Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Chocolate Day!

So..the last few days have been busy and also not busy.
Friday we were all home and did some yard work..we dug up the bridal wreath spireas from the back yard and replanted them across the front yard. That was a job with a capital J.
Then later I puttered at a backyard flower bed pulling weeds and enlarging. Richard and Ben got in 9 holes of golf at the practice range, which i find so cuuuuuute. Poor Cammie bear was down with a fever..he crashed on the couch and snoozed for about an hour or more.
Saturday Cam was much better and Ben's birthday celebration at Recreatheque in Laval. as a result we have declared a moritorium on birthday parties for at least one birthday for both boys. We are BP'd out. I spend a freakin' fortune and the kid WHINES and bitches 75 percent of the time. Or you get stressed out like crazy to make your child HAPPY....Hello!?its his birthday..he's already happy!!!!!! We've had it and need a break from bithday parties. The next ones are family outsiders! We will do non stressful things like catch a movie in ENGLISH (cammie's birthday trip to the movies was french so the guests could understand) and maybe eat out or spend the money from a stupid party outting on a cool gift or something. OR put some money in the bank for a change.
I am a terrible mother, I know it...this was my 9th year of birthday parties and I just suck at it.
Easter was today, not that I celebrate easter but anyday that calls for chocolate can't be bad so the Bunny did his annual visit. Plus, my kids were raised witn do you take away the bunny just because your personal beliefs have changed? Plus I still like the bunny visits. i am a bad mother and a hypocrite.
Last night Cammie woke with a rash and "hurting". He breaks out in rashes after viruses sometimes so we gave him some ibuprofen and Reactine and let him sleep in the big bed.
Today he was fine as can be again. We had a nice lazy day and went to Chapters where the Bunny got me 3 books! LOL The Bunny felt guilty because someBunny got him chocolate and he didn't do anything for hisBunny. heh heh heh. One was the Serenity novel based on the movie that a certain Crimson temptress showed me at her house. I also got two books by an author whom I'd enjoyed in the past. Name is escaping me at the mo' but she wrote Bitten, Stolen, and Haunted. i bought the latter two today having read Bitten before. werewolf smut! woohoo.
This week I need to study and practice for my testing this Friday on Stone lore and the practice is so i can journal about it. i so suck at practicing..which is why i can't play guitar after lotsa lessons.
Anyways, off i go into this good night.

Good night, sweet princes/esses............


Aurora said...

Your nto a bad mum! At least you reckonise that your values have changed, and its still fun for the kids! Besides, the best part about beig pagan is that you can incorporate other religions onto your own! As for the birthdays my family always did family birthdays and i never felt like i was missing anything.

Whaledancer said...

Me too! And I never planned on falling into the stupid cycle but originally got pressured by folk and then Ben expected it and you can't do for one and not the other..... UGH! So..They are older now and are just gonna have to deal with this when they start therapy in 20 years. :oD