in October!!!
Mom: Wha..? Oh...thats right too...I wasn't thinking.
Me: All the time with the not thinkin'!!!
And then we laugh and laugh.... and she tells me to pound sand and that I'm as bad a tease as Ian, my brother.
I am a horrid torment to my mother. A) Because I can , and B) I think she likes it. Gives her something to gripe about.
Yup...goin' to Hell.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The new Color...

Richard took so long to snap this I started contemplating snappin' him. You can see it in the desperate look in my eyes "Take the #$%^ picture already. How long do you think I can look pleasant??!"

This is me taking my own picture with a phone. Bed head and not enough coffee. But it shows the red nice..It really is THAT red. I don't think my face is always that red though...is it??

aaaaw maaaaannnn!

So I washed Ben's slippers to felt them..... they are now very very tiny. They felted real good. Maybe will fit a 3 year old or 5 yr old now. Dang it.
Back to the needles!


We had a lovely weekend all things considered. Saturday was a bit "nenh" for me but Sunday and Monday were afternoons of gardening. aaaahhh...once again its the seasons for moving things around and planting stuffs. The heat of summer is NOT a good time for that. Now that temps are cooler, and moisture is a tad more reliable, tis the time. The suffering hydrangea standard was moved after we(Richard) dug out the spireas from the front of the porch. I don't know why but I am not a goldflame spirea fan. There were 3 crowded together to give a full lush look but I just don't like them, so out they came. Mwahahahahahaha. The hydrangea had been planted under the big tree and it was being strangled to death by the roots of said tree. This was my second growing season of watching the poor thing suffer so it took the vacated spot that had been Spireaville. This just openned up that bed so wonderfully!! Lotsa water (can you say dry as dust??) and compost plus a bit of a pruning later, it looks ok there. Hope it wasn't too late. The dead wisteria was ripped out and an offending spirea stuck there, another where the Hydrangea had been and the third in another spot under The Big Tree. My southernwood plant was moved also because it was crowding a rose and the rhododendron, as was Ben's Golden Marguerite. So now G.M is on the other side of the garden in a spot it can take over if it wants, and the southernwood moved over about a foot or so to fill in where G.M has been and give the other bushes some breathing space. Also moved daisies and astilbes. Whatever landscape company the previous owners used should really be shot. The design was great but their work was not. The garden soil they used had little if any moisture retention and many plants just seemed to be living a slow lingering death. Who plants hostas where they will be dry as a desert?? Who puts stuff under a tree with such an agressive root system??? grrr. All style, no substance.
Ugh..Anyways,, when when my hole digger (husband), soil mixer (9 yr old), and I were done, things looked good and many many many spring bulbs were planted in every front bed (except under Killer Tree). Bulbs: Dutch Master daffs, Blue something or other Tulips, Shirley tulips, Remembrance crocus, and Chiondoxa (blue ones and pink ones). Let me do the math here......ummm...ok lost myself after 76...lemme think..ok..124..I think. Ooh ooh and in digging a spot where I moved a tea rose to, I found my "June Lilies". These are a June flowering narcissus that were rescued from an old homestead's foundation located in a field in NS. No idea how old or how long they were there but the only things left of said home were the foundation and the old well. Every year these darlings came up amongst the grasses and weeds so they were relocated to some gardens where they'd be appreciated. I brought mine with me when we moved but they didn't bloom this year!! Turns out I planted them waaaaay too deep. I worry that where I have put them might be too dry in the hot months so must keep an eye on them. This still isn't all the movings we did! I think betwixt Sunday and Monday we did about 7 hours of gardening and only the bulbs were"new" plant additions.
Yesterday I was bored after all our gardening adventures and while we were at the drug store I bought a hair color. B'bye blondishness. I was just tired of it after a year plus the upkeep is expensive. This always happens! Richard was all"Why bother dying it if you are just going back to brown? Why not go red?"..and "Everytime you dye your hair it turns orange." Ok...those were orange incidents were accidents!! That was me trying to Lighten my color. This time I wanted something darker. So I got a Color Spa in a dark auburn and ooo la la. i am NOT orange but very very red. When I was all done and blown dry I called richard to view it outdoors in natural light. he couldn't stop giggling. Hello? Thats not a good reaction!! "Its just so..so..different..and adventurous!" he gasped in his own defense. And he couldn't stop looking at it from different anglgles..and touching it. So the verdict was that he likes it. Once he stopped giggling. In a nice way.
Made an awesome apple pie for dessert: take your usuall apple pie recipe, add some cream to which you have added vanilla and some liquer (in this case Amarula). Then I brushed the crust with left over cream mixture and sprinkled with sugar before baking. Oh...My..Gods.. delish. You must try it.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


What a week! Freckles still hasn't returned and I think we have to accept that she isn't coming home. However, I will light a brown candle (Scarlet's suggestion) to call her home. I posted 11 posters in the neighborhood (on mail box units) on Thursday morning so many folk should be able to read that she's gone and if anyone knows where she is, can call us. So far, no calls that we have been here to recieve.
Yesterday was the last day of Marla's visit. She arrived Tuesday afternoon after driving from Nova Scotia. Tuesday night i dragged her into Montreal while I was in class so that she could browse Chapters etc. Thursday night I did the same thing but she went to Melange (at my suggestion) and thats where I found her after 8 PM. She bought goodies for the kids and herself. Then we shopped on St Catherine's St. until we were hungry for our supper and zipped home. Friday (yesterday) was a gorgeous day so we went to Dorwin Falls for a hike. Marla, Richard (took a day off), Cameron and his buddy Mathieu (annoying kid from next door), and I had a fantastic time hiking, playing, soaking up Nature's calming vibe, sketching, getting wet crossing to the island and admiring everything including 2 beaver dams. (well, we didn't all play and sketch but you get the idea..everyone enjoyed themselves) Home for food and rest and after I picked Ben up from service de garde, Marla got ready and hit the road for NS.
Mathieu is not such a bad kid. Yes he gets on my nerves and yes he and Benoit just cannot get along for any extended period of time BUT he and Cameron get along fabulously and have a great time together. He was awesome on our outing and he and Cammie thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I'm glad Richard thought to invite him because I wouldn't have.
I started trying out Breathe Right strip this week. Our snoring is insane!!! So far I think they are helping me a lot. As soon as I put on the small/medium sized strip I can breathe through my nose much more freely. Better breathing usually means less snoring and better sleep. I have to say that I think I am sleeping better, less tossing and waking since I got the strips Wednesday. Not cheap though. 10 strips costs almost 9 dollars so if you buy them and they DON'T work you are out an not insubstantial chunk of change. But if they DO work, you may be glad to have made the purchase. I think I am. Definitely try them if you have a tendency to be congested because they pull open your nasal passages and really increase the ol' air flow. They have mentholated ones for colds too but I'd just smear some Vick's carefully under the nose rather than buy another box of stripos. OOOOH and Melange Magique has Badger Balm for Winter congestions!!!! Badger Balm comes in several formulations and sweet little tins. Its damned expensive BUT made with fairly natural ingredients rather than petroleum products and chemicals so I'd say worth the cost. Super cool.
Knitting has slowed down this week since I had company. I made a scarf to match the hat I gave my sister and it will be mailed out for her birthday later this month. I have started a hat for Cameron like the double knitted one for Ben but I have some buggered stitches in it...they won't be seen once its finnished, but still. Maybe I should rip it out and begin again.
It is Thanksgiving Weekend. I read about a gratitude journal a family updates every Thanksgiving and I wonder if maybe I should adopt the practice. Basically, each member of the family lists 5 things they are grateful or thankful for. After sharing their lists the family puts them in the journal or album. I also thought that from a Pagan perspective a Light Journal would be an awesome family project for Winter Solstices. The family members would then list those things that bring light into their lives as they focus on the return of the Sun/rebirth of the God. Different phrasing but essentially the same thing and with a Pagan bent. Decor for the book would be easily scrapbooked with suns, stars, candles, sparkly stuffs etc etc etc.
Think about it!
Also, Marla had a Solstice tree at one of her celebrations where each guest wrote what brings light into their lives on a yellow sun shaped paper and hung it on the little table top tree. This was very cool.
Samhain approaches and the days are darker, cooler, more colorful and rich. There is nothing that compares to the blue of an October sky with the colored leaves against it. Find the time to bask in October's waning light and enjoy the jewels that are Nature's gift.
Blessed Be.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Freckles is missing..........

One of our ten yr old cats is missing. The last time we saw her was saturday evening when Cameron and I took Blossom (the dog) for a walk. Freckles followed, as usual. What isn't usual is that we haven't seen her since then.
I'm fearing the worst. She is super friendly to people and even some dogs.
My stomach hurts.

Good Intentionas and The Road to Hell.........

So, I but a book about paganism aimed at parents and children and tonight we read the story about Samhain. We talk about what Samhain is and why we celebrate it and what its about and stuff. I'm all "Oh this is so great! We are connecting and learning and its so great!"
Except now I have a nine year old that can't stop thinking about his looooong dead rabbit Dexter because the girl in the story was sad about her dead frigging dog , Milly. Thanks a whole fucking lot, Milly!!