Monday, September 10, 2007

Oh My Gods...

Did you SEE that performance by Britney Spears at the VMAs?? Holy shit Batman thats some bad (as in very not good) dancing and lip synching. WTF?? Aren't award shows your chance to totally rock everyone's musical world with your BEST stuff??? A) she can't wear those underwear/bikini costumes with that body now. Please! The competition in the hot body world of pop is way too strong. Yes she looks great after having two kids so close but she does not look shake-your-shit- for the cameras great. Not even close. B) did she even know the steps?? A couple of times she looked unsteady on her heels and almost as if she'd forgotten the steps and was saved by her dancers C) she just QUIT the fake singing...or it was intermittant .

As a come back this was heavy on the crap. If you didn't see it check it out on You Tube. Its like watching a train wreck set to "Gimme More"..also not a very good song.

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Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

You are so sneaky! I love you so. Thank YOU! THANK YOU!