Wednesday, April 05, 2006

funky blue day

I just couldn't get motivated today..well I did at first. I vacced the main floor and basement and switched loads of laundry and started another but after that I completely fizzled. As I curled up to watch some Firefly the phone rang and it was my friend Jessie in Nfld. That was nice. She is a very cool lady. Then it was lunchtime with the kids and after I took them back to school I curled up again to watch some Firefly. Then I tried to nap. The kids came home and had snacks and I napped. See? NO motivation to speak of and the sugar cravings are unreal. sigh This so totally sucks.
I also managed to print out invites for Ben's upcoming birthday. That took ages just to get done (find free printables that were worthy of he boy). I have bookmarked the site. Now the kids want coloring pages printed out for them. I encourage that bit of artistry. The coloring pages online are often better than some coloring books and printer paper is much nicer to work with thats for sure. Single parenting at has loads of links on their coloring pages page. We just printed off a heap of Harry Potter. Hmmm...maybe I should do some up for me and go hide with my colored pencils. :o)
As I usually do with days like this I explore new to me and sometimes better house hold organising and cleaning and money saving ideas to try and motivate myself to do the job. Again, is the place to go! The Stay At Home parenting pages, Frugal Living pages, and house work can usually give you something to try out. Sound silly and dull? Maybe it is but this is my job. I seek ways to make it interesting and more efficient and maybe even fun. I try to make this home a nice place to be..not in the "Whoa your house is sooo nice!!" way, but in the way that the family is glad to call it oooh coloring pages! oooh the floor is clean and whats that nice smell?!
Speaking of nice smell...I bought an "aromatherapy" dish liquid that I saw at the Maxi or Loblaws. it was cheap and I remembered that bergamot is uplifting and it claims to hve some in smells GREAT! Not too floral or cloying at all and washing dishes with it, while not my favorite thing to do, is not unenjoyable. Its a purply color and made by President's Choice. I recommend it for its smell. Bet it would make a nice bubble bath..
Anyhoo, its almost suppertime and supper is NOT started. Leftover chicken annnnnnnnd.......hmm. Better get on that. blah
sigh...Maybe its the weather?


Hantra said...

Hey, have you ever checked out Martha Cilley's stuff? is the "technique" I'm using to start establishing routines (since I'm routine-rebellious, and domestically challenged...LOL)

Whaledancer said...

She had too much emaily stuff. Tried Flylady a couple of years ago. Thanks though Hantra!! You are so sweet to help!