Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Yesterday was a beautiful day! The sun was bright and it was a lovely warm spring day! I had my stint at the MPRC desk and it was very quiet mostly though the store was brisk. sigh
At least Sam came in to visit and then an interesting individual. When I left he was still there talking to Marina.
My Serenity comic anthology should be in in a couple of weeks. I checked yesterday and the order was finally placed last week.
Today I MUST accomplish laundry. Its piling up again. You know, if we all live the Naturist lifestyle we'd save so much money on water, detergent, wardrobe...maybe have to pay more in heating but still.... I am so sick of freaking laundry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even when its all caught up (HA HA HA yeah right) there is still more! grrrrrrr
Visited my friend Nancy for a bit last night. She is very spiritual in a Christian way. Not that she attends church regularly but in that she prays a lot and reads a lot of materials on Christian stuff. I think our friendship will be an...interesting one. I think we will agree to disagree on some things and laugh at our differences such as last night when she jokingly said she'd Pray For Me! Then I remembered Hobbes quip and said ' Ok and I'll dance around a bonfire for you!" The look on her face was priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heh heheh heheh But seriously, though we differ on religion in some ways we are both still mothers, with the challenges that come with the job, and have some shared interests.
The tomatoes reeeeeeeeaaallly need repotting but I haven't enough containers yet...may have to create some. Will see if I have time today.
Richard gets to go to a lunceon featuring everyones favorite Android, Stephen Harper! Where's my gay rights, Kyoto, universal medicine and daycare pins???! Wanker.
Anyhoo...tahts about it for here in the burbs today. The birds are going berserk with the spring fever and I had a cocktail whilst I barbequed last evening ( a Fuzzy Brazen Hussy..a brazen hussy with some soda water added). Yup..life is goooood.

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