Saturday, April 22, 2006

Still Pickin'

But not much grinnin' ... I still found nits on Ben today. Grrr... Lets hope that I do eventually get them all.

I wish I had've had an Emergency Lice Plan prepared for this. A good nit comb (instead of the ones that break), tweezers, magno spectacles (so i could see the stupid little $%^&ers), and a natural method of treatment instead of the toxic shampoo. I have mega guilt about that shampoo.
Now that I am not freaking out anymore and the mountains of laundry are nearly gons, I have checked out somemore lice info and concocted a remedy that could work.

In a small bottle (like a travel shampoo bottle) combine the following:
5 tsp olive or coconut oil
5 drops each : tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus essential oils
8 drops each: geranium, rosemary, and lavender essential oils
2 tsp baby shampoo

Cap the bottle and shake well. Apply entire mixture to the scalp and hair making sure to distribute heavily through out the hair strands and the hairline. Cap with a shower cap or wrap in a towel (prevents dripping into the face)and let sit 1 hour. Long hair and adult heads will require more of the mixture so double it and use what you need.
After an hour, add some warm water and lather up the head thoroughly and rinse well with as hot water as you can stand. You will probably want to shampoo again with a shampoo of your choice since the hair retains a fair bit of the oil. After you are done, blow dry the hair and commence to clearing out remaining nits and/or lice.

Lice may be repelled by adding a drop of each oil to your final rinse when you know that lice are around but you haven't yet contracted them. Also, regularly do a head check.
Wish I'd known this last week.

With all of this I didn't do a danged thing to celebrate Earth Day unless you consider trying to be less toxic in our approach to delousing. Planted no trees, picked up no trash.
The guys are gone to the Monster Truck Spectacular at The big O. The boys are tickled and Richard is excited to go with them and have guy fun. My boys are car crazy..they always want more Hot Wheels, rent Hot Wheels name it . This is a perfect outting for them although I have those dang mother concerns about indoor air quality and sound levels at these things. Party pooper that I am.
I'm gonna rent a video and find something to snack on....


Aurora said...

the oil one is a good recipie, but also you can use oil and vinegar then put in a shower cap, have them sleep on it, then in the morning rinse, and lavendar essential oil behind the ears is a good preventive measure.

Whaledancer said...

I have concerns regarding plastic shower caps in bed (suffocation danger). An alternative would be those fabric swim caps one can get at the dollar store. I was thinking about adding cider vinegar to the recipe! Thanks for telling me what you think. You so smart!

T. Scarlet said...

Shave him BALD!

Whaledancer said...

It was offered as a solution, trust me but Ben got upset. "I don't wanna be baaaaaalllld!"