Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tuesday catch up

Its Tuesday. Its chilly and dark and cold but its still spring so I am not complaining. The trees are already bursting into bud! Perennials are poking their little noggins up to take a boo at whats happening and soon will BURST out of the ground "Tah Dah!"
Yesterday I was at the MPRC though I think I spent more time in the shop gabbing with Nathalie and Dimitri. It was fairly quiey and at one point there were 3 kids from New Brunswick in. Nice kids! About 18 years old and in town for the Rob Zombie concert. We chatted like mad in the shop while Nathalie waited on them sales wise. the girl of the trio was veeeeerrrry interesting (in a very good way!!). She was so grounded and level headed and going to study to be a funeral director..not out of some morbid fascination with death but as a way to serve humanity. It was so amazing to talk with her (a solitary wiccan as well for 5 years) and we compared book loves and theories etc. She wants to attend the Gaia Gathering and I said that if she see us to say hi!! Super cool folk.
Chatted briefly with Marina when she came in and Nathalie and I talked herb gardens etc. I definitely want to increase my herb collection, both medicinal and magical..oh and culinary as well of course! I identified a weed for her from a picture she drew for me and thats what got us going...LOL. (the weed was coltsfoot though I wasn't a hundred percent sure of the name at the time..pretty sure buuuuut).http://www.northamptonshirewildlife.co.uk/images/coltsfoot.jpg
Yet another formerly useful plant relegated to ditches and roadsides.
HAPPY ALERT: The province has imposed a province wide ban on lawn herbicides and pesticides according to a news blurb yesterday on CBC radio. I am very happy!!! The birds bees and asthmatics thank you!!!!!! It drove me crazy as a nanny to see the Dad of the family spread Weed and Feeed on his lawn that his CHILDREN rolled around and played on!! Why not just add a sprinkle to their breakfast cereal for #$$%%^^* sake! OY! 24D is a derivative of agent orange for heaven's sake! C'mon people! I am very very happy at this turn of events. Organic is a better alternative. More labor intensive but BETTER.
Ummm..what else...hmmm. We called our tenants and asked them to put a stop payment on the lost chque and they did so Richard is breathing easier but probably won't totally chill until its all over. Thats ok. he's a little high strung that way. we all have our flaws.
I got the latest Sagewoman at Melange yesterday and its pretty good. The theme is Simplicity. What it really is , isn't, and how to achieve it. The article on tea, a simple pleasure, made me want to wrap my hands around a cuppa. LOL And I don't even LIKE tea that much. I looove the IDEA of tea but the reality is pretty bleah. I'm trying though, and have a collection of teas that I rarely partake of and reduced in size before the move last year.
The boys brought home their report cards yesterday and near as I can tell they are doing ok. I'm very proud of them.
There is laundry to do today and vacuuming as well as many other stuffs but I am a tired puppy this mornaing after a terrible nights sleep.

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