Sunday, April 02, 2006

So You Had A Bad Day.............

It started out good but swiftly turned sour. I went to my friend Nancy's for coffee and chat which was great. Came home to a happy family..also great. then Richard went out to run errands and it all came tumbling down.
He had our tenants rent cheque with him in his wallet to deposit at the bank today. He took it out of his wallet at home to sign it, but didn't put it back in his wallet. Got to the bank, cheque was gone. So our budget is $450 out of whack for this month now.
He searched the car, went back over his steps, came home and looked. No cheque. So needless to say he is a lion with a SERIOUS thorn in his paw now. We are all tip toeing around him.
What a pisser.


T. Scarlet said...

If he took it out at home to sign it... It must still be in the home somewhere. Good luck!

Whaledancer said...

Nope..he put it in his pocket and off he went.