Thursday, April 27, 2006


I feel better now. It took most of the day for me to shed that fucked up mood but I have done it. I did arrange for the babysitter to get the boys tomorrow and Sam called to say that she's still free to hook up with me. Even after all that I was still uber nuts. Lots of deep breathing and trying not to break down in front of folk (including the kids). whew Sucks to be me today.
Tonight everything went smooth. Supper went well with the kids, I got them showered and blow dried and we read the first 4 chapters of Captain Underpants and The Attack of the Talking Toilets. Cameron is loving it big time. He has such a giggle that comes right from his toes and sometimes sounds like he has the hiccups when he really gets going. Especially when I do the "Tra La Laaaaa" of Capt. Underpants. This will be fast and successful bedtime reading. We have volumes 2 and 3. Must get more. Can never have too many underpants .
Once I had them brushing their teeth I told Richard they were his for putting to bed and I went to Curves to work out some of this funk. I got measured too. For some reason (bloating?) my abdomen was an inch larger but my bust and waist were smaller (2 1/2 inches combined). Also, my body fat is down 4 pounds, not that the numbers on the scale show that. Just goes to show, there is more going on than what the scale says. Building muscle makes it look as though you aren't losing or might even seem like you are gaining! Its good to be patient and not get down about it. All this and I haven't been making it there 3 times a week like I should...doh. Must...Try...Harder.

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