Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Get The Lead Out Campaign http://www.usw.ca/program/content/4467.php?lan=en

Holy crap. Was watching Canada AM this morning and there was a segment on how lead is being found in MANY child targetted items from foreign manufacturers like those in China where labour is cheap and the products questionabkle. Apparently you can get lead testing kits to check your children's toys, lunch boxes, BABY BIBS that have plastic backing... Noone is safe from this. Who would ever expect that when buying that pack of plastic backed baby bibs that baby will chew on , you risk poisoning that baby.
United SteelWorkers is one of the driving forces behind this campaign and consider testing your kids toys, lunch boxes etc...basically anything made of plastic from China. I think yuou can get tests from hardware stores but the campaign is handing them out too.
This is very disturbing.

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