Saturday, April 01, 2006

Saturday's doin's

We watched King Kong with the kids this morning while knocking back coffee. then it was time for Ben's soccer evaluation. I puttered and showered and went to the Essaim to get my 'scrp filled and got sidetracked by hair care products, make up etc. Sometimes I like being a girl!
I stopped into the salon and said hi to Nancy. We made a tentative date for coffee at her place tomorrow. Then as I headed for home I got sidetracked again by a small clothing store. I don't shop there usually because..I'm not thin enough. Its all Mexx and Point Zero etc and made for thinner folk BUT I went in to look at the pretties and on a whim tried on a dress. It FIT! I could not believe that!! It was a size 16 so I am down from a 2xx or 18 (depending on brands etc). I was so happy. I can shop in regular stores again!!!!!!!! I did not buy the dress because it wasn't a good style for me. happy happy.
I got some Fantastick Bathroom cleaner with Bleach and tried it on my gunky bathroom. We have hard water so it kinds leaves a residue that alot of cleaners don't remove. Let say I now have a shiny bathroom. Although I had to ventilate the area and my eyes were burning.........I will not used it every time..just when things get bad enough....

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