Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yet another Sunday

And the end of my 39th September....seeems like there was more of them than that but, NOPE, only 39.
Today I attempted to do the two socks on one circular needle and it went badly. Very badly. 3 Times. We will not be doing the 2 socks on one circular because A) after 4 or 5 attemps in all, this is not a time saver technique for me so far, and B) Me no likey. Then I cast on with DPNs and thought I'd do the 5 needle thing for a little change of pace. Me no likey. Awkward and too many points to dodge. Back to 4 DPNs and very comfy with that thank you very much. The newest set of socks is again for my big sister and is being made with her skein of On Line yarn. I have a skein of this yarn in my stash from winning a contest at Effilochee and now that I am working with it I am considering giving it away. Will not buy it. Me no likey. Its very pretty but in that fine range that I really don't enjoy (like Opal and Confetti). I am thinking that after this pair and her next pair I need a serious sock vacation. Scarves are starting to look good. Something not needing DPNs.
This weekend I replaced both toilet seats with these ones that are labeled "easy clean". If I made a seat called easy clean you bet your boob job that magical cleansing gnomes would be involved. These seats mearly feature these hinges that unlock so's you can take the seat off without unscrewing the bolts and clean more thoroughly quicker. I know...its fascinatinging to me TOO! The old seats had brass hardware and were the bathroom cleaning bane of my existance what with rusting of bolts and greening of the brass. The bolts on the downstairs actually had to be CUT off to free the seat. Now there are horrible abrasions on the toilet that can't come off but by Gods I now have easy clean seats and we will never go back.
Went to Chapters and bought two books. Book 3 of a series by Mike Stackpole and Crazy Aunt Purl's "Divorced, Drunk, And Covered In Cat Hair". The Stackpole novel was a disappointment but Crazy Aunt Purl is always fun. She kinda speaks to every woman on some level with her experiences even if one has never been divorced. Its a quick read..chapters are sometimes only a page or two...but one doesn't read Laurie Perry for brain exercise. You read her for entertainment and a feeling of "Yeah I know exactly what you mean". Her journey from married to single contains a lot of what any woman has experienced in being her own person (budgetting, shoe love, self medicating, crying on the floor, cat wrangling...) and her sense of humour is just so gosh darn cute you want to have her in your pocket so's you can pet her.
Anyhoo, thats it for weekend stuffs. Gotta make up for lost time from the failed technique adventure.

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