Thursday, September 06, 2007

Takin' Back The Knit

Some day this will be ME!!!LOL
How is it possible that I didn't ever notice this funky wee zine?? Maybe cuz its not glossy and massively (sp) over produced? Its possible but it was brought to my attention last night and I am sooooo loving the two back issues I purchased from the publisher/editor/creatrix Jae Steele of the blog Domestic Affair.

Jae is a holistic nutritionist by profession and is writing a vegan cookbook. Look for it in bookstores sometime in 2008. She's very pretty, funny (reminds me of an old acquaintance back home named Denise), smart as all get out aaaaaannnndddd has personally had time with La Harlot before YH was all famous and shit! WOO HOO. They used to attend the same stitch 'n bitch in TO. Also, there are pieces by Ms Stephanie Pearl-MacPhee IN these back issues of Take Back The Knit . I enjoyed last nights S'n'B so much because of getting these zines (love to read you know), sitting next to the very dry Sarah who made me laugh alot and I am waaaaay jealous of her mad knitting skillz (intarsia fingerles gloves, intrelac hat, fair isle vest, toe up socks and this is just what was on display last night both finished and WIPs.

Robyn of Robyn's Nest was in attendance and delivered me my order. Kadi was there to show her new crack ( first toe up sock and on circs! I am so jealous. Its Kadi that told me about the Charade sock pattern). Speaking of Charade, someone whose name Iforget but she was hugely fun, she had a finished pair and they were glorious in their simple elegance. Me likey muchly. Angela was there and she has a blog but I lost it! HELP! She's a gal from Nfld!!!!! My east coaster fix. Gave me two socks on one circ tutorial that worked for her so wish me less frustrated luck. The always interesting Janet was there first of all of us. She is so brilliantly smart and I really like her. Her voice is amazingly mellow and low. She should have a show on CBC radio. The soon to be married Jenn and creatrix of Muswell and Farmer Fox was there even though she has excruciatingly early mornings what with being a nursing student and all. And the sock guru Mona was in attendance as well. Mona doesn't talk alot but has great presence and if you have a question she may be the expert who has an answer. Remember Embossed Leaves sock pattern in Interweave Knits? That's hers. I showed her my mystery heel on Jessie's Colinette sock. What I did by mistake was Sl 1, K1 the knit rows and Sl 1 P1 the purl rows on the heel flap. What IS this heel flap I wondered because its actually got a really cool effect with this yarn. Mona was baffled. "I think you have come up with something New." she said. Interesting.

I was tired of tiny yarn and needles so I whipped up a down sized Fuzzy Foot slipper. WOW! During 3 1/2 hours of sipping and gabbing I knit an entire item! Think how fast it could be done at home with less distraction??! 28 stitches on 7 mm needles helped. LOL They should shrink up to be preschooler size. I will whip up Numero Dos today.

Do you watch The Shopping Bags? I am watching off and on while sitting here and its actually interesting! I liked the segment about oatmeal. Learned alot and must try steel cut oats sometime. Mmmmmm porridge...doesn't that just whisper comfort and warmth and frosty wholesome mornings?

Hmmmm...what else....gotta go to the post office to mail a pattern for my Mom and a SECRET package to a SECRET recipient....mwahahahahahahahaha

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