Friday, April 21, 2006

Nit picking

The saga continues............ Today is LAUNDRY and picking through hair. Can you spell tedious? Well..ya can NOW! Its right there in the last sentence. man, those #$%^ers are hard to see (nits). I went through Cameron's hair again this morning but couldn't find anything (Thank you Lady). I just finished going through Ben's hair and found nothing leggedy but did find some nits. I will be checking again for any I missed. The poor kids gonna be bald by the time I'm done I think.
I must say my favorite time of day (besides nightime sleeping) is being online and also watching the opening part of Regis and Kelly. Kelly Ripa totally cracks me up. I mean, the could lose Regis and just give her a guest host every day because thats usually when its REALLY funny. So i'm on here doing whatever but in the background the TV is on. Oh man and yesterday it was WAY funny because Craig Ferguson was the guest host. He's the Scottish actor that used to be on Drew Carey. He is really really funny. Apparently he has a late night show...I don't have cable so I dunno. bets its friggin' funny though. Once the guests come on R+K I tune out. its the openning banter and sharing of opinions and stuff that I enjoy. After that, meh.
Its good to have a laugh...especially today.

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