Sunday, April 23, 2006

What a great day...........

Today was so awesome. We jumped in the car, went to Dunkin' Donuts for coffees (and donuts for the rest of the crew, not me) and continued on to Pepiniere Leblanc. The owner was working and was very nice even though I couldn't understand him, but thats what Richard is for. We bought a Cooke's Purple Chinese Wisteria. After that we went for a drive along the Mille Iles. It was a great way to spend a rainy day. Once back in Terrebonne we zipped into Canadian Tire for compost and I also got 2 packaged plants..a tree peony called "Hanakisoi", and a clematis called "Mr. President".
Once home I tugged on my new red garden gloves and started digging. was raining too but did that stop me..OH NO! By the time I had dug up the cedar tree, replaced it with the wisteria, yanked out a weigilia and replaced it with the tree peony, yanked out something I don't like to make room for the clematis, and then dug a hole to replant the cedar by the drive way..about an hour and a half... I was dripping wet and covered in mud. And soooo happy! I love it when Richard gets in a mood to buy landscaping stuff !! It was a learning experience too..I never knew my husband of 12 years (June 11th) likes purple flowers. How cool is that to still be learning something new about my life partner? On the flip side..why did he not tell me this years ago?? MEN!

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