Thursday, April 06, 2006

Why I Don't Hate Dr.Phil anymore.....

.. For some reason I am finding he makes more sense. I used to think he was a nasty ol' bastard but now that I have watched his show a couple of times he seems to make a lot of sense and he gives nasty people a good tongue lashin'!!
Today its people obsessed with their looks. I think I can be guilty of that by times..I color my hair and would like fake nails. But plastic surgery up the ying yang???! No way baby. I don't even wear make up most of the time.
My weight is also an issue with me...if I could surgically remove the blubber without risk?...Yes I would. I'm lazy. I am tired of behaving and exercising. Oh well. Not gonna happen.
There was a guy on Oprah (I caught the last 5 minutes..I do not watch these shows every day or even every week) and a guy lost 200 plus pounds in 2 1/2 years just by changing some habbits...veggie pizza instead of regular fatty pizza...baked chips instead of regular.. He looked amazing! Down from over 400 pounds to a very attractive healthy weight. I wish simple changes like that worked for me.
Anyways, at least I'm not gaining. Last night on my way out to Curves I was grumbling about being a giant blob. I was quite down yesterday. Richard is so sweet.."What are you saying!? You are not!! You have lost over 30 pounds! You are down a size! You are doing great, sweetie. You're beautiful!" Yeah I've lost 30 pounds and a bit, but I'm still overweight and a blob. At least thats how I feel. Somedays I feel great and think I look so much better! Other days I feel crappy. Guess I need another work out.
On happier friend Marla as I call her..has gotten back into some livestock and got some chickens. Fun!

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