Sunday, April 09, 2006

I Forgot To say.........

That even though this past week was one of setbacks and stress here life is amazingly good. Not sure Richard would share that sentiment but from MY perspective its aaalllll good stuffs. And my perspective is the one that counts yes? ;oP Poor man. What he puts up with.
Now I must say that my arrangement with Scarlet makes me veeerrry happy. She is so amazing to just hang out with and we like a surprising number of the same things. (antiques, flowers,books etc etc etc). I hope I do enough housework to warrant my lessons. I come away thingking.."Jeez, it took forever but I only got "this" done for her..thats not good. Am Ireally THAT slow???". Next time I will tackle all the dusting..with everything more or less caught up then every two weeks can be the lick and promise that keeps everything done. How do the pros go through a house so fast and thoroughly in 2 hours?? Maybe I need lessons? I do have to say though between her cleaning the bathroom and my doing the floors things were pretty fresh and shiny.
Errands were done first and that was way fun. I must go back to that street with the family especially for the book sale at DogEarred Books. The owner was so charming and fun! I looove the small town hole in the wall feel. It reminds me of what my hometowns shopping district USED to be before malls etc took over. Here in Terrebonne we have something similar down in Old Terrebonne except the prices are not resident friendly in my opinion. Touristy prices. Yuck.
Next time I will make a firm arrangement with Richard to pick the boys up. It was iffy so I had to leave before I was really ready and would have enjoyed a cuppa with Scarlet but as it was I was late to pick them up and Richard HAD gotten them so I coulda stayed..ARGH! The traffic was WAY insane! 20 to 40 km/h in 100km/h areas. Thats bumper to bumper and crazy!
The Lessons: Some of the energy work made me woozy/dizzy. I'm pretty sure I wasn't grounded well enough because I was nervous. Performance anxiety? Plus..I can't see it..sorta feel it..definitely DOUBT it. I sabotage myself. Very obvious with my energy ball. It was more of a bubble. Try and sense it and it fizzles away. I practised last night quite a bit.
The stone lore was very interesting to me even though I AGAIN didn't understand my intuitions. I bombed!!!!!!! LOL At least I can laugh about it and how else does one TRULY learn unless they have some failure to measure by? Its all good. I came away proud of some things and feeling foolish on others but Scarlet NEVER makes you feel like the total ass you may be. With her, anything and everything is a possibility and if she tells you you could fly to the moon you'd believe in yourself enough to do it.
I saw Flavia yesterday and told her that I was doing Level Two so I'd join her in September for Level 3. We hugged, squealed, danced about like the silly girls that we are which is funny because Flavia is NOT a silly girl. Out of our original 7 in Lvel 1 we are the only ones that seemed to get what we wanted out of clss even if it may not have been exactly what we expected in the beginning. We discovered a lot about ourselves and have the thirst for more. She is loving Level 2 with Rosanne so much and is eager for more more more! I think she is discovering untapped potential and it will make her even more powerful as a person.
I played with my stones last night, worked on energy balls with Freckles watching over me, and put my stones to be cleansed in salt. Once asleep I dreamed of watching huge kites that flew like dragons with my children, and of airplanes that cast shadows against the clouds above them. i woke contented.

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