Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This is the end product of todays busy-ness. My morning room finally has a new window treatment!! Made with my own two hands since the drapery fairies failed to come.

I searched for blinds in the right dice. Blinds of the correct size would have to be made/ordered and I just don't have the organizational skills and budget for that.

So, Monday while at Walmart getting Cammie a new back pack I grabbed 5 meters of crumply off white sheer fabric.
If i'd been smart and organised I would have measured the windows and, you know, PLANNED the whole thing. But since it was me and I was fed up I just marched in there, got what might be enough and left.

The first panel gave me MUCH encouragement that I was on the right track. And I actually didn't make it too short! That has happened before. I am most certainly not a talented seamstress.
This fact is nailed home when , even though I measured several times to approximate panels of the same length, the panel at the other end of the bay window is a few inches LONGER than the first one.

But anything is better than these beat off dirty blinds.
Look at photo number one and then come backk here. See? Strategic plant and knitting needle caddy placement m,akes it so's you can't really TELL that I fugged it up!
To hang the sheers at the same angles as the windows I used that spring cord curtain rod that you hook up. Artful arrangement of gathered fabric hides the hooks.

My photos suck, but trust me...its so much nicer! And it only took me a couple of hours! Well...5 months or more plus a couple hours.

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