Monday, April 24, 2006

Back Again

Last couple of times I came on here things weren't working very well. Nice to be back.
Yesterday we went for a drive to Pepiniere Leblanc where we purchased a wisteria (Cooke's Purple). Its going to be sooooo shiny someday. Its not unusual for them to be persnickity about blooming for the first few years. When we got back to town we hit Canadian Tire for some compost and I also got a very sad looking Hanakisoi tree peony and a Mr president clematis. Yesterday was a very rainy and wet chilly day. Once home I started by pulling on my shiny new red gardening gloves and digging out the ugly cedar at the front of the houise. In went the wisteria with lots of compost etc. Then I popped out a wigeilia (sp?) shrub and something ugly to replace them with tree peony and clematis. After all that ...what to do with that 5 foot cedar?? I dug a hole and stuck it in near the drive way.
All this took about an hour and a half and boy did I have fun. I was soaked, chilly, and covered in mud from top to bottom. I love playing in the rain!!!!

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