Thursday, April 06, 2006


Today was a visit! No cavities but they want my ancient fillings replaced. This is not the first time it has come up and it has been awhile since this was last suggested so maybe it is time to really consider it. YUCK!
Cameron'steeth were also fine and they suggested putting a layer of the stuff they use for fillings to protect his teeth from his grinding while he sleeps. His baby teeth were ground down to nubbins and we can't have that happening to his adult teeth. It should last about a year and then we'll do it again. This is great because we were very worried about this.
Went to Curves last night instead of during the day and it was fun. Different folk and new moves. Made it interesting. Plus it was nice to get out and leave everything in Richard's lap for awhile! :oD
Tomorrow I got to Miss Scarlet's place for my bi weekly visit and clean. I hate my own housework but enjoy helping someone else's chores. How weird. I guess because here, by the time I turn around its needing to be done again while at someone elses house I leave and don't see it again for awhile.
Seedlings are doing ok. The cheaper seeds I bought didn't have the best germination rate in the 'verse but when you only need a few thats ok. Had some loss due to damping off. In hopes that the remainders will survive until time to pot them (after true leaves show up) Some sun would be nice too!
Time to take the monkey's back to school and today is Madame Sophie's last visit for tutoring. Yay!!!!!!
Hey, did anyone watch Idol last night? Is it just me or does Kenny Rogers look down right freaky???"???? Yeek!

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