Friday, March 31, 2006

Lets Get Physical

Got my Curves workout in this afternoon which makes 3 this week equaling one Curves dollar toward a tshirt I like. Only 39 to go!!LOL Oh well, at least I got my work out in and man did I get sweaty..yick! Got a new pair of capri workout pants at Zellers for $7.50. Big ol clearance on last seasons sport clothes. I got a pair of extra large pants last pay and they are way too big but it was too late to take them back once I'd ripped the tags off. Since when is an extra large pant too BIG for me???? Must be a 2X or something and mislabelled .
Also on the physical note: finally got to a doctor to have my Paxil 'scrip renewed. What a pain in the arse. Thankfully instead of dickin' around with only 6 refills she wrote it for a year. Excellent.
Still no family doc or pediatrician but I have a number for a Ped now so thats a bonus.
I want to go out for supper. I so do not want to cook anything. Sick of housework and cooking for this pack...grrrrrrrrrr. If Richard would even over for the night I'd be happy. Also, I want to so see Captain Tightpants (Nathan Fillion) in his new movie Slither. A slug based horror flick and you know whats REALLY wierd is that its eerily similar to a nightmare I had one time of giant slug things coming out of a lake and chasing people down and invading their bodies etc. Besides that, It sounds like a hoot. We will be taking the kids to see Ice Age :The Meltdown tomorrow for sure. I'd rather go tonight...I'm just in the mood to get out. I've got cabin fever I guess even though I've not been trapped indoors.
Bush Beef tomato seeds have sprouted as of today. Still waiting on the Big Beef and my hollyhocks. All other baby plants are doing fine. Sent away for another tomato variety called Superfantastic, from Terra Edibles. Also Sugar Snap peas (edible pods but fatter than snopeas, and a morning glory called Grandpa Ott's that I've always admired.
I haven't done that much today...why am I so tired?


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