Monday, April 17, 2006

Night time

I must say I like this color..easy on my eyes.
I finished the book Stolen by Kelley Armstrong. Some laundry got done today as well so i wasn't a total waste of oxygen. hahahahaha
My class on Friday is postponed until next week which is good because the stone lore isn't sticking very well yet. So i do what any reliable student does when the info needs to stick..I did my nails.
Yes NAILS. I have somehow stopped nail biting. Of course I've been eating all the wrong things so maybe with the diet pressure off, my nails caught a break. I've vowed that tomorrow I would REALLY be back on track again. Its soooo hard. The first week is always the worst when the cravings are strongest and I'm tired and cranky and a bit sickly feeling. I'm grasping for that ever elusive will power. Its not been strong for awhile and I need it back . So, tonight was manicure time. They look graet and by this time tomorrow..will probably be a mess of chipped polish. It never lasts...sigh. Why do I bother? Cuz I'm a GURL.
So..tomorrow will probably NOT be a good day what with the re-commencement of low carb life. Consider the 'verse warned.

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T. Scarlet said...

Why not take it a bit at a time? cut just a couple things at a time each week? Until you reach the ideal diet plan.