Monday, September 03, 2007

Monday Monday

I awoke and wondered again "What time IS Cameron's dentist appointment?". Called dentist. Had 20 minutes to make it on time. Then we sat for 20 minutes waiting. Jeeeeezzzzzzz......
Today was his appointment for taking impressions of his teeth and mouth for retainers. His top retainer will be in place for maybe 3 months but the bottom can be taken out to clean and adjust. Then he will get a removable for the top too. Cost? $2400.00 . But it will be spread out over the coming 9 months. After that he will eventually need braces. His mouth breathing etc etc etc has resulted in a crossed bite and narrow palate. The retainers will redirect the bone growth of his jaws so that his teeth will have room when they come in. This child, at almost 9, still has mostly baby teeth after all.
Then we came home and I went back to bed cranky (its that time) and tired and just wanting space. Had a nightmare that someone kidnapped Ben by asking him if he wanted to see some kittens in the shed of the yard in my dream. Ugh. I got up. Got dressed again and have hugged and kissed my kids until they are all "Enough already!". My mood? Somber, cranky, outta sorts, headachey, neurotic.............
Maybe shoulda stayed in bed.

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