Thursday, April 20, 2006

I felt pretty.........

.and then I didn't. Why? well, I got my hair cut in a cool stylish 'do and later went to Curves where I sweated like a horse thats been run hard and put away wet. Bye Bye cool stylish 'do. Hello wet sweaty hair that wouldn't go back into 'do.
I wonder how much Nancy would charge to come over every morning and blow dry my hair? Or I could go there! sigh.. The bob was easy BUT was just getting dull for me after 4 years..or maybe it was 3...
Anyhoo. Here we are DAY 3 of getting back on track. I've been pretty darn good so far. Gotta keep the snackables near for that sudden uncontrollable NEED for bad things. TIP: Craving carbs or sweets? Eat a dill pickle. It really really works. After a pickle or two (they are small ones in my fridge) I no longer want whatever I have been prowling around for. Baby carrots help too but are higher in carbs (and I can eat a lot of them while watching TV). Better than candy or ice cream or chips though so what the hell! And I got about an hour of exercise between cycling to and from school with the boys and going to Curves.
Yesterday was AMAZING for being out doors! They have been trimming the trees around the school property and I grabbed a big branch of hawthorn and shoved it into the car when I went to the school at lunch time. After school I snipped off twig, trimmed off bigger bits for wands and a stang, and had a big piece left to be a pronged staff. I need to peel bark off and let them dry...or split the bark, let them dry, and the bark will come right off then. Very productive use of community tree trimmings....A house up the road has birch trimmings bundled for pick up and the guy next doot cut down his apple tree............. hmmmmm
STRESS: I am reading the book about Stress for class. A lot of it is common sense least to this house. Years ago Richard had heart concerns and ended up in ICU. Talk about scary!!! Turns out it was stress related. We learned a lot about coping and reducing stress. With my depression problems, first job was to try stress relieving methods to see if that was enough to help (it wasn't enough BUT it does help). Deep breathing exercises daily, physical activity that gets your heart rate up, and stretching are big winners in this house. Richard really benefits from the activity. This week he was feeling his stress level rising to a danger level (meaning skipping heart beats and numbness)..a half hour at night on the trainer knocked that right out! As we discussed this I told Richard he should try deep breathing daily also ...with modern stress levels we are constantly in "fight or flight" mode..shallow breathing and tense muscles. Deep breathing helps us release that and increases the oxygen flow, resulting in a better feeling of well being. i especially like to deep breath and chakra visualise before sleep at night.
I'm tellin really helps.

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Hantra said...

I agree with ya there...I am learning to live with Bi-polar disorder, so I have crazy ups and downs. I've found that deep breathing and burning Dragon's blood oil helps decrease the severity of my depressive phases...still working on the hypomania...hmmm...lavender?