Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More stuff.....

I got some polymer clay today as well as some other stuff I probably really didn't need, at the Dollarama on cheminGascon. Never been in that one and it was pretty ok. I have 3 or 4 pair of knitting needles cut from doweling, sharpened and sanded. Now to make the knobs for the end with this oven hardening clay. The down side? Its not plain, but pre-worked with a pattern for people who are too retarded to make their own designs. I forget the term, but there is one. Anyhoo, I will just ball the whole thing up into ugly messy balls for knobs and maybe paint them later, if one can do that. I could find NO plain old Fimo in this town and don't want to drive to Montreal for something so small.
Also, and this may be dumb, but they had these little engraver pens that take batteries and I thought I could inscribe the measure of the needles on the sides with this gadget . I'm only out a buck if it doesn't work, but how cool is that if it DOES work?
I thought about getting the glass stones and magnets to make fridge magnets that have cutouts from the news paper or magazines on the back to make poetry magnets, but that was just a little too fartsy for me. I enjoy them, but the reality is I won't do it (make them) and will have wasted the time and money on buying the stuff (glass nuggets and magnets). So instead I just wasted the time finding the nuggets and magnets and then left them at the closed cash because by the end of the visit, I'd come to my senses. I am 2 bucks ahead of the game. wow.
Also got zipper bags for my stash to keeps it as moth proof and organised as I can.
Its a beautiful day today, by the way. Practically balmy. When I got home I vacuumed the main floor of the house and the basement. Muuuuuch better. Does anyone else ever vacuum their dining room table or is that a me thing? It was very crumby.

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Knitted said...

The dining table thing is definetily you. It's the first time I hear this ! ha ha ha !