Saturday, April 08, 2006

What A Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I went for my first trip to the Gen Show and it will not be my last gem show thats for sure!!! In a word: WOW! There was everything any rock whore could ever want!! Now granted there were some mass produced type pieces found on more than one table (little figurines) but as a source of bulk stones, rough or polished, wands, jewellery, and artisianal pieces it was amazing. My only complaint: My allowance is waaaaaaay too small. Nathalie and I left without seeing almost really need hours and hours not just 3ish hours. And bring your favorite resource book on gems and minerals. I didn't bring mine(DOH) but a lady there was very nice and handed her copy of Love Is In The Earth by Melody for me to look a couple of things up in while we stopped at her table. She had some great stones, some different from anyone else like blue, pink, or green opals. Nathalie took her card because she can get copies of the book from the author Melody . Very cool.

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